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        WORDPLAY: Fifteen illuminating and informative questions


          Our guest this month: BETH BURROWS




We first discovered Beth Burrows in SIRENS OF THE SILVER SCREEN at the Gatehouse Theatre.   It’s a solo performance created by Burrows, based on three of the most iconic silver screen stars of the last century, Judy, Audrey and Marilyn.  It showed her versatility as singer, actress and writer; with gorgeous vocals and stunning stories which made a tremendously entertaining evening.   So, we are delighted to come across her again.  Beth is currently playing the title role in an adaptation of Chekhov’s THE LADY WITH A DOG and the rave reviews are coming in fast.  

1.When did you first perform? And what was it?    

It was in a drama club production of ‘The Little Mermaid’. I was about eight years old and played Sebastian the crab. I spent the whole time walking sideways doing a very dodgy Jamaican accent.


2.What or who was your greatest inspiration?

It sounds horridly cliche, but Les Miserables was my first and greatest inspiration. I was rooting through my parents’ CD collection and amongst Tina Turner and Elvis Costello was the original cast recording. I put it on and this world of colour, brutality and beauty came to life. It’s a bit battered and scratched, but I still have the CD.


3.What professional training have you had? Do you think it was relevant?

I studied English and Drama at Bristol University and then did my Masters at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama afterwards. Drama school gave me a solid technical training, but I actually found Bristol a better place to be in terms of experiencing different types of theatre and collaborating with interesting creatives.


4.What has been your favourite part/play/production etc.

Playing Rosalind in ‘As You Like It’ was an absolute blast. She’s so sparky and wily - probably bipolar by today’s standards! - plus Shakespeare is just the gift that keeps on giving.


5.What has been the most wonderful thing you’ve seen on the pub theatre circuit? 

I loved ‘The Tailor-Made Man’. It was on at The White Bear last November and is a great piece of new writing.


6.Pub theatre is having something of a renaissance. Why do think this is?

I think it goes back to our original purpose for congregating in a pub: to tell stories. Yes, we come for a glass of wine to soothe the soul, but our ancestors originally met over a pint to share news, gossip and stories. Think of the Celtic folklore tradition - it was all word of mouth around a fire. Perhaps our lives just aren’t that interesting anymore, or perhaps it’s because we’re all glued to our smartphones (I’m definitely guilty!)? Either way, people are more open to checking out the play on upstairs which can only be a good thing!


7.Where would you like to be in ten years time?

Living in Bristol with a little cat (and maybe a little man, or a big man) writing and performing. I’d love to be taking my one woman shows on the road internationally. And if Rufus Norris called I suppose I could try and squeeze him into my schedule too…


8.Tell us something about yourself that nobody else would know? 

I bought a wedding dress aged 15 (prom dress shopping went a little awry).


9.What is the song that most moves you?

‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles


10.Musical, comedy, drama? What would you choose?

To be in? Drama. To watch? Musical.


11.The crime you would carry out if you could get away with it?

Bank robbery. There’s an oh-so-beautiful but oh-so-expensive dress in Reiss I really want.


12.The happiest moment of your life?

Press night for ‘Sirens of the Silver Screen’. It marked the culmination of a lot of things.


13.The saddest moment of your life?

Driving away from my childhood home for the last time.


14.What historical figures would you invite to a dinner party?  

The Bard, for witty, wordy banter. Mother Theresa for a bit of harmony (and to bless the wine). And Jamie Dornan, just for me to stare at.


15.How would you like to be remembered?

As a good egg, more or less.



You can see Beth Burrows in the title role of THE LADY WITH A DOG at White Bear Theatre, Kennington until 10 March 2018 and at The Tabard Theatre, Chiswick 14 March – 7 April 2018


For those of you who missed it, here is Beth in her very own solo show, SIRENS OF THE SILVER SCREEN