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I AM OF IRELAND by Seamus Finnegan

Tuesday 5th - Saturday 30th June 2018 7.30pm

Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3.00pm

Tickets £17/£15 (concessions not available fri & sat eve)


‘A hundred thousand welcomes!’  

But is the myth of open-hearted Ireland which her sons, daughters and visitors love, gone? Humour remains, sectarianism declines but racist violence is on the up – ask the new black priest Father Flannagan.  As faith and idealism wane can Catholic Mary, Republican Dominic or Loyalist Derek still believe now, now, NOW?  Directed by KEN McCLYMONT


Dice Showcase: REDEMPTION

24th Jun 2018 - 25th Jun 2018




We all seek redemption in some ways. Whether it is from our parents, our friends, our colleagues or from society. Or maybe from yourself? The search for redemption is overwhelming. Are you looking to be the redeemer or to be redeemed? And how far are you willing to go?

Hence presents Dice Showcase, an evening of new writing. Dice Showcase is a showcase for writers, actors and directors like no other. It is a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase innovation, creativity and ideas - an evening of expressive storytelling and new work. The twist – the roll of a dice determines the order of the pieces. Where will it land? Let’s find out. Shall we?







2 - 4 July


Daniel Drench. West Cornwall's most prolific and unstable storyteller, presents a bewildering and potentially moving interpretation of the classic Cornish folk tale 'The Mermaid of Zennor'. Who knows where he might take you...

The award-winning Third Man Theatre are back with a new show that combines storytelling, character comedy and physical theatre.

"Dan Frost is a compelling performer and his relationship with the audience is direct and joyous. I found it both funny and moving in equal measure. I was transported to a whole other place by the quality of the storytelling." Michael Grandage CBE

"Still feeling the laughter cheek-ache the next day." The Cornishman





4-5 July 7pm


Balancing work with a love life is a struggle, but what if your job is killing people? A hitwoman is trying to reconcile these two aspects of her life. Just starting out in a new profession, she craves the respect of her experienced partner in crime. But when she meets someone who she thinks might be the one, will everything have to change? How much longer can she carry on kicking in other people’s teeth, lying to a person she’s falling in love with? One of these relationships can’t last, and before the hitwoman makes her final decision, the situation is going to get deadly.

Other People's Teeth is a romantic crime thriller. The piece dissects how two relationships in a woman’s life intertwine and affect each other with disastrous and heart-breaking consequences. The script promises to keep the audience on their toes: the story of one relationship is told chronologically as the other story is told in reverse, deepening the emotion and increasing the conflict between the two.



6 July 7pm


A Broad Abroad:

Dear Dani,

England is fine. Work is fine. It’s fine. We’re fine. Fine. Good. Fine. Heard you’re doing well.

I still haven’t had an acting job so- I wrote this show. It’s about us. The international, internet, interdependent relationship of two Creative Canadian sisters living in The USA and the UK today. Half the cast is onstage in front of you, the other half is brought to you via the magic of the internet Via FaceTime. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

You in?

I Am Ross Smith:

On April 20th, 7.13pm Ross Smith received a message from a stranger, with an even stranger invitation. What followed is the incredible true story of an ordinary name leading to an extraordinary adventure. I am Ross Smith is The eagerly anticipated debut show of rising comedian Ross Smith. Join him on a tumultuous journey packed with razor sharp stand up about the pursuit of proving yourself, losing yourself, and (hopefully) finding yourself again.



12 - 13 July 9.30pm


Pop Ditz is a contemporary clown and character comedy show about pop culture, obsessions and freedom of expression performed by one very ditsy Norwegian. A patchwork of visual surrealism, observations and idiocy through comedy, music and movement.

"Zestfully accomplished"  The Stage


mercurius theatre presents


14-16 7pm


''You can almost taste it, it catches in the back of your throat, it makes you hate everyone, even the people you love.''

Dan and Ellie are aspiring writers, struggling to succeed in a competitive profession where talent is no guarantee of success. They're also best friends. On the eve of Dan's 30th birthday party, they cloister themselves in the beer garden to reminisce, laugh and drink a bottle of wine or two. As the alcohol flows, stories are recounted and both talk about their ambitions for the future. But an unexpected announcement brings out thinly veiled resentments, threatening to destroy the friendship they both hold dear.

Awkward Balloon is an exciting new play written by Mark Rush and Charlie Ryall that explores the nature of jealousy and the dark actions it can tempt us to undertake – even towards those we love. This fast-paced comedy drama is directed by Offie-nominated director, Jenny Eastop, and promises laughs, intrigue and pathos.



16-17 July 9.30pm



It’s the morning of Cassie’s twenty-sixth birthday, and she wakes to find herself in someone’s front garden with no recollection of how she got there. As Cassie struggles to retrace the night and get home, she moves between memories of her dubious past behaviour, and the chain of events that led to her present circumstances.



18 - 19 July 7pm


Two lovers take an elixir with ever-lasting consequences. The creators of five-star sell-out hit, In Tents and Purposes (SOHO Theatre/UK Tour), return to compete with their egos in a new comedy-play about the reality of living for eternity.

'A breath of fresh air' (Times).

Awakening is a fierce, funny, painfully honest journey that leads to shocking truths and a self-awareness Cassie has been avoiding for years. Can she heal old wounds, address her self-destructive tendencies and find the courage to do the right thing? Or has she cried wolf too many times?

At a time when awareness of the voices of sexual assault victims is on the rise, Awakening unpicks the moment of realisation when Cassie is forced to face up to painful truths, and speak up to wrong doing in order to protect future generations of young women.



20 - 21 July 7pm


“Now, I am just a mother to you. A body carrying a life”

There is a woman.

Woman is pregnant.

Abortion is still illegal in her country.

She will bring a court case against the government to demand a legal abortion.

There is a man.

Man is a journalist.

He meets Woman and starts to cover her story.

A story that will change the world. A story that will change his world.

How far would you go for a cause you believed in?

How far is too far?

“Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe’s two-hander is fresh, fearless and raw. Vessel is a timely yet timeless play about how we value women and fertility” Bryony Kimmings




20 July 9.30pm


Join Lord Hicks for a musical romp through queer history. Armed with his instrument, rapier wit and lashings of sass, his Lordship will recount the laws, legends and liaisons that have shaped what it is to be gay. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and educated on the mean streets of Soho, cabaret star Lord Hicks has travelled the world serenading audiences from Paris to Reykjavik with classic anthems and original songs.

“Raises and lowers the tone in one fell swoop” – Tricity Vogue



21 July 2pm


Written & Performed by Becky Williams, Grace Notes is a powerful one-woman show telling the story of Grace Miller – a talented pianist and convicted killer. Recently out of prison and desperate to piece her broken life back together, Gracie still has old wounds to heal and bitter scores to settle.

A gripping solo show that entertains as much as it challenges, Grace Notes asks the question: what does it take to get a second chance in life?

Becky Williams plays Grace, addressing her audience with candour as she battles the demons of addiction, violence and music.




24 July - 18 August 7.30pm


Part theatre. Part game. Part improv comedy.

Neil Connolly, your Spymaster, has lost an agent in the field. There’s a mystery to solve, villains to thwart and secrets to be stolen.

But he can’t do it alone. He needs he’s spy network. That’s where you come in.

For those who leap from their seat at the chance to be a spy, this mission is for you. For those who want to watch their espionage escapades from a safe distance, we got you covered.

An interactive spy game to some, a hilarious evening of comedy for others.

performed & co-written by neil connolly

directed & co-written by dean rodgers

Presented by rogue productions


























Old Red Lion


Old Red Lion Theatre

418 St John Street




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