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This Story of Yours

by John Hopkins

9 - 27 January


"Nothing I’ve done can be one half as bad as the thoughts in your head. I wouldn’t have your thoughts."

Detective Johnson has killed a man.

Beaten to death a suspected child molester.

His superior and wife want to know what happened.

But does Johnson even understand himself?

Written in 1968 and originally presented at the Royal Court Theatre ‘This Story of Yours’ was John Hopkins first stage play, having written several scripts for television including the popular police series ‘Z Cars’.



The Ungrateful Biped by Philip Goodhew

30 January - 17 February


Rupert Graves is to make his debut as a director with The Ungrateful Biped, a one-man play starring and adapted by Philip Goodhew from Notes From Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Immured in a horrid basement flat in the hinterlands of London, an anonymous Man creates a video blog. Haunted by disturbing memories and nurturing an abiding malice towards all humanity, including himself, he embarks on a forensic analysis of his “underground soul”. Sick, spiteful, and ugly, yet convinced of his own genius, he is tormented by the belief that his intelligence is a disease which, in an irrational world, renders him less valuable than an insect. Bitter, alienated and crippled with inertia, the Man shamelessly revels in the depths of degradation he has plumbed in order to validate his existence and demands the right to screw up his life as he see fit. After all, is he really any different to the rest of us?

Fyodor Dostoyevsky created the underground Man in 1864. In doing so, he created one of the most paradoxical, self-lacerating and mesmerising characters in literature; the first existentialist anti-hero.



6 - 10 February, 8.30pm


Two unemployed actors have fallen in love, and finally, it’s not with themselves. Armed with cheap tuxedos, a tub of salsa and unrelenting optimism, Sam and Dax host a dinner party for the ages.

Amy (Sam’s girl… friend, friend…girl, his friend who’s a girl, whatever, it doesn't matter) just wants to have some fun. Eve, new in town and the apple of Dax’s eye, just wants to avoid being murdered by two frantic Scottish men. What could go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong.

This fast-paced, farcical comedy explores the chaos of chasing love and your dreams simultaneously. Prepare for pain. But, y’know, the funny kind.



20 February - 10 March


Chekhov’s classic bittersweet romantic comedy is re-imagined for Jazz Age Britain by writer/director Mark Giesser.Damian Granville is a banker and devoted family man with an unconventional way of taking his summer holidays: he travels alone and looks for a woman to seduce. This particular year he spots a beautiful young lady walking a white Pomeranian dog. How can he resist? He’s a skillful player and sure of success.

Another lovely summer interlude.  Except Anne Dennis isn’t quite what he bargains for.



13 - 31 March 7pm (Sat 3pm and 7pm)


A 10th anniversary production since the Royal Court premiere by Upstanding Productions.

When Dave moved south to London he left behind his family, wife Joanne and mounting financial woes in favour of a playground of riches, sex and shopping. 10 years on and Joanne wants payback…with interest. Faces in the Crowd offers an insight into 21st century London and the debts we accrue in the wake of seeking out our ambitions.

‘bleakly funny to the unbearably excruciating.’

The Telegraph


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at White Bear pub

138 Kennington Park Rd,

London SE11 4DJ


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