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3 - 21 April


It might be on a mountain face, or strolling through a zoo. It might be on an aeroplane, or in a public loo... Who knows where you’ll be, when love finds you?

Described in the Daily Review as “hilarious and heartbreaking”, Australian musical LOVEBITES explores the universal theme of love. With music and lyrics by Peter Rutherford and James Millar, LOVEBITES debuted at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, 2008 to rave reviews.

Theatretripp Productions is proud to present the UK premiere of this inventive and critically acclaimed song cycle. Directed by Grace Taylor and with musical direction from Tim Shaw, four actors take on a number of roles to tell seven very different stories of the bittersweet experience of falling in and out of love


Grimm's Fairy Tales 

5 - 7 April 9pm


You've heard the story, but have you heard the right one? Hansel remains locked in a stable being fattened by a hungry witch. Only his sister Gretel can save him, but can she muster the courage to topple her? She's not the only one out on her luck, after all it's a Grimm world out there. Where sausages are sentient, Cinderella is more about blood than love and animals rebel against their masters. But perhaps someone out there can help? Enter the forest and join Gretel as one Grimm story crashes into another and we find out what happens when you drift from the path. Along with a host of wild, murderous, eccentric characters and animals, Gretel is about to shake up the land of once upon a time.

Grimm's Fairy Tales promises to offer a unique take on these stories whilst harking to their true, darker and more interesting origins. Be prepared to enter a world where not all is as it seems and happily ever after isn't always so!



The Old Room by William Stanton

24 April - 12 May

Tues - Sat 7.30pm Sunday 4pm


Theft of privacy, eavesdropping and cyber attacks - and that's just in public.

The Old Room is a bar where people go to drink, talk, meet a date.

It's where Nina and Sam meet by accident, perhaps.

They're attracted.

Nina is a whistle-blower.

Sam once fell into a honey trap in Prague that compromised security.

The political lobbying group 4C is being hacked, by whom?

What kinds of political action are possible, when we're all being watched?



Gift of the Gab

15th May - 9th June


Brighton. 1979. The whole country is up s*** creek, but this gang are still paddling.

1979. The Winter of Discontent. The whole nation is at war with itself, battling industrial strikes, severe unemployment, crippling inflation and fears over immigration and home-grown terrorism. But that's not going to cramp the style of a den of thieves in Brighton. Unreconstructed, old-school grifters, they live by their wits and some very shady mores and morals. But even they know the end of an era is nigh and their days are numbered, so each is after one last big score before the law and society's shifting sands catch up to them. And if that score should happen to contain a priceless lost memoir and a beguiling young waitress from Naples, so much the better!



White Bear Theatre permission


at White Bear pub

138 Kennington Park Rd,

London SE11 4DJ


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