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The Unbuilt City

6 - 30 June

DISCOUNT for bookings made by 6 June, £5 off tickets on most performances until 17 June CODE: UNBUILT20  


On a cold afternoon in February, Jonah knocks on the door of a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. He's come to ask Claudia to sell her famously secret art collection to a university archive. But in order to do that, he’ll have to persuade her to reveal her own enigmatic past, and to illuminate a series of mysteries about the men they’ve each loved, the weight of legacy, and the untold history of New York City.The Unbuilt City had a preliminary showing at the Vassar & New York Stage And Film’s Powerhouse Season July 2015. •Director: Glen Walford

•Claudia: Sandra Dickinson

•Jonah: Jonathan Chambers



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Ghost About The House

7 - 30 June


CamplingHicks Productions presents Ghost About the House.A hilarious, sexy, haunting gay comedy! Set in the same grand Islington house, in 1936 and 2016. In 1936, approaching WW2, Ian, the young master, is in love with the butler, Leonard. Eddie, a handsome friend of the family, seduces Ian but also woos fragrant Lady Millicent. Henry, Millicent's jealous and too young suiter, plays a desperate hand.In 2016 Ian has become the ghost, haunting the lives and splitting the relationship of new owners Edward and Alex. Edward introduces into the mix Lenny, a young man he's picked up. The mischievous ghost perceives a great likeness between Lenny and his long gone love, the butler. Nita, Alex's sister, is a manic yummy mummy adding her own anarchy. Meanwhile, the dreaded Referendum looms.Five actors play two time connected roles. A sizzling comedy of ghostly interference and impossible modern relationships with sidelong glances at our political uncertainty.Written by Matthew CamplingDirected by Scott le Crass


Paradise Rocks

24 - 25 June


Original sin in the sun drenched island climes! Succumb to sweet temptation in this new musical that adapts John Milton’s 17th century epic account of man’s first disobedience into a Hawaiian Elvis movie from 1960. Meet Adam, heir to the Club Eden Holiday Camp empire; Eve, his blushing fiancée, struggling to resist the unruly passions beneath her wholesome exterior; and meet Danny Morningstar, rock’n’roller, rebel and reprobate, whose arrival in Paradise spells trouble for this innocent outpost of the American Dream.Debuting at the King’s Head Theatre this summer, this show from writer composer Simon Indelicate, from The Indelicates and author of the theologically dense fringe comedy hit, “The Book of Job: The Musical!” promises toe tapping exotica, English literature in jokes, people clearly too old to convincingly play teenagers and low down, dirty rock’n’roll! Club Eden is waiting here for you!




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PLAYMILL festival of new work

2 - 21 July

The future of British Theatre starts here

A curated festival of new work from emerging companies committed to paying actors.  


KING'S HEAD QUEER SEASON (runs 25 July - 1 September) :


For Reasons That Remain Unclear...

Wednesday 25 July - Saturday 25 August


This summer, see the long-awaited UK premiere from the author of the groundbreaking The Boys in the Band, Mart Crowley, and enjoy a 2 course table d’hôte with a glass of wine at Bellanger for just £35. Just a hop and a skip from the theatre, this traditional French brasserie is ideally located for both pre and post show dining.  

For Reasons That Remain Unclear... is potent thriller of power, love and redemption takes place in real-time over the course of a single summer's evening in Rome. In a hotel room overlooking the Piazza de Spagna, handsome Hollywood screenwriter Patrick invites Conrad, a Catholic priest, to share a drink in his suite. Tensions rise as their exchange deepens, but who is holding back a confession?



James Dead is Dead (Long Live James Dean)

Wednesday 26 - Sunday 29 August, 8.45pm (4.45pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


James Dean, Hollywood’s hottest star steps out of his crashed car and looks back on his short life. This powerful one man show is a timely look at how the film industry uses sex, drugs and power to make and break careers.This no holes barred look at the life of an icon comes to the Kings Head Theatre before playing this years Edinburgh Festival, where Em-Lou Productions were the winners of the 2017 inaugural Scottish Sun best LGBT Production Award. Em-Lou Productions previous work includes the multiple award winning 5 Guys Chillin’ (Brighton Fringe Award, 2 Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival Awards) and has been performed in Sydney, Canada and Off Broadway.


