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Out Of The Forest Theatre Company

24 July - 11 August


An award winning musical exploring the myth and madness behind the Lizzie Borden Axe Murderer scandal.

Andrew and Abby Borden are found dead in Fall River, Massachusetts on August 4th, 1892. Their daughter Lizzie is the main suspect. Tried but acquitted of the crime, the story goes that she wielded the axe that killed them. Overnight, she became America's original “mad, bad and dangerous to know” icon of tabloid and rumour.

Returning from a tour in the US, Bury the Hatchet is true crime podcast meets bluegrass musical; a fun feminist reimagining of the Lizzie Borden story.



by Meghan Tyler

14 Aug - 1 Sept


‘You’ll catch your death out here.’  ‘Well I’m not here to catch a bus, am I?’  One howling night in Northern Ireland, Ma discovers Moira on the edge of Warrenpoint pier, full of cheap whiskey and desperate to end it all… Is it too late to bring her daughter home? MEDICINE is a quick-witted tragicomedy by the up-and-coming, award-winning playwright Meghan Tyler. This beautiful tale, set against the wild backdrop of the Irish sea, explores the primal bond between a mother and her daughter. Boldly funny and achingly sad, MEDICINE captures the uncompromising way our lives can become suffocated by the effects of mental illness.



clown, clown and pigeon: the lamentable comed-ilogy

19 - 20 Aug


‘Clown, Clown and Pigeon’ proudly present their biggest (second) production to date! The Tragic Comed-ilogy sees them tackle three stories from Ovid’s metamorphoses, with the promise that they will not burn the theatre down… again. There will be romance, gore, but most importantly there will be NO PIGEONS!




the dog / the cat

4 - 22 Sept


From Brendan Cowell (Star of Yerma) and Lally Katz One of Australia’s finest playwriters comes THE DOG / THE CAT, a hilarious reinvention of the rom-com for the stage in a way that is completely beguiling and very, very funny.



and then they came for me

9 & 10 Sept


What happens after The Diary of Anne Frank ends…a multimedia play that combines videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg with live actors recreating scenes from their lives as teenagers. Ed was Anne’s first boyfriend.  Eva lived across from Anne in Amsterdam.



Editor's Choice of Top Pick

the lesson

25 Sept - 13 Oct


When an enthusiastic young student arrives at The Professor’s house for her lesson, she is wide-eyed and ready to learn. But no amount of studying can prepare her for the odyssey that lies ahead. This unflinching and dreamlike comedy-drama from the leading French absurdist Eugene Ionesco bursts on to The Hope Theatre stage this autumn under the direction of its award-winning Artistic Director, Matthew Parker.


JERICHO'S ROSE by Lilac Yosiphon

16 Oct - 3 Nov 7.45pm


London. Tel-Aviv. Paris. Baghdad. English. Hebrew. French. Arabic. Two writers.

Two generations. Searching for home.

This innovative and beautiful show invites the audience on a breathtaking journey into the past, present and future. Fusing new writing, movement, live music and loop pedalled sound to create a unique tapestry of fragmented memories – remembered, forgotten and rediscovered again.


GILDED BUTTERFLIES by Tormented Casserole Theatre

6 - 24 Nov


"A moth came into my room...I tried to save it. I set it free..."

Following its debut at the Leicester Square Theatre and five-star run at Brighton Fringe Festival, the powerful and paradoxically hopeful GILDED

BUTTERFLIES comes to The Hope Theatre. A 6ft x 9ft cell in Florida, USA. A young woman, Maggie. She loves her husband, enjoys painting and hopes to do more cooking at home – once she gets out.

Based on real events, witness how the human spirit can stretch in order to survive in this new, two-woman play about the glimmers of hope, even in the darkest of hours.


HEAD-ROT HOLIDAY by Sarah Daniels

27 Nov - 22 Dec


‘Christmas is a right frightening bastard. If you can survive it in here then there’s hope’.

December 1991. In a secure hospital for the criminally insane, three women prepare for the Christmas disco. The parole board’s recipe for early release: put on a dress, wear some make-up… and dance with a rapist or killer of your choice. Ruth hears voices but distracts herself with karaoke. Claudia defies the racist nurses and longs to see her children. Dee applies mascara for the first time and is paid a visit by an angel. Behind iron bars, the patients and nurses of Penwell Hospital ask: in such a topsy-turvy world, who are you to say

that I’m insane?










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The Hope Theatre,

207 Upper Street,

London N1 1RL


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