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Tracey Tracey

18th Jan 7.30pm £7.50/6.00


Tracey is celebrating her birthday party alone. Who needs friends when you have a world of imagination? Join this lovable outsider as she takes you on a journey through desire, ...



Fun Raiser in Support of Declan Hill

21st January 5.00pm & 7.00pm, £12 for 1 show, £20 for 2.


Laugh off those January blues and support a good cause.

In true showbiz style, the Mountview class of 1997 is hosting an evening of music and comedy to raise funds for our funniest classmate, the irrepressible Declan Hill. Facing a daunting treatment regime for cancer, Declan’s sense of humour continues to shine through, supporting us as we support him.



23rd – 27th January  Tuesday – Saturday 7pm  & 3pm Saturday matinee  £12 Artificial (Drama and Comedy) With an A.I in every home, people have become increasingly insular, depending on and trusting their obliging personal robots as much as any person. Dom knows this as well as anyone. By day he sits alone in peoples homes prescribing the correct unit for each family. By night he sits a alone in the solitary company of his own model. However when Dom is given a chance to break the cycle of his loneliness and regret when meets someone who invigorates the monotonous routine of his existence.




31st Jan & 1st Feb 7.30pm £6


Critically acclaimed sketch double act Goodbear are back with their 2017 Edinburgh show for two final nights! This is your last chance to check into the mysterious Hotel Apres Vie, occupied above and below stairs by all manner of eccentric characters.

**** Telegraph, **** Chortle, ***** Edfest Magazine, ***** A Younger Theatre, **** Skinny, **** List, **** Three Weeks



The Morning After

11th Feb 7.30pm & 12th, 13th & 14th Feb 9.30pm  £11.50/£9.50


The Love Doctor’s clinic is always over-run on February 15, with sad cases hoping to heal the wounds of the night before – if they can get past receptionist Aphrodite. As things get acute and critical, the Monorogue crew (“comedy gold”: Theatre Weekly) dissects the patients’ woes in its latest new writing show.



The Little Angel

20th – 24th February 7.30pm & Saturday matinee on 24th at 3pm  £13/11


The Little Angel is a new musical which tells the story of Sashka, a troubled boy with seemingly nothing to live for. His parents are violent, selfish and unsympathetic, it seems like Sashka’s life is spiralling out of control until one profound evening he sees ‘The Little Angel’ hanging on the Christmas tree and his life is inexplicably changed forever. It is moving, funny and full of heart. Music, lyrics and adaptation by Paul Dale-Vickers.

After the success of ‘De Profundis’ Actual Size continue to create new, innovative musical theatre work of an intimate nature. We have turned our attentions to a musical re-telling of Leonid Andreyev’s short story ‘The Little Angel’ Set in Russia at the turn of the 20th Century.

“This compelling show draws the audience in and was brilliantly performed with conviction by the cast” Katie Town, Artistic Director Theatre Royal, Wakefield.


Abducting Diana by Dario Fo

6th – 17th March Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm £10/8.50


Theatre of Heaven and Hell return…

Millionaire media boss Diana Forbes McKaye is kidnapped, but this ruthless magnate proves more resourceful than her clumsy abductors.

Into this cocktail of chaos and double dealing, we meet a gun toting priest, a deranged altar boy, a kidnapper hiding in the fridge, pyromania and an explosive climax.

Theatre of Heaven and Hell are back with Dario Fo’s political commentary on the rich and status of men and it’s still as relevant as ever today.



Passages to Somewhere

20th – 24th March at with a matinee on 24 March at 2.30pm

Tickets : £14. Concessions £12.


Seven days on the cruise ship Spirit of Hope with sunshine,black forest gateau and Frank Sinatra. A real bargain. That’s what the brochure said with fun all the way. But  the cold winds of life’s twists fates and fortunes start blowing more and more violently. Just where is everyone bound ? A new full length play about life and getting through it.



Hen and chicks new signage 24th May



The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

109 St. Pauls Road, Highbury Corner, London, N1 2NA


Box Office:  Click here or on the title below for a direct link




Profile of The Hen & Chickens here


Read our interview with comedienne Kate Perry on creating character here

Artificial abducting diana the little angel