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5 - 23 Dec


A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Christmas Round Robin Letters is adapted by Scott Le Crass from the book The Cat That Could Open The Fridge by Simon Hoggart.

It’s a warm, witty and sometimes weird look at a collection of real life Christmas round robin letters. Think Mrs Merton meets Talking Heads.

Simon Hoggart was a political sketch writer, diarist and columnist for The Guardian.




MY GAY BEST FRIEND by Nigel Fairs & Louise Jameson

9 – 27 Jan 2018 Tues – Sat  7.45pm

Tickets £15 & £12 concs


Louise Jameson played Leela in Doctor Who, Rosa di  Marco in Eastenders, Bergerac’s girlfriend Susan and the feisty Blanche in Tenko. But her impressive television track record has been more than matched with her theatrical career, which began with the RSC and has taken in Berkoff, Ayckbourn and the National.

Now Jameson is playing Rachel, a 50something would-be diva, in My Gay Best Friend, an award-winning play which she co-wrote with fellow performer Nigel Fairs.

Rachel has locked herself in the ladies, furious because her gay best friend Gavin isn’t there to support her; he’s sitting in a walk-in wardrobe about to become a father with a lesbian couple and a turkey baster!  




MOMENTS & EMPTY BEDS by Julia Cranney

30 Jan - 17 Feb 2018 Tuesday - Saturday 7.45pm

Tickets £15 & £12 concs


Produced by double award winning Pennyworth Production, a double bill of ‘MOMENTS’ and ‘EMPTY BEDS’. Both productions  explore modern loneliness, family and missed connections. These plays are funny, frank and touching in equal measure.

MOMENTS: Daniel and Ava are two strangers who at first glance have nothing in common. He’s 56, she’s 25. He’s a talker, she’s a listener. But after a series of chance (and awkward) encounters, it’s starting to look like they’re becoming… friends?

EMPTY BEDS:  The Wyld sisters tend to avoid each other. Today they’re stuck on a train, en route to visit their brother for his birthday. In light of recent events, they’re determined to show a united front. But 250 miles into the journey, patience is wearing thin…





20 Feb - 17 Mar


Raleigh’s condemned, Shakespeare’s desperate and the Countess of Pembroke has a plan! It’s 1603, and a new play has been commissioned to seduce the King into a merciful mood. FOUL PAGES is a fruity farce is full of scandalous secrets, backstage betrayals and lusty liaisons. You think you know your Shakespeare? Think again!

Directed by The Hope Theatre’s award winning Artistic Director Matthew Parker.







20 Mar - 7 Apr


4 teenagers, 1 Teacher, 1 Terror Attack, Post July 2005

5 people’s lives intertwine in OUR BIG LOVE STORY; a tale of faith, prejudice, love & healing looking at radicalisation of young people and the struggle to keep faith in modern Britain.

























The Hope Theatre,

207 Upper Street,

London N1 1RL


Box Office: Click here or click on images/title below for direct link

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