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at Brockley Jack pub

410 Brockley Road,

London SE4 2DH


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Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht

16 January  – 3 February 2018  at 7.30pm


The world is under the threat of fascism and war is looming ever closer.

Liberalism and socialist ties are condemned by those in power. How did we get here?

Aequitas takes Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich and applies it to our modern global society, taking a look at the lives of average people and the reasons they comply with those in power.

Set in the near future, this piece imagines what the world might become if we continue to repeat our mistakes.

Theatre company Aequitas creates theatre that represents and comments on our ever changing world.



The Tempest by William Shakespeare

produced by Controlled Chaos

Tuesday 13 February – Sat 3 March at 7.30pm


Beware the spirits of the air, the monsters of the earth and the wrath of dangerous sorcerers.

Suspended in time on an enchanted island, Duke Prospero lives in exile, comforted by his daughter Miranda and served by his sprite Ariel and Caliban, his slave.

With nothing to do Prospero becomes obsessed by revenge. When storms wash up new travellers to these shores, vengeance at last seems within reach. But with the arrival of strangers Miranda discovers temptations of the flesh, and Caliban plots to murder his master.

Controlled Chaos’s all female production of The Tempest shakes the ground with its bold re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s final dark comedy.




by Lucy Russell & Holly McFarlane

produced by Red Squash Theatre

Tuesday 6 March – Saturday 17 March at 7.30pm


Kim and Jack are trying for a baby. Trying pretty hard. Their friends are having kids left, right and centre.  

A small army of doctors offer well-meaning advice but no actual answers. And nobody’s getting any younger…

But the further they go, the more they start to wonder, what is this all for? Stuffed is a brand new comedy about friendship, fertility and the choices we make.

Do you know what I think the secret to getting pregnant is, Kim? Being happy. Every time I’ve got pregnant I’ve just felt…unbelievably happy.









Fear and misery the tempest stuffed