Riot Act

Tuesday 31 July - Sunday 5 August, 8.45pm (4.45pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


•Created and performed by Alexis Gregory

•Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair

‘Riot Act’ is a powerful brand new verbatim theatre piece created especially for the Queer Season. ‘You know what’s strange, I felt safer on the night of the riots, on the sidewalk in front of Stonewall, than I did in my own home town’. ‘I’m a drag queen. I want to live. I want to survive. As an older person, I’m sixty five now, I couldn’t give a f*cking shit’. ‘In London, the idea of ‘safe sex’ was; don’t sleep with Americans. James was older; a mature student. He was twenty two years old when he died’. Playwright and performer Alexis Gregory interviewed one of the only remaining Stonewall survivors, radical-drag icon Lavinia Co-Op and prominent 1990’s London ACT UP AIDS activist Paul Burston and in this solo theatre piece, ‘channels’ sex decades of queer history. Hard-hitting, provocative, tender, truthful, funny, political and personal, these are stories of queerness, activism, addiction, sex, drag, community, conflict, youth, ageing, fierce queens and a Hollywood diva.



Tuesday 7 - Sunday 12 August, 8.45pm (4.45pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


"Is telling the absolute truth worth destroying his happiness?" In this provocative comedy of modern manners Man, 50, Lad, 30, and Boy, 20, battle to achieve relationship bliss. One offers dedicated monogamy, another proposes looking the other way whilst the third prefers total disclosure


And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens

Tuesday 14 - Sunday 19 August, 8.45pm (4.45pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


When Candy, one of New Orleans’ finest drag queens, brings home a sailor neither knows that this one night will bind them together. Both are soon lost believing in fantasy versions of each other. Never performed during Tennessee Williams’ life because of its openly gay characters, this play is a beautiful exploration of the boundaries of love, passion and heartbreak.


All That

Tuesday 21 - Saturday 25 August, 8.45pm (4.45pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


'We’re human beings with natural urges! Why should we be so bothered about fitting a mould set out by a society that barely gives two sh*ts about us anyway?' In a bid to improve their current financial crisis, Taylor and Riley decide to rent out their spare room – and it’s Jamie and Parker, another young-ish gay couple, who are chosen to move in. But it soon becomes clear that the two duos have very different relationships, and it’s only a matter of time before wires cross, tensions escalate and things get very messy in more ways than one… All That, written by Shaun Kitchener (Hollyoaks, Positive, BAFTA Rocliffe Winner 2016), is a timely look at love and monogamy; a funny, frank and razor-sharp examination of modern gay relationships.


Free and Proud

Tuesday 28 August - Saturday 1 September, 7.00pm (3.30pm matinee)

Standard - £19 | Concession - £16


•By Charles Gershman

•Directed by Peter Darney

Hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to relationships. After it’s over, things become clear. But what if that end comes abruptly—a cold winter night, an unplanned event, a phone call? Hakeem is an immigrant from Nigeria, a driven, loyal, righteous guy who’s worked hard to build a career for himself as a scientist. His husband, Jeremy, is white, privileged, American, lazy, unfaithful, unable to grow up, and wracked with guilt. Free & Proud is a new play examining the dynamics of a messy relationship and how sometimes it takes a disaster in order to make sense of the present. Charles Gershman (writer) is an award-winning New York based playwright. Peter Darney (director) is the creator of the award-winning 5 Guys Chillin’.


The Cluedo Club Killings - details to follow

Sunday 29 & Monday 30 July, 7.00pm

Standard - £15 | Concession - £12


Sacrament - details to follow

Sunday 12 & Monday 13 July, 7.00pm

Standard - £15 | Concession - £12


The Fencesitter's Spellbook

Saturday 11 July, 5.00pm


Do you know the top five things you can't say to bisexuals this month? How do you describe your sexuality using a piece of string? And how can you come out of a closet with a revolving door? The Fencesitter's Spellbook explores the magical world of the mysterious bisexual, simultaneously everyone but no-one. Performed by the UK's only 'bisexual activist magician' Marcus Morgan, this is a comedy show that may well teach you a valuable lesson *. "Might genuinely be unique" Genii Online, magic magazine (*Lesson may vary)


La Traviata

27 September - 27 October


The acclaimed company behind the Olivier Award nominated (‘Best Opera, 2018’) production of La bohème present a radical reimagining of Verdi’s incendiary tale of sex, class and power, La Traviata. England, 2018. Violetta earns her crust dancing for the rich and powerful at an exclusive gentleman’s club until a chance meeting with naive and idealistic Elijah changes everything. The powerful collide with the powerless, with earth shattering consequences for all involved. Combining Verdi’s breathtaking music with a new English version from Becca Marriott and Helena Jackson, this is La Traviata exposed, uncovered and redefined for the twenty first century.  

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