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18 September - 6 October


You’d never defeat me in politics, not in the politics of left and right. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to get people to fight over identity than it is over ideas.  Isn’t that right?

A country on the verge of civil war as a region attempts to break away from the state. Two versions of nationalism clash head-on.

Two leaders and their nations pitted against each other.  Each must destroy the other’s version of history.

But families are no less tribal than nations.

As the great games are played out at national level, so too are domestic power struggles. This is a play that brings together national destiny, gender politics and the very ideas of identity and belonging.

Come back in ten years. Or twenty. Or when you’re dead. That’s always a good time to be forgiven. I think it's called a pardon.



9 - 13 October


A contemporary look at the impact of childhood sexual abuse on four survivors at various ages and stages of adult life.

Relations between mother and daughter, Carol and Dawn, are at breaking point with family friend Neil struggling to maintain the equilibrium. But a chance encounter between Neil and policeman Roy, a friend he hasn’t seen since boarding school, prises the lid from another problematic can of worms.

As four lives become increasingly intertwined, their owners unearth the courage to look back, relive and step forward in this dynamic, modern production.

‘Finishing Touches’ played to a packed house at the Barbican in August 2016 and then for the Dept. Of Criminology and Social Work at Leeds Beckett University before being booked to launch the arts programme at the new Fitzrovia Chapel Arts building – the former Middlesex Hospital Chapel for three performances in June 2017.



10 - 13 October 8.45pm


‘How did I end up here? More to the point, where do I go now’? Truth is I don’t even know where to start.'

We are all at some point in our lives one sliding door away from hero to zero.

I’ve always loved London but I wish every day that I’d never seen it from this angle.

Ben is 35 years old and has been on the streets of London town for the last ten years. He finds himself trapped in a world of no escape. Where thoughts of entering the land of the so called living seem like an unrealistic dream.......That is until he meets Beth.

Falling Through the Cracks is an exploration into the pitfalls of life where we can be one step away from losing everything. Where falling down is easy but getting back up can seem like the most impossible task.


Henna Night by Amy Rosenthal

16 – 20 October 7pm performances with Saturday matinee 3pm


"On the tube, usually.  I mean that's where I imagine it happening.  On the Northern line.  Looking terrific and everything in my life would be great."

Fabricate Theatre return to The White Bear for the first time since their hit show BUNNY.  This time with Amy Rosenthal’s classic, HENNA NIGHT.

A break-up.  A message.  Two women collide and an unlikely friendship emerges. A story of love, loss and rivalry.

Judith leaves her ex-boyfriend a desperate message saying that she’s not coping with their break-up, that she has brought some razor blades and some henna in order to either slash her wrists or dye her hair.  Oh and she might be pregnant. However, it is his new partner, Ros, who hears the message and it is she that rushes to Judith’s flat.

A darkly humorous look at how a friendship can emerge from even the strangest circumstances and how if rivalry is put to one side, what we stand to gain from one another.



The Watching by Nicholas Limm

16 – 20 October 8.30pm


‘The eyes betray everything. The Devil is in the eyes.’

It is 1644 and the Witchfinder has come to Glynwood. Grace Taverton returns to her home town with her brother and father William.

When she is asked to help in the trial of a young woman she has no choice but to be part of a Watching – keeping her eyes fixed on the accused for hours on end. But the suspected Witch is known to Grace, and as the trial draws on she finds she is caught between conscience and duty.

Can she come between the Witchfinder and his goal? Or will her actions lead her also to the gallows?



Schrödinger's Dog by Monty Jones

23 October - 3 November


Break The ‘Verse return to the White Bear with their latest show: Schrödinger’s Dog, written by Monty Jones and directed by Dom Riley. This piece takes a darkly comic look at the epidemic of male suicide with an LGBTQ+ slant, exploring the difficulty of seeking help in a world where men aren’t supposed to cry and millions are stuck on waiting lists.

Hugo wants to kill himself. Well, that’s not true. He doesn’t really want to die, he just doesn’t want to exist anymore. It’s complicated. Well, it was complicated, then he accidently kidnapped a pizza delivery boy and now things are really complicated. Schrödinger’s Dog follows a man on the edge as he’s slowly forced to take seven people hostage who all have the potential to save or destroy





6-10 November


KDC's brings two very dark and very different 1 Acts to the White Bear Theatre this November:



Three actresses convey the fractured perspectives, experience and memories of a troubled woman, pushed to the brink.



Just another night shift at the mortuary but how will the three men on call react when tasked with 'looking after' a recently departed and very beautiful young actress?






White Bear Theatre permission


at White Bear pub

138 Kennington Park Rd,

London SE11 4DJ


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