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           WORDPLAY INTERVIEW by Richard Braine


           Richard's guest this month: Lauren Cornelius


Lauren Corn

Lauren Cornelius graduated from the Drama Studio in 2017, previously having trained with the acclaimed Sylvia Young Theatre School. She is very much part of that new wave of actors making their mark very quickly on the business. Recent credits include the multi-award winning film ‘A Date with Shillelagh’. She has just finished a year with the BBC Radio Drama company where her acclaimed depiction of Hedvig in the ‘Wild Duck’ brought her enormous praise. She can currently be heard as Ivy Clarke in ‘Doctor Who’, for Big Finish, alongside David Tennant.



Lauren plays Fran in ‘A Matter of Importance’ at the White Bear Theatre from 23rd-27th April.

1. When did you first Act/write/direct etc? And what was it?


Lauren: My first play was at the Hampstead Theatre in London when I was about 10, it was a play by David Haig called The Good Samaritan. I was a big fan of ITV’s Bad Girls and Vicky Alcock (who played one of the 2 Julie’s in the show) was in the production. Plus I got to keep the Game Boy I used on stage. So it was a win-win first theatre gig.


2. What or who was your greatest inspiration?


I’ve always been a massive fan of Helena Bonham Carter.  I can’t quite remember when I discovered my love for her, but since I did I’ve been obsessed! And of course in recent years, Olivia Colman has been a real inspiration to me.


3. What professional training have you had? Do you think it was relevant?


My parents sent me to the Sylvia Young Theatre School to build up my confidence. I think it did the trick! I then did a degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds. After that I went on to train at drama school!  I’m a bit of a geek and am constantly striving to learn and better myself, so I’m a big fan of training!


4.What has been your favourite part/play/production etc?


Without a doubt Lady Reveller in ‘The Basset Table’, a very much lesser-known Restoration comedy. I absolutely loved it.  And of course, playing Fran in ‘A Matter of Importance’ by India Ines-Levy. I know I have to say that. But I really mean it.


5. What has been the most wonderful thing you’ve seen on the pub theatre circuit?


Trainspotting at The Kings Head, hands down.   I’m a massive fan of the film, and what Greg Esplin and Adam Spreadbury-Maher created just blew me away. It was fantastic!


6. Pub theatre is having something of a renaissance. Why do think this is?


Maybe because it’s slightly more affordable for the most part, and the stories are generally more varied - it’s not all commercial, mainstream overpriced stuff that only the upper echelons of society can afford/are interested in, it’s a bit more accessible to the rest of us.  


7. Where would you like to be in ten years time?


Happy, healthy, and still telling stories I hope…


8. Tell us something about yourself that nobody else would know?


I’m a natural blonde!


9. What is the song that most moves you?


‘Love is A Losing Game’ by Amy Winehouse - it brings tears to my eyes almost immediately!  


10. Musical, comedy, drama? What would you choose?


I’m a fan of both drama and comedy, and if you like either of those two then ‘A Matter of Importance’ is probably right up your street!


11. The crime you would carry out if you could get away with it?


I would break into Britney Spears’ mansion to have a nosey round.  I love Britney, Bitch.  


12. The happiest moment of your life?


Probably being sat at the top of a hill on Runyon Canyon at night in LA looking out at all the stars and the lights and dreaming about things way beyond my means, but being incredibly happy and at peace whilst doing so!


13. The saddest moment of your life?


When I found out Amy Winehouse had joined the 27 club.  I was working at Agent Provocateur at the time and we were all so sad because she used to come in, and she was so loved by everyone!


14. What historical figures would you invite to a dinner party?


Kurt Cobain, Catherine Howard, William Shakespeare, Amy Winehouse, the Kray Twins, Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth I, and Lewis Carroll.    


15. How would you like to be remembered?


Fondly I hope!  



Lauren plays Fran in ‘A Matter of Importance’ at the White Bear Theatre from 23rd-27th April, BOX OFFICE  


Wild, irreverent and hilarious, ‘A Matter of Importance’ is a satire about Fran, a misguided and deeply confused millennial who, aided by her sidekick Balthazar, goes on an increasingly bizarre journey to write a politically relevant and culturally sensitive hit play.


Spurred on by an intense jealousy for a female peer who may or may not be trying to steal her boyfriend, Fran goes on the hunt for success, making every possible faux pas and trampling on every conceivable social convention in her path.





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