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Etcetera Theatre

above the Oxford Arms

265 Camden High Street

London NW1 7BU


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APRIL - MAY 2019


Madame Krumpets Burlesque Showcase

5 April


Madame Krumpets school of burlesque. Camden based burlesque school showcasing burlesque students routines. A hour of pure burlesque- individual and troupe performance.

Madame krumpet school of burlesque is run by Marquissa Darq.

Marquissa was in the travelling circus and started life as a clown and roadie. She fell in love with the art of the tease over 15 years ago and since settling in London, has taught courses for burlesque baby and run many, many shows including:The Krumpet Klub, Madame Krumpets and Fantasy Ashtray at the famous Madame JoJos.



8 - 10 April


Love between a mother and a son should be unconditional. But what happens when your son does something that makes him the most dangerous thing in your world to you?

Michael is just a normal teenager. Cathy is just a normal mum. A questionable Google search history on Michael’s laptop, Some skeletons in the family closet; but, to all intents and purposes, just another single-mum-and-son family.

One day, everything changes.

And their lives will never be the same again.


Mark & Haydn: Work In Progress

9 - 12 April 9pm


Sketch comedy double act Mark & Haydn have been described as “brilliant” by their Guardian. They bring their fast-paced, gag-filled show “Llaugh” (pron. Claugh) to Etcetera Theatre


Leicester Square Theatre Sketch-off Finalists 2019. Max Turner Prize Runner Up 2018. Chortle Student Comedy Finalist 2017.


Will Penswick: Nørdic(k)

10 - 13 April


Will Penswick is Pætur Pætursson: a brooding, troubled detective and a semi-legendary DJ from the Faroe Islands who is going toe-to-toe with Scandinavia's most dangerous criminals and he needs your help. Expect jumpers, drinking problems, an accent and a decent understanding of Faroese fishing regulations. Move over Nordic Noir, there's a new detective in town.


Ready, Steady, Cock!

11 - 13 April


”Ready, Steady, Cock" tells the story of two women who attend an audition call for "Ready Steady Cook", but on arrival they realise they are actually auditioning for an erotic show. Carmen, a naïve and unprofessional Spanish woman, needs the money to pay for an expensive veterinary treatment for her iguana. Her rival, Audrey, is a vegan feminist who wants to maintain her extravagant lifestyle following a recent divorce. As well as the awkward challenges they have to compete in, their biggest challenge is producer Jeff, a needy man with some serious mummy issues.



17 April


When Mary O’Brien winds up with her first ever detention slip at the age of 18, she is praying to ‘Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour’ that she is not going to be sharing the room with long serving, notorious detentionee, Olive Michaels.

Olive Michaels, after being caught by a nun in a ‘sinful position’ with a boy on the school grounds, is in her third detention of the week.

Set in Ireland in 1999, Detention tells the story of 50 minutes shared between two very different people about to leave school and set off into the world. Rude, fun and poignant, ‘Detention is a nostalgic and witty snapshot of two young girls exploring what it means to make friends and grow up. It’s both parts hilarious and touching, a must see’.

First performed in Cardiff in 2018 to sell out audiences, gaining a 5* review on opening night, this is Detention’s London debut.


Jade Allen: Over Easy

19 - 26 April


‘Like chatting with an old friend who makes us laugh and laugh’ - LondonTheatre1

From the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and The Albany Arts Club comes 'Jade Allen: Over Easy'; new comic Jade Allen's 4* stand up hour.

In her buffet of comedy, Jade tells us about what makes her delight and despair of being a bit Welsh and bit German, why love songs are actually evil and how guinea pig competitions are all political. She'll take us back to the day religion got invented, get angry at more love songs and explain why Orthodox Jews are the best people in the world. She’ll even map out all of East London using just chicken shops.

Come and drink while watching a show originally written for hangovers... it's breakfast (comedy) for dinner!


