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Theatrical Turing Test

1st Aug 6pm & 9pm £8/6


Improvisation is the highest form of human intelligence. It is a feat no robot could ever reproduce. Do you think so? We want you to participate in our experiment.

Meet our team. Some of us are Cyborgs, controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, taking all our lines through headphones from an AI-powered chatbot. Some of us are Puppets, remotely controlled by another human being – a human intelligence. Some of us simply improvise, but wear headphones anyway, to add to the confusion. Meet the Cyborgs, Puppets, and Humans. The stakes are high: at the end of the show, the audience votes to guess who was the robot and who was remotely controlled. Will the Cyborg pass the Turing test? Come laugh with machines as you attempt to solve the deception!


Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine

2nd – 5th Aug 6pm £10


Rural England, the Zombie epidemic happened just over a year ago. Surviving, that was the easy part, but what happens when you meet more Zombies than humans on a daily basis?

Megan, tough and emotionless has survived well but what happens when by chance she meets Dylan, somehow he has survived with his trusty weapon…a spatula! All Dylan really wants to do is have a cup of tea and wait for the whole thing to calm down…although that doesn’t look very likely.

A 1-hour play about two very different people coming to terms with the end of civilisation, personal losses and asking themselves, is it better to kill…or be killed?



Re-Working The City

2nd & 3rd Aug 9pm £10


An improvised performance by Three Worlds. Inspired by the suggestions of the audience, six actors create a vivid collage of interweaving stories. Characters from all walks of life are created through monologues, vignettes and dramatic scenes. Mixing comedy, drama and tragedy the stories build to surprising and moving climaxes. A gripping theatre!


Goodbye Rosetta

4th Aug 3pm & 4.30pm, 5th Aug 3pm £12


Goodbye Rosetta is a fast-paced, witty tale of a group of teens coming of age. Keisha and Mo are foster sisters, they are also the misfits.When Mo’s depression makes the ground give way from under her, Keisha struggles to understand the illness. They are forced to navigate their new reality, finding their way with a little help from the stars.



The Naked Dietitian

8th Aug 9pm £10/8


A powerful solo theatre piece exposing a life of white, thin privilege through a traumatised body. Can the liberation of one award-winning self-harming poet-dietitian be connected to all liberation? Disrupting the neoliberal delusion by being body, Mad, queer and age-positive in this sexy, feminist, lyrically explosive performance.




15th & 16th Aug 9pm £8


Worried you might be a complete failure? Don’t worry: Megan Hockley is confident, optimistic, and here to tell you why she’s a much bigger idiot than you.

Join her gang of total losers as Megan explores our tragic magic through storytelling, wrestling, and confessional karaoke.

Expect Olympic spectacle, spandex, unbridled disco-dancing, and to stumble from the resulting wreckage asking yourself if being cool might be overrated.




13th, 14th, 15th Aug 6pm, 25th & 26th Aug 3pm £9


Oubliette is a princess with a single purpose – to blind her father’s subjects to the harsh realities of their lives. But times are changing. A civil war rages and Oubliette and her siblings hide in the palace, awaiting an armistice. And soon, the realities of their own lives are drawn into question.



13th, 14th 15th Aug 7.30pm £8.50


An absurdist three hander, Alexa sees Alex, an artist, create art through the destruction of the individuals around her, which seemingly form part of her own psyche. A dark, witty and existential conversation, Calenta Theatre’s debut production of Alexa seeks to comment on the control of a person’s decisions against the world within their mind.


Creepypasta, The Story of Oscar

16th & 17th Aug 7.30pm £9


New spine-tingling psychological thriller to touch the heart and chill the spine. And just to add to the mix, it’ll make you laugh too.

Directed by Martin Dimitrov. The story follows the life of a man we know only as Oscar. Sounds simple enough but, as the play unfolds, we realise there is more to this rather strange character than meets the eye, and the shocking denouement leaves us in no doubt that we’ve experienced something truly disturbing…

Co-written by Matthew Greenfield and RJ Lloyd, RJ also acts in this cleverly-crafted piece.



To Anyone Who Listens

17th Aug 9pm, 18th Aug 4.30pm, 19th Aug 3pm, £10


‘He’s loud, and you worry. He’s quiet, and you worry, He sneezes with gusto, and you go into meltdown…’

Joshua talks to a plant pot. His family aren’t really talking to each other.

‘Bursting with emotional clarity and not a little northern humour’ (Paul Vale, Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival 2017)



The Old House

16th, 17th Aug 6pm, 18th, 19th Aug 7.30pm £10


Memory, loss, mother-daughter relationships and the hokey-cokey. Revisiting The Old House, Mother and Daughter hang on to fragments of what they know. Losses surface as seawater pushes and pulls over the shingle. Grief, laughter, liberation from the known, the wonder of the ordinary ebb and flow.

By writer-performer Kate Maravan (Improbable, The Bush, Hampstead) ‘Maravan is outstanding’ Lyn Gardner

‘Inspired by my mother, The Old House explores an alive connection to the present moment, and how distinctions between well/ill, sane/insane, young/old are less defined’



The Visitor

23rd & 24th Aug 9pm £10/8


A charming comedy with a dark twist highlighting naivety in young adults. Set in 1981 a fly on the wall look at an average night out for Caz and Shell who find themselves part of the New Romantic movement. The arrival of an unwanted visitor turns a normal night into a different place when things spiral out of control.


She Arrives

25th & 26th Aug 6pm, £9


She comes in. You’re just sitting there watching her, in this overheated bar. She demands a drink and tells you how she got here. You sit back, sweating. Born to the generation made of debt, she tried to start a rebel group. But she got trolled online, she failed. So she decided to get revenge.


A Tale from Transylvania

25th & 26th Aug 9pm £10/8


Tom’s sister vanishes one day without a trace. Desperate for information that may lead to her safe discovery, the time passes. Eventually, the police file her case away under ‘missing persons’. Tom cannot give up hope – willing to go anywhere and to any lengths in finding her. After all, he sees things and people, that others cannot – all the time.



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