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at White Bear pub

138 Kennington Park Rd,

London SE11 4DJ


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Horne Aplenty

by Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer

29 Aug - 9 Sept 19:30

Matinee Sat 2 & 9 14:30


From the team who gave you the West End and touring hit Round The Horne...Revisited, comes Horne A'Plenty with scripts by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke.


Brian Cooke says:

"Two weeks before we were due to start the next series of Round the Horne, Kenneth Horne passed away. It was the 14th of February 1969. Johnnie Mortimer and I had successfully written half of the fourth series with Barry Took, and had spent many months working on what would have comprised the fifth.

Fast-forward 48 years. I took these ‘pieces’ out of the drawers they’d been consigned to and read them all again. It was a revelation!

Horne A’Plenty is from pretty much the same team that brought you Round the Horne … Revisited some 12 years ago. Same director, almost all of the same actors, same musical director … and me.

I hope you enjoy this new show as much as Johnnie and I enjoyed writing it all those years ago."




Hawksville by Harry ter Haar

12 - 16 September


After the death of her father, Isabel inherited a vast family estate, Hawksville.


The play is a dark comedy about trust, inheritance, cults and denial.






Entropy by Jennifer Roslyn Wingate

12 - 16 September


Sam has turned up on Barbara’s doorstep unannounced after years of absence, not for nostalgic reasons, but for reasons of his own that become apparent as he plays games with her - and on her.


It is a play of manipulation and supplication - but whose? This intriguing and disturbing play is full of dark humour and erotic innuendo.





Mouldy Grapes

by Monty Jones and Ellie Sparrow

19 - 30 September 19:00

23 & 30 Matinee 14:30


Roo’s agoraphobia and his fear of trousers keep him inside, where he’s at the mercy of his unstable and invasive landlord. Roo’s boyfriend copes with having a housebound lover by bringing back a spare one with him every time he spends a night on the town. But he didn’t know what he was in for when he brought home Jess, a foul mouthed, free-wheeling avalanche who’s going to change all of their lives forever.


Mouldy Grapes is a wild and filthy farce for the Tinder generation.




The Test by Ian Dixon Potter

19 - 30 September


A reckless scientist and a computer hacker join forces to hijack the entire internet in an attempt to create the first truly conscious artificial intelligence.


They apply the 'Turing Test' to assess their creation but who is really being tested? Who will gain the upper hand? The future of humanity hangs in the balance…




Absolute Certainty by Laila Bouromane

3 - 7 October


Mike Dunhill is a quiet man.  A typical introvert.  He lives a life of seemingly quiet solitude.  But something is off.


His work colleagues at the greeting card company can't quite figure him out. Whilst they battle it out for brownie points from Mr Shinley their boss, Mike seems to be fighting his own battles.  He does make a friend at work, but their friendship doesn't last.  What is it about Mike?  Is it always the quiet ones who snap?





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