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The Crown Dual

by Daniel Clarkson

Directed by Owen Lewis

24 February, 12 March - 6 April


Having been cruelly overlooked for her dream role as Queen Elizabeth in blockbuster series The Crown, budding starlet Beth brings her own take on the epic story of the Royal Family to the stage instead… with her agent Stanley coerced into playing (almost) all the other roles – from Prince Philip to Princess Margaret, and all the commoners in between. Two actors reimagine the story of how Elizabeth Windsor became Queen Elizabeth II (and recreate two resplendent Netflix series) in 70 minutes of frenetic hat-passing, period accents and corgi impressions. A perfect winter warmer for both fans of the show keenly waiting for the third series – and for those wondering what all the fuss is about! This new comedy comes from the pen of parodic mastermind Daniel Clarkson, co-creator of Olivier Award nominated hit shows Potted Potter and Potted Panto, and is directed by Owen Lewis, also an Olivier Award nominee for Morecambe and Wise homage Eric and Little Ern.




13 March - 6 April


Sex is easy. Intimacy is hard. The award-winning producers of 5 Guys Chillin’ and The Chemsex Monologues present the world premiere of Undetectable, a tender, funny and uplifting love story for the post-chemsex generation. Hunky dream boy Lex and bright spark Bradley are falling for each other. Big time. After three months, Lex has decided that tonight’s the night… but Bradley’s not so sure he wants to go all the way. With wisdom, wit and honesty, Tom Wright’s bold new play explores the delicate emotions, moral dilemmas and personal demons we all take to bed with us. Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair



Tales From Star City

31 March 1 April


Based on true events, and untold stories, these are the Tales from Star City. The Soviet Union. 1967. The Space Race is at its height. One woman, Polina Semyenova, is at the centre of it all. She is the listener. Hidden away in the pithily named ‘Closed Military Townlet No. 1’ (later to become the eponymous Star City), Polina looks back on her dreams of being part of the great Communist movement, during one of the most dramatic decades of the Cold War. Join Polina as she reaches for the stars, and journeys through some of the brightest and darkest moments of the Space Race. Tales from Star City transfers to the King’s Head Theatre after a five star run at the Tabard Theatre in Spring 2018. It is Dan Dawes’ fourth play after Steel Tumbleweed (Courtyard Theatre, 2016); The Signalman (rehearsed reading at Courtyard Theatre, 2018); and Axolotl (Theatre N16, 2018).



10 April - 11 May


Charles Court Opera return with a slick, stylish and downright entertaining new production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s sensational HMS Pinafore. Directed by John Savournin, this witty and inventive update of the much loved comic operetta will have you rolling in the aisles from start to finish.


Top Pick - Read our Interview with actor Linus Karp here

Awkward Conversations With Animals I've F*cked

12 - 27 April


Following sell out shows at Edinburgh Fringe, Awkward Productions present their critically acclaimed production of Rob Hayes’ dark comedy about love, acceptance and boundaries.


One-night stands are awkward. One-night stands with animals are even more awkward. And when you’re as desperate for love as Bobby is, things are bound to get as awkward as f*ck.



14 & 15 April


Ada Lovelace.

Sophia Jex-Blake.

Lilian Bader.

Andrea Dunbar.

Heard of any of them? Neither had we. And we’re meant to be a group of feminists. Unsung explores the untold stories of four pioneering and inspirational female figures from our past, asking why they, and hundreds like them, have been relegated to the footnotes.They were bold. They caused riots. And it’s about time their stories were told. Unsung Collective and Lisa Holdsworth (Midsomer Murders, Ackley Bridge, Call the Midwife) present a new play about the women who made - or ought to have made - British history.


Agatha Christie's The Rats & Peter Hale's A Small Step For England!

Irrational Theatre presents an intriguing double-bill of one act plays. • Agatha Christie’s The Rats

18 April


Agatha Christie’s highly ingenious and atmospheric piece. ‘Miss Christie brings to the horror piece ‘The Rats’ A highly ingenious plot’ The Stage. The Rats: in which an adulterous couple expecting a drinks party finds just an empty flat. A simple mix up of dates turns out to be something far more sinister... • Peter Hale's A Small Step For England!

Followed by a comic turn in Peter Hale’s new satire; A Small Step for England! A corporate HR director keen to celebrate and meet her equality and diversity targets has a meek English gentleman in her sights.



