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16 July/10 September


Sell out New writing night is back!

A fun, informal and supportive night of new writing showcasing the best emerging & established writers, directors and performers in the UK and internationally.

BITS is aimed at supporting and developing the best new work from stand alone scenes to excerpts from full new plays across all genres and performance styles.

Come and support the early stages of the most exciting new theatre around, then join us in the bar afterwards for a drink and a chat!




DARK IN THE WATER by Allix James

31 July - 4 August


In a cabin deep in the woods, four friends struggle to remember their past.


How did they get here?


What's a memory and what's a dream?





1 - 4 August


May, 1948. Annushka Teplov has spent the last 5 years mourning the tragic death of her husband Viktor; living isolated at their once shared farmhouse in a remote Russian village, she busies herself with gardening, only leaving to drop off produce and attend regular church services. Annushka is unexpectedly asked to pay tribute to her husband by speaking at a ceremony unveiling a war monument, the only problem is that her husband wasn’t as heroic as the village believes…


As the third anniversary of Victory in Europe Day approaches, a turbulent few days erupt and Annushka has a decision to make; continue to hide her secret and live with inner turmoil, or reveal the truth and sacrifice the respect she has earned, and potentially, the legacy her husband left behind.




7 - 24 August


The WORLD PREMIERE of Valeriy Pecheykin’s A Little Hero.

Fourteen year old Vovochka idolises president Putin and seeks to put the world to rights after learning about homosexuality in school. He terrorises his neighbourhood and pledges to do his work in the name of his great leader.

A Little Heropresents the difficult reality of being gay in Putin's Russia with a literal interpretation of this sentiment – a surreal crematorium disguised as an experimental 'treatment' device.

A Little Hero was written by Valeriy Pecheykin, a talented young, gay Russian playwright, in January 2014 and published in Russian in the alternative literary magazine, Mitin Journal. Because of a 2013 law banning distribution of propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors, the magazine must be sold in a black plastic cover with a note announcing that it contains information unsuitable for persons under 18. For the same reason, the play stands no chance of being staged in Russia in the foreseeable future.



28 August - 15 September


Sure, you love women. You love them when they're flawless. You love them when they're silent. You love them through a lens. It's just a pain when we actually turn out real...

Ross used to take photos of women. He says it was about beauty. Now Kate's back in his studio after twenty years. She remembers things differently. She says she's there for justice.

With one click anything becomes an image, and image is everything. What happens when fantasy becomes more real than flesh?

Kevin Mandry returns to the White Bear after Flowers in the Field ("Simply and beautifully written.” A Younger Theatre). Set in the 1990s, at the dawn of the internet.

An urgent topical drama about the female body, consent and agency



18 September - 6 October


You’d never defeat me in politics, not in the politics of left and right. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to get people to fight over identity than it is over ideas.  Isn’t that right?

A country on the verge of civil war as a region attempts to break away from the state. Two versions of nationalism clash head-on.

Two leaders and their nations pitted against each other.  Each must destroy the other’s version of history.

But families are no less tribal than nations.

As the great games are played out at national level, so too are domestic power struggles. This is a play that brings together national destiny, gender politics and the very ideas of identity and belonging.

Come back in ten years. Or twenty. Or when you’re dead. That’s always a good time to be forgiven. I think it's called a pardon.



White Bear Theatre permission


at White Bear pub

138 Kennington Park Rd,

London SE11 4DJ


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