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Top Pick - Read our interview with Director Matthew Parker here

thrill me: the leopold & loeb story


2 - 20 Apr 2019

Relationships can be murder!

Chicago, 1924. Richard Loeb is obsessed with crime. Nathan Leopold is obsessed with Richard. Together they forge a pact signed in blood. They become the Thrill Killers.

From award winning writer Stephen Dolginoff and award winning director Matthew Parker comes this thrilling and dark, true crime musical.




7 & 8 Apr


Written in 1985 and set in Leeds during the miners strike, V is one of the most powerful, profound and haunting long poems of modern times.


At the graveside of his mam and dad he finds the graves covered in graffiti, crude four letter words and he begins to dissemble the situation to simply try and understand.



uncle vanya


23 Apr - 11 May 2019

Tales Retold presents Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov. An abridged version based on Brendan Murray’s adaptation directed by James Stone. When Vanya’s brother-in-law returns to the family home, his new wife becomes an unwitting, destabilising influence. A passionate crescendo of domestic turbulence ensues, plunging the estate into a bitter existential crisis.



getting over everest


28 & 29 Apr, 7.45pm

Getting dumped is like a mountain, full of setbacks and revenge cock…wait, what?  

Getting Over Everest is a comedic look at the peril of being dumped.  

Defined by her relationship status, Libby knows little else. When Rob Everest unexpectedly decides to cut ties, she spirals into an unannounced depression as she tries to find her feet outside of a 10 year relationship. With the support of her friend Steph and the man from the bar, outspoken and explicit Libby attempts to find out who she is and what life has to offer.





14 May - 1 Jun 2019

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and… Max! After a car crash, Max questions what happened to Tess. Answers appear as apparitions of biblical characters, aiding Max in his discovery or tempting him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of his brother Chris.




4 - 22 June, 7.45pm


YouTuber turned actor Arthur Moses wins an Olivier Award, and goes onto drunkenly deliver the most offensive, outrageous and profanity laden speech in the ceremony’s history.

His publicists have quite a morning ahead of them.

CUTTINGS is a satirical look at fandom, fame and being ‘sorry’ in the 21st Century.



the censor

25 Jun - 13 Jul


Female-led RoundPeg Theatre brings Anthony Neilson’s controversial play to London for the first time in 15 years. A female pornographer comes face to face with a censor – the man whose job it is to determine whether her work can see the light of day.

A tender, graphic exploration into sex, pleasure and taboo.


the hope outside

The Hope Theatre,

207 Upper Street,

London N1 1RL


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