21 & 22 April


BRAWN is a portal into the world of a young man named Ryan. A world that is spiralling out of control… Once a smart kid in the classroom, Ryan is trapped in a life he doesn’t want to lead. He feels increasingly suffocated in a world obsessed by self-image and measures his self-worth in muscle mass. Ryan spends every day in the gym, but what began as fitness-based self-improvement has has transformed into dangerous self-destruction. A raw, emotional and illuminating piece of theatre, BRAWN explores the powerful desire for physical perfection, and the silent, anxious struggles of the men who experience it today.


Jock Night

30 April - 11 May


Jock Night is the latest show from the award-winning company behind sell-out shows Gypsy Queen and #BeMoreMartyn: The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo.Jock is the hottest club in town but the party starts as the club night ends... You are invited to the ultimate after-party and the search for love in a world of chemsex and jockstraps. When a gay porn star arrives, Ben must decide whether he can give up his life of hook ups, chill-outs and come downs...

Contains strong language, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.



5 & 6 May


• “I didn’t mean to Mum, it was just banter…”

Maisie Brooker’s popular play “Shanter” returns with some exciting new twists, a new cast and a new character for two nights only! LADS. LADS. LADS. Have you ever taken banter too far? Sam, Amber, Noah and Berty are childhood friends whose lives have taken different directions. They reunite for one big festival piss-up when one of them brings an unexpected guest who burns a hole in their weekend plans. Shanter gives you an insight into youth culture today and how vulnerable young people can be. Packed with booze, drugs and of course banter, this dark comedy shows how dangerous toxic masculinity and lad culture really are.


This Island's Mine

15 May - 8 June


• “Eyes smarting,

• Heart aching,

• From the pangs of first love”

• 1988. Thatcher’s Britain.

Seventeen-year-old Luke runs away to London – away from homophobic playground slurs, headlines that scream ‘Don’t Teach Our Children To Be Gay’ and a family who wouldn’t understand him – to Uncle Martin, who he once saw with his arms around another man at a march. In the capital, Mark is sacked because of fears about colleagues working with ‘someone like him’. His boyfriend, Selwyn, faces being beaten up both by the police and at home by his own stepbrother. Meanwhile, Debbie battles with her son, who doesn’t want to live with her and her girlfriend. And retired piano teacher Miss Rosenblum – who once found refuge in this country from a terror that swept away half her family in 1930s Vienna – has seen this sort of hatred and fear before. Soon, these individual stories – of first loves and old flames, alliances and abandonment, missed opportunities and new chances – intertwine to paint a vivid picture of Eighties Britain. This Island’s Mine was originally performed by Gay Sweatshop in 1988. Now, three decades after the introduction of Section 28 banning positive representations of homosexuality, Philip Osment’s passionate and lyrical play, of outsiders, exiles and refugees, is all too resonant.


15 - 19 May


Following sold out runs at The Blue Shop Cottage and The White Bear Theatre, Boomerang is back! • ‘A grand achievement by the two whip smart young writer/director team’ The London Box Office  stars

Boomerang is a comedy drama that plays out in real time. It analyses the 'Boomerang Generation', who are desperate for independence and competitively ambitious, but who struggle to take on the responsibilities of growing up. The play examines this through looking at the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, repression and exploration of sexuality, and at the very centre - the loss of a friendship. Taking you on a whirlwind journey, Boomerang leaves you debating, reflecting and scrutinising the intensities of what female friendship really means.


Coral Browne: This F***ing Lady!

19 May - 3 June


Grande dame, adventuress, beauty, wit – the flamboyant Coral Browne travelled a world away from her humble Australian beginnings to become the toast of the London stage in the 1940’s. She also made unforgettable screen appearances in Auntie Mame, The Killing of Sister George, Dennis Potter's Dreamchild and Alan Bennett's An Englishman Abroad in which she famously played herself encountering the spy Guy Burgess during a theatre tour of Moscow. Sexually adventurous with a deliciously bawdy wit, Coral was almost as well known for her glamorous lifestyle as she was for her memorable stage and screen performances. She had a string of famous lovers, including Paul Robeson and Maurice Chevalier, and enjoyed a late-life marriage to the king of schlock horror, Vincent Price.  In the U.K. premiere of this critically-acclaimed one-woman play, the wonderful Amanda Muggleton and writer/director Maureen Sherlock revisit Coral’s colourful life and sparkling career, putting this Grande Dame back into the spotlight where she belongs.


