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         Wordplay: Fifteen illuminating and informative questions

         Our guest this month: Claire Redcliffe


         Interviewer: Richard Braine







Claire Redcliffe is one of those supremely talented actors who hasn’t had the recognition that her talent so richly deserves. Having said that her CV is enormously impressive. She was quite rightly nominated as Best Actress in the Manchester Evening news for her performance in ‘Kindertransport’.

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Claire playing Vivian Tompkins in the Finborough’s ‘The Passing of the Third Floor Back’ by Jerome K Jerome Nov/Dec 2017

(Photography: Nick Rutter)


1.When did you first Act? And what was it?

I would say I first acted in primary school in  Reception. I fell off my chair and everyone laughed. So I did it again, and again ....and again....and again.


2.What or who was your greatest inspiration?

My wonderful actress friend Helen Ryan. I call her Dame Helen.


3.What professional training have you had? Do you think it was relevant?

I did the 3 year acting course at LAMDA which was a great platform to enter into the professional world, but you never stop learning.


4.What has been your favourite part/play/production etc?

Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Regents Park Open Air Theatre.


5.What has been the most wonderful thing you’ve seen on the pub theatre circuit?

“The Busy World is Hushed”, which is on at the Finborough at the moment. Skilled, honest actors upclose. Totally fab! [Note:This show ends 25 November]


6.Pub theatre is having something of a renaissance. Why do think this is?

Lots of reasons. Pub theatres are wonderful, safe, creative spaces for people to get productions they are excited about actually on. More and more, these shows are picked up and have a life after.


7.Where would you like to be in ten years time?

Still working on projects I am passionate about.


8.Tell us something about yourself that nobody else would know?

Well….if I say…then everyone will know!


9.What is the song that most moves you?

Purple Rain.


10.Musical, comedy, drama? What would you choose?

Today, it’s Drama.


11.The crime you would carry out if you could get away with it?

I would break into the jail in Iran where Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is being held and bring her home.


12.The happiest moment of your life?

It’s always when I am together with my mum, dad and sister.


13.The saddest moment of your life?

When Robbie left ‘Take That’.


14.What historical figures would you invite to a dinner party?

Audrey Hepburn. Katherine Hepburn. Barack Obama. Arthur Miller. Churchill. Nelson Mandela. George Elliot. Stephen Sondheim.


15.How would you like to be remembered? 

As a determined, resilient and compassionate person.



BUT IT STILL GOES ON by Rupert Graves

Finborough Theatre, 10 July - 4 August 2018


Box Office


“This generation’s no good, no good at all. They don’t possess any deep emotions. They don’t know what passion is.”


In a production commissioned by the Finborough Theatre, a world premiere from the author of Goodbye To All That and I Claudius, Robert Graves’ “post-catastrophic comedy”, But It Still Goes On, directed by Fidelis Morgan, plays at the Finborough Theatre as part of the Finborough Theatre’s THEGREATWAR100 series commemorating the centenary of the First World War.


London 1932. Cecil Tompion, a popular writer, has bullied his children for most of their lives. Now, his son, an ex-army officer who survived the trenches of the Western Front, and his daughter, a doctor, are trying to break free. Their lives are touched by another ex-soldier, David, and close friend Charlotte, who both desperately struggle to repress their homosexuality.


The generation that survived a war have to confront who they really are when they discover that family is just another battlefield.



Article first published Nov 2017

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She has performed in theatres across the country from Regent’s Park Open Air to West Yorkshire. Her Film appearances include the recently released ‘Christopher Robin’. Her television credits seem to go on forever (The Busker & the Coin, Doctors and Carvery). Yet she is one of those modest persons who is a simple delight to be with.


Claire will be appearing in BUT IT STILL GOES ON by Rupert Graves at Finborough Theatre, 10 July - 4 August 2018