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The Mikado

22 Mar — 21 Apr

Charles Court Opera


The ‘Masters of Gilbert and Sullivan in small spaces’ Charles Court Opera return to the King’s Head Theatre with a smart, stylish new take on possibly the most loved of their comic masterpieces, The Mikado, giving it a classy CCO twist.

Behind the closed doors at the British Consulate in the town of Tipitu, Japan, the scheming, slippery Lord High Executioner is about to hatch one plot too far, with far-reaching and hilarious consequences for everyone involved, especially when the Mikado himself arrives...

Containing familiar songs including "A wandering minstrel, I", "I've got a little list" and "Three little maids from school", this punchy and hilarious satire promises to be a treat for operetta lovers and newcomers alike.



31 Mar — 21 Apr


Victim follows the power struggle between a prison guard and criminal as they come face-to-face with a notorious inmate. A one-woman show performed by Louise Beresford whose comedy group Lead Pencil have appeared on Comedy Central & BBC radio, Victim is written and directed by Martin Murphy whose previous play Villain is nominated in this year’s Offie Awards.”


The Service

3 -8 April


An interactive comedy; which combines clowning, dark humour and horror, taking a riotous poke at the absurdity of extreme religious cults. After years in hiding, the lone surviving siblings of an extreme religious cult, are finally ready to tell their story. And they need you, to bear witness to a momentous occasion, which they believe will alter the very fabric of our world...The birth of the second coming. The Service will have the audience singing hymns, confessing sins, and consecrating the sacred cabbage. Literally. The prophecy has been written in alphabetti spaghetti, no one can doubt them now. This unique piece of comedy horror promises to chill, confuse and covert you. Drink the kool aid. Eat the cabbage.



God: The Untold Story

10 - 15 April


God’s back and she’s not happy. She’s decided it’s time to set the Biblical record straight and tell her side of the story. In this exclusive and literally earth shattering interview, God reveals the real truth behind the stories of the Old Testament and the tumultuous history of the human race.



17 - 21 April


'A fisherman would have fun with your words.'It's 4am, George says he has a leak in his ceiling. He needs Hatty's help. Hatty, full time neighbour and part time duvet day partner, believes his request to be a long winded attempt to rekindle their flame. But to George, this is serious. And it needs fixing before his ceiling collapses. Between the fogginess of an interrupted sleep, the sweetness of intimacy and the vulnerability induced by dawn, Fishbowl addresses our distortions around male strength.Following sponsored company development at Wilton's Music Hall, the all female trio that are Rumble Theatre, bring you the premier of Fishbowl.


TOP PICK, Read our interview with actor and writer Sarah Milton here

Tumble Tuck

24 April - 12 May


BackHere! Theatre present the headline production of Who Runs The World?

Tumble Tuck is a brutal, honest, funny piece that seeks to examine what it means to be successful in a world where medals matter. Written and performed by Sarah Milton.



In the Shadow of the Mountain

24 - 29 April


Rob stands on the edge of oblivion just as the chaotic Ellie careers into his life. They desperately need each other but is Ellie struggling with her own Borderline Personality Disorder really the best person to try and help? This touching, funny story explores a relationship born in the throes of a mental health crisis as a couple struggles to find their place in the world.Sometimes you can only save one person. And it’s okay if that person is you.

King's Head theatre 2


at King’s Head pub

115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN


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