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BROKEN by Matthew Lyon

Tuesday 24th April - Saturday 12th May 2018

Tuesday - Saturday 7:30pm


A bloke and a bird, both alike in dignity,

In slummy Shepherds Bush, where we lay our scene,

Eyes lock and that age-old story doth replay,

Of star-crossed lovers and their fluttering hearts,

But love is blind when viewed through rosey-coloured specs,

And when morning breaks they findeth their love broken too,

And as horns lock the age-old story doth replay,

Of how love that burneth bright becometh charred remains.

So this – the one hour traffic of our stage;

The which if you with mobiles silent do attend,

we’ll make thee chortle, glad of both your ears to lend.

Boy meeteth girl…Boy loseth girl…Boy bareth soul. Set in London and centred on the end of a relationship, Broken fuses Shakespeare with modern dialogue and is an expressionistic satire on the highs and lows of falling in, and inevitably out, of love. Following critically acclaimed runs at The Edinburgh Fringe 2016, The Space and The Camden Fringe 2017, Broken is reimagined for Old Red Lion Theatre!




29 and 30 April


Blink. Theatre's critically acclaimed production Response is back! After sold-out runs at Alyth Synagogue, the Courtyard and The Old Red Lion theatres in 2017, this regular new writing night returns to once again put the focus on nurturing emerging and under-represented writers and actors. In this series of selected solo plays, Blink. looks at the theme of Reality. What does reality mean, how do we define it, and what does it look like in the continually changing  modern world?


In The Shadow of the Mountain 

by Felicity Huxley-Miners

Tuesday 15th May - Saturday 2nd June 2018

Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm

Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3.00pm


Rob stands on the edge of oblivion just as the chaotic Ellie careers into his life. They desperately need each other but is Ellie, who’s struggling with her own Borderline Personality Disorder, really the best person to try and help

This touching, funny story explores a relationship born in the throes of a mental health crisis as a couple struggles to find their place in the world.

Sometimes you can only save one person. And it’s okay if that person is you.


I AM TIRED OF IRELAND by Seamus Finnegan

Tuesday 5th - Saturday 30th June 2018 7.30pm

Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3.00pm

Tickets £17/£15 (concessions not available fri & sat eve)


‘A hundred thousand welcomes!’  

But is the myth of open-hearted Ireland which her sons, daughters and visitors love, gone? Humour remains, sectarianism declines but racist violence is on the up – ask the new black priest Father Flannagan.  As faith and idealism wane can Catholic Mary, Republican Dominic or Loyalist Derek still believe now, now, NOW?  Directed by KEN McCLYMONT














Old Red Lion


Old Red Lion Theatre

418 St John Street




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