Safety Net

22 - 27 April


Written by Qianqian Chen

Directed by Peizhi Zeng

Jing is getting married to her boyfriend Tian. After all these years of long-distance relationship in the U.S., the young couple finally decide to go back to China for their own home . However, as the fragmented flashbacks of old acquaintances start haunting her, she can barely tell between the reality and her illusion of hidden fears and desires. Is she in a dream? In the streams of blurred consciousness, she begins to question each of her choice in life and who she really is. How do people fall in and out of love? What is the safety net that every human-being is looking for? This play raises questions about all these things that might defines the sense of belonging -- love, marriage, family, location, cultural identification, and more.

Eventually, Will you land in one piece?



Electra: A Contemporary Tragedy

23 April 9pm


Electra Apostolou is a contemporary tragedy. She is the Electra of our times.

Electra is the symbol of all those that lost and will lose their lives to all forms of fascism. Social, political and ideological. It is she, who with her attitude, has given us the strength to continue our struggle towards freedom and equality.


Thespianage’s Improv Showcase London

4 May 9pm


Fresh from their regular performances in the drizzly urban wilderness of central Manchester, the “bizarre and insanely talented” (MCRFringeReview) performers of Thespianage Productions are coming to London for ONE NIGHT ONLY to showcase the very best of their comedy from t’north.

"Masters of every style" (Edfringereview), Thespianage Productions, create scintillating scenes, silly sketches and crazy characters based on your suggestions! So if you want to see Batman on a blind date, why sex with one performer is like Jeremy Corbyn (it's for the many, not the few!), how evil twins can really ruin a wake or even the world's worst retelling of Beauty and the Beast ever - this is the show for you!

Thespianage Productions perform improvised comedy games similar to those seen on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’. Everything that you see has never been seen before and will never be seen again! If you love improv comedy, or if you fancy giving something new a try, Thespianage Productions are a safe bet for a show full of big belly laughs.

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! To make this even more of a special occasion – we just happen to be performing on May 4th! Now this isn’t a Star Wars themed show, but we’re so excited to perform on this date we’ll gladly take whatever suggestions you Hoth* to offer…



Editor's Top Pick

‘The Runaway Show’ (Ballads/Folk/Americana)

9 - 11 May 8.30pm


A creative ‘genius’!…maverick magazine ‘Jimmy Lee’s songs and life story come together in a show, with Jimmy, his guitar, wonderful songs and narrative linked to projected images that give you a personal insight into one of the most incredible life stories you are ever likely to hear….’There are great stories told in lyrics woven in beautiful melodies.

‘Emotional and uplifting this highly entertaining show will transport you into his extraordinary world full of incredible twists and turns…’

Don’t miss this One ! .... for more see



Now That’s What I Call Hot Crisps

14 - 19 May


Crinkle-cut comedy trio Hot Crisps are back!

After a hiatus which was suspiciously as long as the negotiations in Brussels, the best friends (and Jake) will be performing a hilarious hour of their biggest hits for the last time ever at the Etcetera Theatre in May.

Featuring quintessential chart-busting favourites from their multipack of sketches and songs (not to be performed separately), this show will be full to the brim, unlike a packet of crisps are we right!!!!!

Don’t miss floor-filler classics such as ‘A Sketch About Television’ and ‘A Social Situation Goes Wrong With Amusing Consequences’, all digitally remastered in exquisite detail by legendary producer and tank enthusiast Ricky J. Freelove.



The Castle

16 May 9pm


Far from home in a foreign Land, K struggles single-mindedly to unlock the secrets of the Castle. He wages a war of wits against the elusive official Klamm, certain that it is only by standing face to face with the divine authority of the Castle that he will ever find his place within this strange society. But will his pursuit alienate him completely from his fellow man?

Old Dog Theatre’s adaptation of Kafka’s final and unfinished novel will explore the lonely landscape of ‘The Castle’ through the use of puppetry and movement bringing the work of the great modernist writer brought to life on the stage. By staging K’s choice between his Faustian pursuit of the Castle authorities and his budding romance with his fiancée, we will be delving into one of Kafka’s most nuanced works and exploring what we must give up in order to make peace with the society around us.