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at Brockley Jack pub

410 Brockley Road,

London SE4 2DH


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Editor's Choice of Top Picks:

Queen of the Mist

9 - 27 April


words and music by Michael John LaChiusa

produced by Pint of Wine Theatre Company

Queen of the Mist is based on the astounding and outrageous true story of Anna Edson Taylor, who set out to be the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel of her own design.

With a soaring score that incorporates turn of the century themes with LaChiusa’s insightful and engaging style, this award-winning musical is the story of how one woman risked death so that she could live.

This production marks the European Premiere of the show.

The original 2011 Off-Broadway production won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical and was nominated for six Drama Desk Awards, including Outstanding Musical.



14 April 6pm


Join us for our regular Scratch nights of quick fire acts showcasing fresh new material. Scratch nights contain a variety of performances, including short plays, sketch comedy, poetry, dance and spoken word.

Line up

One of Our Comedians is Missing by Niall Urquhart. The technology to give zombies the ability to fly was welcomed with open arms as everyone’s favourite dead celebrities would entertain us all. However, no-one knew the terrors which were lurking just around the corner.

And Then by Colette Cullen. Rachel put her arm around Fiona in the book group. Or did she? Unreliable memories of a relationship.

Believe (Prickles and Scratches) by Nick Myles. We’re told to talk, these days. But does it get any easier…?

Skybridge by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart. The future: 58 thousand feet up, 5 workers start their shift on the time zone spanning, Skybridge.

Alex Legge, queer cabaret artists presents an extract from Loner, a collective cabaret karaoke catharsis performance which explores the loneliness epidemic.

Shake Your Can by Ben Francis. It’s hard to collect for the homeless when one of them is calling you a skanky cow to your face but it’s not the worst thing that’s happened to Monica today…


The Astonishing Singing Fish!

30 April - 4 May


by Tice Oakfield

produced by Flying Dutchman

There is a new show in town! Almost sold to Cirque du Soleil, this sideshow act is dreaming of the West End.

But it’s a rocky road for a singing goldfish who wants to play the lead in Les Miserables. Along with his hapless scientist friend he will warm your heart with his dulcet baritone voice in this new musical comedy. You gotta see it to believe it.

Combining a mixture of catchy songs, very silly jokes and a healthy dose of sight gags, the Human & Fish duo will have to figure out how to navigate the treacherous waters of show-business and make this dream a reality. And as expected, nothing goes to plan.

The work of FLYING DUTCHMAN Theatre is characterised by its fairytale-like quality. Combining the virtues of different art forms, their stories are told through puppetry, music, physical theatrand new writing.


Happy Jack

by John Godber

produced by First Knight Theatre

14 - 25 May 7.30pm


Happy Jack is a funny and touching play about the lives of Jack and Liz. Set in a West Yorkshire mining village, the play is inspired by John Godber’s own grandparents and follows the couple’s 60 year marriage through good times and bad.

The play weaves through the story of this ordinary working class family and retells snippets of their lives together, the love, sadness, anger, joy and conflict. Balancing humour with some tougher realities, the play highlights the lives of working miners and the terrible legacies that many of them were left with long after leaving the pits.



Editor's Choice of Top Pick:

Precious Little

by Madeleine George

produced by The Jack Studio Theatre

directed by Kate Bannister

29 May - 15 June


Brodie, a gifted research linguist, is expecting her first child. When she receives unsettling news about the baby she carries, her girlfriend is unsympathetic and the medical profession provides few answers.

Her search for guidance leads her to two unlikely sources: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language…and a gorilla at the zoo.

Madeleine George’s irreverent, witty and startlingly original play reveals the beauty and the limits of human language.

Produced by the same team behind the five star and Offie nominated productions of Kes and Lifeboat.



Top Pick:

The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde

based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson

written and directed by Ross McGregor

produced by Arrows & Traps Theatre

3 - 28 September


“The object of power is power.” George Orwell


2020.  The President Of The United States has fallen, impeached for corruption and now awaits trial.  As the American senate slides into chaos, election fever grips the nation.  In the wake of yet another mass shooting , Senator Henry Jekyll, a bold, young, liberal independent, announces his candidacy to run for the Oval Office.  His one promise: to end America’s toxic love affair with guns.  Emboldened by a landmark level of public support, and the backing of Big Pharma, Jekyll’s victory seems almost inevitable.

However, as Voting Day draws ever nearer, Gabrielle Utterson, Jekyll’s campaign manager grows increasingly suspicious of her senator’s running mate – Mister Edward Hyde.  As the rumours and accusations multiply, Utterson must race to uncover exactly what power Hyde holds over Jekyll – before he becomes just one heartbeat away from the most powerful man in the free world.

Thirteen-time Off West End Award-Nominated Arrows & Traps Theatre bring their critically-acclaimed modern twist to Robert Louis Stevenson’s iconic gothic classic, reimagining it as a gripping political thriller set in the halls of American power. This bold new adaptation stays true to the original text’s themes, making it a great night of entertainment for fans for the novella, a thrilling and clear physicalisation for GCSE students of the text, and the perfect launching point for newcomers to the tale.

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