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18th – 23rd September (Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday Matinee 2.30pm) £10/ £8.50 (members)


Amy’s found another body in a hotel room. There’s a funny smell coming from one of Jim’s storage units. And Kate’s losing it after spending all day with the police. There’s no going back after what they’ve seen.


Laura Wade (Tipping the Velvet, Posh) at her brilliant best


‘A terrify tour de force’ The Sunday Times







TRANSMUTER by Nick Brown

26th – 30th September 7.30pm £9/7




A hook-up in a club and the night is set fair…But when they wake up it soon becomes clear something has gone terribly wrong…




STRETCH presents…


2nd October 7pm £5


Barred is a play that shows the true complexities of life Inside. Performed from an actual prison cell, written by a man who has been to jail himself, this could possibly be the most authentic prison drama ever. Two men, locked up, battling for survival. Danny, believing that art and education can not only affect change, but that it can also help rebuild the shattered relationship with his daughter Holly, pitted against Ali, a staunch believer in doing things the hard way. Head to head in a 12 by 8.





JAY Written and directed by Eleonora Fusco

17th – 28th Oct – Tues to Sat 7pm, Sat Matinee 3pm.

Early bird tickets online £10 or £13 with a copy of the script till the 17th of September


Jay (Celine Abrahams) loves Alex. Alex (Eleonora Fusco) loves Jay. Jay wants a baby, Alex not so much. Andrea (Mari-Ange Ramirez), Jay’s best friend, finds the idea ridiculous too, especially since silences have been the main form of communication, lately. Longlisted by the BBC Writersroom, Jay is a lively comedy about pregnancy, relationships and Prozac Dreams.To find out more, follow the conversation @Prozacdream (Facebook) and on




David Narayan: The Psychic Project

25th & 26th Oct 9.30pm £10/8


A mind-reading show based on the true story of the Cold War’s psychic spies.


In 1972, the Cold War took an unusual turn. The CIA learnt that Russia was investing in mind-control research and achieving some remarkable results.


Not wanting to be left behind, US scientists began a secret project to train civilians as psychic spies: stealing secrets, manipulating memories and finding out if thoughts can kill.


Drawing on 100,000 pages of declassified documents, David Narayan attempts the CIA’s experiments, seeing if a modern audience can use the same techniques.


A show that’s as disturbing as it is astonishing.




Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival

30th October – 5th November


Back for a 2nd year!

Submit your film




The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

109 St. Pauls Road, Highbury Corner, London, N1 2NA


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Twitter: @TheHenChickens/@UViewFF

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