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JERICHO'S ROSE by Lilac Yosiphon

16 Oct - 3 Nov 7.45pm


London. Tel-Aviv. Paris. Baghdad. English. Hebrew. French. Arabic. Two writers.

Two generations. Searching for home.

This innovative and beautiful show invites the audience on a breathtaking journey into the past, present and future. Fusing new writing, movement, live music and loop pedalled sound to create a unique tapestry of fragmented memories – remembered, forgotten and rediscovered again.


TESTAMENT by Sam Edmunds

21 - 29 Oct 7.45pm


In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and… Max!

Max is in a car crash with his brother and his girlfriend Tess, who dies in the accident. Following the loss of his girlfriend, he tries to commit suicide and fails, but when he wakes up, he believes she is still alive, leaving him left questioning what happened to Tess. Answers appear as apparitions of modernised biblical characters, aiding Max in his discovery or tempting him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of his brother Chris.

Testament is an award-winning play exploring how humans deal with grief and how it effects those around them, exploring suicide, loss and guilt. Inviting you into the mind of a car crash survivor as he tries to piece together his fractured memories – exploring the fragmented and nonlinear process of our memories and how trauma can affect this.

“Intricately crafted triumph of creativity” Ed Fringe Review

“A Touching And Memorable Piece Of Theatre” Three Weeks

“Chock-full of thoughtful ideas, and they’re all bundled up in a stylish and striking package” Fringe Guru

“A Brilliant Piece of New Writing” 730 Review


GILDED BUTTERFLIES by Tormented Casserole Theatre

6 - 24 Nov


"A moth came into my room...I tried to save it. I set it free..."

Following its debut at the Leicester Square Theatre and five-star run at Brighton Fringe Festival, the powerful and paradoxically hopeful GILDED

BUTTERFLIES comes to The Hope Theatre. A 6ft x 9ft cell in Florida, USA. A young woman, Maggie. She loves her husband, enjoys painting and hopes to do more cooking at home – once she gets out.

Based on real events, witness how the human spirit can stretch in order to survive in this new, two-woman play about the glimmers of hope, even in the darkest of hours.


HEAD-ROT HOLIDAY by Sarah Daniels

27 Nov - 22 Dec


‘Christmas is a right frightening bastard. If you can survive it in here then there’s hope’.

December 1991. In a secure hospital for the criminally insane, three women prepare for the Christmas disco. The parole board’s recipe for early release: put on a dress, wear some make-up… and dance with a rapist or killer of your choice. Ruth hears voices but distracts herself with karaoke. Claudia defies the racist nurses and longs to see her children. Dee applies mascara for the first time and is paid a visit by an angel. Behind iron bars, the patients and nurses of Penwell Hospital ask: in such a topsy-turvy world, who are you to say

that I’m insane?


ALTERNATIVITY by Timothy Blore


9, 10, 16 & 17 Dec 7:45pm


‘There’s a reason why the girls at school made me get ‘Virgin for Life’ on the back of my leavers’ hoody’

It’s Christmas in Billericay. The boys are back from uni, Mum’s been on the wine and Dad’s dozing off when theres a knock at the door… This is a very untraditional EsseXmas story.

Written by Timothy Blore and directed by Offie and Broadway World

nominated Scott Le Crass, this festive comedy is guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. (Although it might be slightly more raucous than your average Nativity play).

After delighting audiences with a staged reading at the Phoenix Artist’s Club last Christmas, Wonderlust Theatre Company are proud to bring their first production ALTERNATIVITY to the little theatre with big ideas.

Prepare yourselves for a not so Silent Night!








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The Hope Theatre,

207 Upper Street,

London N1 1RL


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