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CONTROL  A new Play By Tim McArthur

Directed by Guy Retallack

starring Lewis Rae. Kitty Whitelaw and Jo Wickham

3rd – 7th April 7.30pm £10


Most gay men have quite complex personalities, insecurities, acceptance issues in society, commitment issues in relationships and levels of parental guilt. How does this affect them in their search for the perfect partner? ‘Control’ deals with a relationship that blooms and grows, but as it continues a darkness begins to show.  Who has final control of the situation?



5th April 9.30pm £7.50


Carabet is a world furnished with creatures, characters and objects that are both “hilarious and inventive”. It is a microcosm of fantasies created by a kleptomaniac, a narcissist and an idiot. This trio of Gaulier trained performers use clown, physical comedy, improvisation and music to take you on an absurd journey.

“Those prepared to leave reality should look no further…They are magnificent physical comedians” The List

“Inventive, hilarious and very engaging,” Fringe Review (Recommended Show)


Hivemind: Stick & Twisted

6th April 2018 9.30pm £8/6


Sixty minutes. Three directors. One twisted Hivemind.

Three directors compete to win your heart. Taking inspiration from any genre, style, concept, or premise you can imagine, each director devises a story which the rest of Hivemind acts out on the spur of the moment. At the end of each scene, you choose whether to stick, and see where the story goes next, or twist, and let the next director take the reins. The director with the fewest scenes under their belt must pay a terrible forfeit.

Stick and Twisted is a brand new approach to improvised comedy from the “imaginative and hilarious” Hivemind. We’ve just completed our debut show run, the gangster noir An Offer You Can’t Refuse, which was a hit with the



10th – 14th April 2018— Tues to Sat at 7.30pm and Sat mat at 3pm. £11.50


Cassette tapes. Lots of them. Years of memories coiled up in a box. It’s time to unravel them. How does your mental health and perception of your memories affect being intimate with another human? Play the tape. Let’s find out.

This piece of multidisciplinary theatre was conceived and devised with the community in Essex, posing questions about mental health, memory and intimacy. What does it mean for us to be alive in today’s society where access to support and resources is dwindling?


The Half

20th April 7.30pm £4


The Half. A rehearsed reading of a new play starring Anna Crilly and Margaret Cabourn-Smith. Written and directed by Danielle Ward (Not Going Out, Danger Mouse, Horrible Histories, Do The Right Thing podcast)  “the resulting hour of comedy is wonderfully thought-provoking, with the kind of finely crafted writing that you’d expect from a Radio 4 regular” The Guardian




23rd - 29th April

Tickets on sale soon


Showmanship by Lucy Roslyn

30th April, 1st May & 2nd May 7.00pm £10


“You want hope?

… Make me an offer”

1935. Dust Bowl America. As the worst dust storm in history briefly recedes, a tinpot touring Circus rolls into town. A fortune teller is  plying her trade. People are desperate for anything that might feel like hope, to know that all avenues are not shut.

But if your pockets are empty, how do you pay? What else do you have of value?

A darkly funny psychological thriller, laced with poignancy and devilry, Showmanship is the next installment by the award-winning BoonDog Theatre.

From the creator of five star show The State Vs John Hayes  


Red & White Frida by Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli

3rd – 6th May at 7pm £15/12


Presented by Orzu Arts Theatre Company,

this is not a biography of Frida Kahlo. There is nothing in this new production about her birth, adolescence, becoming. This is a fight between two sides of the coin, a beautiful and cruel story, of the relationship between a man and a woman.

The show is about love that’s all-consuming and burning, which gives a powerful incentive to live and create. Frida and Diego fulfilled each other in the best possible way, however, they devoured each other. It is the same passion, that makes two non-ideal rough bodies, one beautiful creature. Frida, humiliated by life, is sent one test after another.

Death is a secret friend of Frida. It is also her husband, lover, mistress, a clown and saviour. Frida jokes, dances and enjoys her time with death. It called for her from the age of 6. Today Death has finally come to her…

Filled with sarcasm, black humour and a paranoid dance, to the music of composers such as Kurt Weill, Sofia Gubaidulina and Alfred Schnittke, this is Frida Kahlo, as you’ve never seen her before.

Adapted,designed and directed by Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli

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The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

109 St. Pauls Road, Highbury Corner, London, N1 2NA


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