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SCRIPTS By James Mannion

2 – 4 April


Rebound Productions presents their debut show with scripts by London's acclaimed playwright James Mannion.

The show will feature 5 short-plays and a cast of 14 actors. Come to enjoy a hilarious night of new writing and great acting!


Editor's Choice of Top Pick:

White Bear Theatre Presents

Jumping the Shark by David Cantor and Michael Kinsbury

8 – 12 April


Misleads, straight reverses, telegraphing, the rule of three, the law of C, jumping the shark....

These are the rules of comedy. You can’t just learn them. You have to live them. Afterall, comedy’s no laughing matter...

Five strangers gather in a conference room on the outskirts of Farnham. The hotel has seen better days and is in need of improvement, but then again so are our protagonists. Despite their many differences there is one thing however that links Pam, Gavin, Morgan, Dale and Amy. They all want to realise their dreams through comedy.

Frank Donohue is a master of his craft. The finest sitcom writer of his generation and one half of the legendary partnership, Davis & Donohue. Frank has flown in first class from Los Angeles to conduct this seminar and teach his five lucky disciples the tricks of the trade and maybe, if they have what it takes, he’ll show them the holy grail: how to write the perfect sitcom.





The sell out new writing night returns to The White Bear Theatre!

14 – 15 April


A fun, informal and supportive night of new writing showcasing the best emerging & established writers, directors and performers in the UK and internationally.

BITS is aimed at supporting and developing the best new work from stand alone scenes to excerpts from full new plays across all genres and performance styles.

Come and support the early stages of the most exciting new theatre around, then join us in the bar afterwards for a drink and a chat!



Shelf Comedy Presents


19 - 20 April


In 2015, Rachel and Ruby started being Shelf, a comedy double act. A lot has changed since then.

Shelf offer a “winning hybrid of sketch show and standup” (Edfringe Review) that has been said to “find belly laughs in heavyweight topics such as gender, sexuality and mental health” (Diva Magazine). In this work in progress show, BOYS, you can expect to find all of these things as Shelf look back over their beloved and largely unknown career as a double act.

About Shelf: Since their formation, Shelf have performed at Bestival, London Pride, and been nominated for Sketchfest’s Best New Act award. Their work has appeared on BBC3 and LADBible. They are founding members of sell out monthly night The LOL Word, which showcases queer women and non binary comedians from across the London comedy circuit. They are board members of the cult hit Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, with whom they regularly perform in London and Edinburgh.


Editor's Choice of Top Pick: Read our Wordplay interview with actor  Lauren Cornelius here

A matter of importance

By India-Ines Levy

23 – 27 April


‘I mean. I feel like everything is if you look at it for long enough’

Wild, irreverent and hilarious, ‘A Matter of Importance’ is a satire about Fran, a misguided and deeply confused millennial who, aided by her sidekick Balthazar, goes on an increasingly bizarre journey to write a politically relevant and culturally sensitive hit play.

Spurred on by an intense jealousy for a female peer who may or may not be trying to steal her boyfriend, Fran goes on the hunt for success, making every possible faux pas and trampling on every conceivable social convention in her path.



undefined Presents

Swimming by Alex Bower

30 April – 4 May


When Dan leaves his long term girlfriend, he takes up swimming and unexpectedly falls head over heels for a man. Under pressure to come out and forced to confront his own prejudices, Dan is pushed to choose a lane in life.

‘Swimming’ is a new play about breakups, sexuality, and the challenge of forging a new identity.



ART by Yasmina Reza

7 – 11 May


Written in 1994 and translated in 40 languages, « Art » by Yasmina Reza has been performed and awarded all over the world. “Moliere” awards in France, Tony Award for Best Foreign play in the US and Laurence Olivier Award in the UK. 25 years after its creation, it is being produced in the UK, at the Old Vic, and is selling out in Paris.

After our successful runs of Parisian theatre success such as "Un petit jeu sans conséquence" and “Cuisine et Dépendances”, it was only natural to tackle this classic for the amdram theatre troupe from leading Off West End bilingual Exchange Theatre.

Three friends. Marc, Serge and Yvan. Their thirty year old friendship is challenged on the day Serge buys a painting entirely white. This is the starting point of a cataclysm between the three friends. In these three iconic roles, our very own trio of the most loved and experienced amdram actors. A unique opportunity to discover the play in the original FRENCH !



Charlemagne Productions Presents

The Other Half by Francessca Charlemagne

14 – 18 May


One childhood, two very different memories.

Iris (Lauren Leppard) and Amara (Shannon Assaf) are dealing with the ramifications of their turbulent upbringing in different ways. While Iris has withdrawn herself from the world, Amara is struggling to keep her ordered one together. Yet when the two are forced to examine what exactly happened in their joint past, they realise that they can't quite trust their memories...

The Other Half is a one-act play exploring anxiety, sisterhood and memory. It features material devised by the actors in collaboration with Charlemagne Productions.




Amy Bullock Presents

Man Up by Amy Bullock

28 May – 2 June


Amy has moved down south to London and is now living an idyllic life with her partner, Dani. But their quiet life quickly gets turned on its head with the arrival of Amy’s brother. Soon they find themselves in a web of deceit as Amy attempts to withhold an important truth from Mark: Dani isn’t Northern. But clearly there’s no better way to fake your Northern heritage than to chug down an entire mug of gravy while putting on a Geordie accent. Howay the lads.

But it soon becomes obvious that maintaining this facade is the least of their problems. Something isn’t quite right with Mark - or ‘Brown Trow’ as he calls himself. His impromptu visit quickly becomes a lengthy stay. He’s not left the house in days and no one’s come to visit him, either. With tensions flying, can Amy and Dani get to the bottom of Mark’s surprise visit before it’s too late?



Garry by Sophie Treadwell

4 – 22 June



“I do not wish women to have power over men, but of themselves.”

Sophie Treadwell wrote more plays than Shakespeare and had a World-Wide hit with the oft-revived and multi-award winning “Machinal.” It appears on most lists of the greatest plays ever written. And yet only one of her scripts has ever been published and the vast majority of them remain unperformed. Now, exactly 65 years after she wrote it, “Garry” can at last be seen.

1954. New York. An unemployed man is lured from a bar to the hotel room of a “prominent citizen” with the promise of a job. A sexual assault is attempted which has devasting consequences for newlyweds Wilma and Garry. When a

reporter turns up looking for a scoop, events build to a shattering conclusion.

Treadwell unashamedly tackles themes of prostitution, homosexuality, sadomasochistic sex, and the role of women in the 1950’s. Her punchy dialogue retains the power to shock and her pioneering creation of strong and dominant female characters earned her the title of “Broadway’s Bravest Woman.” This tense psychological thriller is directed by Graham Watts whose Offie nominated World Premiere of Margaret Cavendish’s “The

Unnatural Tragedy” (1662) received 5-star reviews at The White Bear in 2018.

“…an exceptional production……It’s a must-see play, beautifully orchestrated by director Graham Watts.” London Pub Theatre

“To bring these works out of the archive and onto the stage is an act of revision and defiance, and this one has been done with flair.” The Upcoming

“Director Graham Watts is a master of reviving lost classics.”

Produced in Agreement with the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Tucson, on behalf of the Sophie Treadwell Estate.






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