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An Honorable Man by Michael McManus

20 November - 8 December


After its highly successful, sell-out workshop week in June, Michael McManus's timely and darkly comic play about the (possible) future of British politics returns to the White Bear, this time for a strictly limited, fully-staged, premiere production.

“What if the bitter wounds caused by Brexit do not heal? What if the Brexit vote, UKIP, even the BNP and the EDL – what if all that was just the beginning?”

Joe Newman is the mainstream Labour MP for a traditional, working-class constituency in the North of England – until Momentum try to oust him. Unwittingly they unleash a tide that could destroy not only Labour and the Conservatives – but also every assumption anyone has ever made about what is acceptable in the mainstream of British politics.

This is also a study of how political success and personal disintegration can go hand in hand.



walk of shame 

11 - 15 December


For Liam it’s a night of glory

For Alice it’s a Walk of Shame

A story of two sides on a night where classes and glasses collide


Glass Half Full Theatre are a company dedicated to tell hard hitting, thought provoking, unpretentious theatre for all. Their last production Our Big Love Story

Received mutiple 4 star reviews after premiering at The Hope Theatre 2018


the long bones

11 - 22 December


A soldier poet. Two beloved women. An ugly battlefield.

Alun Lewis was clever, passionate and charismatic. He was a successful poet and a good soldier. Born in South Wales, he died suddenly while serving with the British army on the Arakan front in 1944.

Why he died has always been a mystery.

THE LONG BONES imagines Alun’s last hours in the Burma jungle, and tells the powerful story behind the death of this fine war poet.


naked with burger or man

2 - 5 January  


Chloe always wakes up naked, either with a burger or a man.  She prefers the burgers.  Her flatmate Laura thinks eery crisis in life can be solved by dancing or chicken nuggets or dancing whilst eating chicken nuggets.  Chloe's therapist has given up long time ago, but needs the weekly income.  And for the men that end up in Chloe's bed, well they are lucky if they make it out alive.  And if they don't Chloe's friend Prince knows how to move a body.

Naked with B urger or Man is an uncomfortably entertaining dark comedy, that embraces female sexuality and the possibility to laugh at the tragic moments in life.


Franz Kafka: Apparatus by Ross Dinwiddy

8 - 26 January


You are cordially invited to a most unusual, mechanically achieved execution – death by means of a complex machine designed and constructed in a nightmare.

A play based on Kafka’s prophetically terrifying yet darkly humorous, In the Penal Colony – a dramatic labyrinth of cruelty, obsession and madness.

The Traveller is only on the island for a few days, he’s no fan of the brutal penal colony there, but he hopes to leave with plenty to write about. Today he is scheduled to watch a man die, but nothing has prepared him for an hour in the company of The Officer – a powerful woman who is keeper and guardian of the hellish apparatus.


Valhalla by Allix James

9 - 12 January


Natalie and Alice have been travelling to the planet Valhalla for what feels like an eternity...and without any music!

As they race through space they come to realise that all is not as it seems on the spaceship Valkyrie.


The Empire Has Fallen by David Fenne

22 - 26 January


The Empire has fallen. The Rebels have won. The evil of the Emperor is defeated … errrm now what? This new dark comedy by David Fenne boldly goes beyond the Young Adult Dystopian novel and looks at what happens next. Will the world adjust to these new-fangled concepts of “Democracy” and “Free Will” or will things fall apart without the boot of the Empire in the face of the masses? Has anyone actually thought this through?

Umbra Theatre is making its London debut with The Empire Has Fallen, a dark, absurdist comedy where The Thick of It meets The Hunger Games.






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at White Bear pub

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London SE11 4DJ


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