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Gift of the Gab

15th May - 9th June


Brighton. 1979. The whole country is up s*** creek, but this gang are still paddling.

1979. The Winter of Discontent. The whole nation is at war with itself, battling industrial strikes, severe unemployment, crippling inflation and fears over immigration and home-grown terrorism. But that's not going to cramp the style of a den of thieves in Brighton. Unreconstructed, old-school grifters, they live by their wits and some very shady mores and morals. But even they know the end of an era is nigh and their days are numbered, so each is after one last big score before the law and society's shifting sands catch up to them. And if that score should happen to contain a priceless lost memoir and a beguiling young waitress from Naples, so much the better!



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An Honourable Man by Michael McManus

12 - 16 June Tickets £15/£12 conc.


Joe Newman has come to politics late, as Labour MP for a traditional, working-class constituency on Teesside. When the local branch of Momentum sets about having him deselected, they unleash a sequence of events that could destroy not only the Labour movement (and the Conservative Party along with it) – but also every assumption anyone has ever made about what is acceptable in the mainstream of British politics

Michael McManus’s new play speculates about what might happen to British politics if the wounds left by the Brexit referendum do not heal.


Last One Here by Martin Blackburn

19 - 30 June


Meet Jamie and Aaron.  Just another morning.

For Jamie, its bonus day at the bank.  Maybe a chance to at last get that vintage Jaguar E-type.  If only he can get past fat boy Charlie and pashmina-wearing Jacqueline from HR.

Aaron's going with the flow of life.  Gym, counselling session, lunch with best friend Linda, spiritual guidance from Shazia.  Maybe take in a gallery.

A day like any other.  What could possibly go wrong?

But when Jamie makes a misguided comment at work, their lives spin rapidly out of control and the 2 years that have brought them to this point start to take on a meaning neither could have foreseen.



Out of Line by Martin McEvoy & James Kearns

22 - 23 June



A two man show set in the winter of Belfast 1971 during the infamous troubles. A law has just been passed “internment” allowing the police force to arrest whoever they suspect without trial. An IRA suspect “Thomas Rafferty” has been taken in for interrogation by a young inspector “Shawn Reid” whose first assignment is to uncover the people responsible for the recent bombings in the city. Throughout this piece we see the battle between two sides during this difficult time and the lengths they will go to for justice.


Naked With Burger or Man

An uncomfortably entertaining black comedy

25 - 30 June Tickets £16/£12 conc.

Suitable for 16+ only: This play contains some scenes of a sexual nature and swearing.


How do you deal with feelings?

Chicken Nuggets











The Unnatural Tragedy By Margaret Cavendish

3 July


A brand new piece of writing, that's over 350 years old!

In the history of women’s writing there is no more important figure than the forgotten and discarded Essex girl Margaret Cavendish. She has an impressive array of “firsts” credited to her: the first woman to publish under her own name, first woman to publish more than one work, the first woman to write in conjunction with a man, and the first person (male or female) to critique Shakespeare. It might be said that she was the first woman to consider herself a writer. If allthis wasn’t enough, with the publication of her novel The Blazing World, she is the acknowledged originator of the genre of Science Fiction.

Cavendish’s The Unnatural Tragedy has never had any kind of performance, not even in the author’s lifetime – until now! This is partly due to the subject matter; the female characters suffer incest, rape, and emotional abuse. Preceding Marx by 200 years, she questions whether Biblical doctrine is (literally) man-made. If that is the case then only Nature’s laws exist – but what is “Unnatural”?












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