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15th July 9.30pm £8


Taraxacum Theatre returns to Hen & Chickens with Poppycock, their dark comedy about social etiquette in the face of impending doom.


Old Cambridge flames Lawrence and Tabby rekindle their University relationship. Now in their mid twenties, their carefully honed life objectives are thrown into perspective by a speculated apocalypse.






The Ghosts of Moistly Hollow

21st July 9.30pm £7


A Creepy, Queer, Mini-Musical about Ghosts, Lost Love, Men in Lingerie, and Gin.


In 1851, Lord Beauford returns to his ancestral home on the border between England and Scotland. With him he brings his secretary, several crates of gin and a terrible family secret that would awaken dark and sinister forces within the old Mansion…





Bad Men

24th & 25th July 9.30pm £11.


Gary’s looking for sex but accidentally finds love, Thomas just wants his son to respect him, Johnathan’s thinking about murder. From My Mate Dave the company behind the 2015 hit show, Love in the Time of Gilmore Girls comes a new play about sex, love, identity, politics and camping that asks what does it mean to be a modern man?






Emotional Terrorism

28th & 29th July 7.30pm £8

Written and Performed by Ellyn Daniels

Directed by Desmond Devenish


In this one woman show, Ellyn Daniels takes us on an intoxicating ride from Orlando to West Africa, from ballet to bulimia, from walking the runways of Paris to blacking out in Hollywood mansions, and from sitting on the precipice of suicide to finding salvation through stand-up comedy. Daniels finds a hilarious spin on her most psychologically demoralizing moments in this unapologetic, soul-bearing tale of one girl’s journey from humiliation to liberation.




Free Solo: A New Musical

31st July – 2nd Aug 6.00pm £10/8


Hazel was 14 when her father, the world-renowned free solo climber John Robinson, fell to his death. 11 years later, Hazel finds her dad’s old climbing journal. As she flicks through the pages, her memories draw her back into her childhood.


Free Solo is a new musical about family, overcoming fear, and following in your parents’ footsteps.







Mon 31st July – Wed 2nd Aug 9.00pm £8


From London improvisers Anne Zander, Abbey Kos, and Rebecca Schuster, this is a show that pushes the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Three women – whose parents would prefer they didn’t – take the stage to explore sex, secrets, social anxiety, and the obsessions that colour their lives.







Mon 31st July – Thurs 3rd Aug 7.30pm £10


All is not well in rural Britain.

One man has declared himself judge, jury and executioner.

Flocks of migrants ruffle feathers in once peaceful communities.

The newsletter can no longer be trusted.

Welcome to the dark world of British birdwatching.

The most devoted, nay obsessed, of this noble and ancient tradition are the twitchers. Men willing to quest the length of the country for but a glimpse of rare plumage, from the common chiffchaff to Lady Amerherst’s pheasant. As three thoroughly average men plot the downfall of birding’s ruling elite, one real-life woman may prove to be their salvation, or their downfall.

What lines will they cross? What ideals will they forsake? What birds will they watch?




The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

109 St. Pauls Road, Highbury Corner, London, N1 2NA


Box Office:  Click here or on the image below for a direct link


Twitter: @TheHenChickens/@UViewFF

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