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at Katzenjammers bier keller

24 Southwark Street

London SE1 1TY


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Have you heard about guy?

January 27th & 28th


Set in a dingy two-bed flat in London, Have You Heard About Guy? is the story of Frank and George, two struggling actresses living in a pre-#MeToo world.  

Francesca, or Frank, is the upper-class daughter of acting royalty who is trapped between her own inertia and her desire to make it on her own without relying on her family name. Georgia, or George, is the daughter of Mike the mechanic and Dawn who helps out at the local nursery. Passionate, hard-working, and driven, George will do anything it takes to make it as an actress - regardless of her own personal health and safety.

As they suffer through humiliating commercial auditions, sleazy industry professionals, empty bank accounts, family pressures, and the toll that jealousy and bitterness is taking on their own relationship, their straight white male middle-class drama school peer Guy is enjoying a meteoric rise to success.



Leading Light Terrific TWos


Leading Light Collective is a female-led theatre company. Conceiving productions and events that motivate young adults (16-25) to learn, grow and conquer.

and conquer.


This February we are turning two! During this birthday party we will be showcasing the past, present and future of Leading Light Collective. We always look forward to meeting new people and making new connections, so our gift to you this birthday is sharing those connections! A networking event in which creatives; actors, writers, producers, directors and more can meet, talk and hopefully gain some contacts/collaborations for future projects! So come and celebrate with us by networking and chilling with Leading Light! Never wait for the opportunity, create it.  





February  4th & 5th // 15:00 & 19:30 // £10 (£8)


TRIP is a gripping one woman satire, confronting millennial relationships to protest, privilege and our shared desire for connection in an increasingly fractured world. Both a tense drama and blackly comic coming-of-rage story, TRIP ricochets between past and present, hurtling through a stifling London, littered with polluted canals and digital marketing agencies, and into the bowels of a violent foreign warzone.


TRIP was the WINNER of Stockwell Playhouse's 'One Act Play Festival 2018' and was long-listed for the Theatre503 Playwriting Award 2018.




Drawing From A Performance: Egon Schiele

February 6th // 19:00 // £20


Join London Drawing for a very special evening of drawing and performance with choreographer Lucy Waterhouse and her dance interpretation of the work of Egon Schiele.


This performance is currently being showcased at the Royal Academy as part of the centenary Klimt and Schiele exhibition there and we are delighted to be hosting a special version of the work in an evening of drawing specially devised for us. We will be working closely with Lucy and her dancers to present a unique version of the performance with additional segments and sets for you to draw from.

If you are a Schiele fan this promises to be an inspirational evening of drawing and a unique opportunity to work from dancers and movement in this one off performance!

£20 all basic materials included (you may also bring your own- let us know what you are planning!)  




februarY 10TH - 14TH // 7:30 // £10



1. n. Someone of heroic courage and unstained honour.

2. n. Someone with the self-confidence of ignorance.

3. n. A magical horse from the chivalric romances.


Tom Bayard is at least two of these. But as far as he's concerned he's a nobody.





february 24TH - 27TH // 3:00 & 7:30 // £13.50

“What do you mean there’s a bear in the spare bedroom?”


Laura is about to start her first proper job. Chris, her boyfriend, has just lost his.

Laura’s younger brother has returned unexpectedly from Uni and Chris’ sister won’t stop calling him. And yes, there might be a bear in the spare bedroom. As the Shreddies run dry and the missed calls mount up, Bear explores male depression and the difficulty of seeking help, even in a culture which encourages speaking out.



Where is Ban-Ki Moon?

March 11TH - 13TH // 7:30 // £10


“The difference between someone like me and someone like you is something I think about every single fucking day.”


There’s a man onstage telling you bad jokes. There’s a woman too, but she’ll start making sense later. There also may or may not be Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary General January 2007-December 2016. But we can’t be sure about that yet.


Let’s send some emails. Let’s talk about cats. Let’s decide whether we’re happy.



London With A Perfect Skyline

March 24th-27th // 7:30 // £14/£12

Exploring questions of family, identity and progress, London With A Perfect Skyline is a dark comedy/drama about a pair of siblings, Lana and Wren, who decide to visit their estranged, high-flying city sister, Primrose, whom they haven’t seen for over eight years. The pair have been invited (behind Primrose’s back) by Primrose’s fiancé Linux, an app developer, to celebrate their engagement. Far from their life on the family's rural dairy farm, Lana and Wren arrive in London on a newly proclaimed day, when all architectural and building work is called to a halt, so for perhaps the first time ever, there is an uninterrupted view of the London skyline.


Tensions simmer as the siblings recover from a tragedy involving their youngest sister Ivy, who was hit by falling scaffolding when she secretly visited Primrose five years earlier. The family reunion Linux had hoped for spirals into chaos, with the deep secrets and fractions between the siblings not only forcing Primrose to face her past, but threatening to derail her chance of a new family with Linux.  



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