The Worst Little Warehouse In London

21 - 26 May


'Utterly mind-blowing... the comedy is top class. A must-see... catch it while you can!'  Musical Theatre Review

When 12 people live under the same roof in a converted warehouse in North London, what could possibly go wrong? This 'kooky, fun and light hearted cabaret' (Theatre People) follows Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith as two wide eyed koalas fresh off the boat, looking for the perfect place to call home. Shortlisted for Best Musical and Best Cabaret at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, relive their year living at Daisy Mill as they discover high ceilings, bathroom baskets and very thin bedroom walls. Directed by Sarah Redmond and starring every housemate you’ve ever lived with, The Worst Little Warehouse In London is a 'mind-bogglingly funny story of companionship, shared accommodation, and how to grit your teeth and bear it' (Broadway Baby).


Trump: The Musical

28 May  - 7 June


From the perpetrators of Boris the Musical ( Reviews Hub)... comes something far worse! 2020. Time to make Donald Great Again! But can King Nigel Farage the First of England get his trade deal? Will Kim Jong Un ever stop messing about with missiles? Why has Vladimir Putin gone suspiciously quiet? Join Blowfish Theatre for an evening of raucous satire, great original music and one truly awful wig!


Boris The Musical 2: Brexit Harder

29 May - 8 June


In 2016, Blowfish Theatre made a musical about Boris Johnson and Brexit. They thought it wouldn’t last the summer. It won’t be their last mistake. Now completely revised and updated, it’s longer, blonder, worser, it’s… Boris the Musical 2: Brexit Harder. Join us on a journey from Eton to Brexit 2019 in song!


Vulvarine: A New Musical

11 June - 6 July


The critically-acclaimed sellout Edinburgh Fringe hit. Bryony Buckle is astoundingly average. Her days are filled with mind numbing office work, thinking about lunch and lusting after Orson Bloom from IT. But following a dose of hormone therapy gone wrong and a well-timed bolt of lightning, Bryony gains superhero abilities and a brand-new persona: Vulvarine, saviour of womankind. Where is all the tampon tax going? Who is The Mansplainer, and what is his evil plan? Grab your tights, your spanx and your most supportive sports bra. It’s hero time.

“A masterclass in musical theatre” Edinburgh Guide

Fat Rascal Theatre are very quickly establishing themselves as a champion of British Comedy Musicals” DIVA Magazine

“Sassy, outrageously silly, and full of heart” Young Perspective



11 June - 6 July


Brexit is happening. Slowly. The two-year negotiating period is now in its fourth year. New Tory Leader and Prime Minister Adam Masters was the only candidate all factions of the party could agree upon. Surely his plan for the next phase of Brexit might be the right one. Just… what was it again? Brexit, the new play from Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky, returns to the Kings Head Theatre following a smash hit, sell-out London season and a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. Starring Adam Astill, Jessica Fostekew and Thom Tuck with more cast to be announced.  Early booking strongly advised. •  The Scotsman "Deliciously played... wonderful"


Bess - The Commoner Queen

16, 17, 2, 24 June


A new play by award winning playwright Kevin Fegan, touring nationally "In these troubled times, Fortune hangs by a single thread..." A female story of survival and astonishing business success in the brutal world of Elizabethan politics, as witnessed first-hand by "Bess of Hardwick". Born a farmer's daughter, Bess rose to become the richest woman in Elizabethan England. She created the Cavendish dynasty, built Chatsworth House and Hardwick Hall and became a maker of queens. Bess was the closest female friend and Lady-in-Waiting to Elizabeth I and, at the same time, confidante to Mary Queen of Scots, whom Bess and her 4th husband (the Earl of Shrewsbury) kept under "house-arrest" for over 15 years until Mary's execution. "Who'd 'ave thought, this Derbyshire lass would one day be tab-hanging between two great queens?" An ambitious show presented as a seamless mix of powerful live performance and luscious film, shot on location at Hardwick Hall.


Southern Belles: Two one-act plays by Tennessee Williams

23 July - 24 August


Southern Belles unites two groundbreaking one-act plays by one of the twentieth century’s most influential dramatists, Tennessee Williams. Presented together for the very first time, these startling tales of love, loneliness and longing will headline King’s Head Theatre’s Queer Season.Never staged in the playwright’s lifetime due to it’s openly gay characters, And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens charts the heartbreaking encounter between an extraordinary queen and a troubled sailor in 1950’s New Orleans. In Something Unspoken, tensions between a wealthy spinster and her loyal secretary boil over in a confrontation that exposes their complex, unacknowledged yearning for each other. Poignant, unexpected and shimmeringly beautiful, Southern Belles casts a light on the lives of those forced to hide their true feelings from society. • From the co-director of the critically-acclaimed, West End smash-hit, SiX. Recently nominated for five Olivier Awards, including Best New Musical.

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at King’s Head pub

115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN


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