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1 – 16 July


Tiresia, an enigmatic young artist, apparently recovering from a serious accident, faces a challenge to her identity and her sexuality. Tiresia’s difficulties are compounded when she undergoes a unique transformation which calls into question conventional notions of memory, personality and even the process of evolution. Does Tiresia’s experience throw new light on the nature of time and the power of the unconscious mind? How is her fate connected to the disappearance of a famous but reclusive artist?



Surveillance by Stanley Sear

7 – 16 July


Surveillance follows the journey of three security guards from very different backgrounds coming to work - only to find a camera installed in their area. Surveilling the area is part of their job. But what happens when the tables are turned and they are surveilled without prior notice?

In this one act comedy the three guards face the reality of their dead-end jobs and the artificial powers bestowed upon them in the name of security.




11 – 16 July


"[Mowgli] came naked, by night, alone and very hungry; yet he was not afraid!"

Transformation. A mating ground. The sense of freedom and possibility. The desperation to control a need and suppress a fear. The shared experiences of alienation and rejection. A place of sex, substances and secrecy. A place where the law of the jungle rules over all. Directed by emerging RADA graduate Alistair Wilkinson, Man-Cub is a newly devised piece that blurs the lines of movement, theatre and personal politics.




19 – 22 July


Confined to a shoe box room, not dissimilar from a cell we find Conor; a bull, an effervescence fizzing inside of him concealed by weary street smarts.

After an events earlier in the week, Conor has been placed under observation. New to the clinic, Richard, is eager to make a good first impression and uncover the truth about the illusive Dino.

Directed by award-winning Matt Steinberg (Southwark Playhouse, Theatre503)

Starring Paul Holowaty (Hollyoaks, Wolfboy -Trafalgar Studios) and Michael Billington (Borgia, The Foreigner).



The B*easts

24 – 29 july


Setting the modern obsession with putting your own child first against our responsibility as a society towards our children as a whole, this dark tale, written by and starring BAFTA award-winning actress Monica Dolan (’W1A’, ’Appropriate Adult’, ’The Witness For The Prosecution’), explores how far one mum will go to give her child what she wants. A searing ‘What If?’ exploration of the pornification of our culture and the sexualisation of our children.

Directed by John Hoggarth.

‘Dolan is about the best actor on TV at the moment’ Guardian.

‘A fantastic actress’ Telegraph. ‘[A] superb performance’ Independent.


CAMDEN FRINGE 31 July - 27 August




READ our article with writer Gloria Williams and director Lara Genovese on creating theatre; highlighting the topic of female genital mutilation HERE




































































Time: 12:30pm | Dates: Mon 31st July – Wed 2nd August  | Tickets: £8 / £6

Ticket link:


Are you, or is a woman you love, a lost feminist?

Join our rehabilitation centre! We help all lost feminists recover and return to society as fully functioning and obedient women.

The aim of this piece is to show different aspects and struggles that women face in their daily life. It is grotesque, sarcastic, ironic and full of dark comedy.

Twitter: @The_SecondSex



Time: 6.30pm | Dates: Mon 31st July – Fri 4th August | Tickets: £8

Ticket link:


Dark Side of the Mime is an audacious physical clown show. It mixes together clownery with classic pantomime, porn, splatter, and violence. The show is vulgar, but that's the way we like it. This full-on show is now in London for the first time.

Are you bold enough to enter the dark side of your mind?

Twitter: @DSoftheMime  Web:




Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Mon 31st July – Tue 1st August | Tickets: £8 / £6

Ticket link:


Albert is a lovable nerd who dreams of the big stage. mYlez is an outgoing hacker with a dark sense of humour. Albert and mYlez meet online but live on two different continents. Lonely but resourceful, they team up and build an artificial friend, a robot whom they call A.L.Ex (Artificial Language Experiment). Together, they perform improvised theatre in a perilous show via transatlantic video link. A.L.Ex is a small humanoid robot and a unique computer creation running artificial intelligence, trained on dialogue from 100,000 movies.

HumanMachine (, the international creative team behind the show, invites you to explore human and computer creativity, spontaneity and "artificial irreverence" (Sunday Times).

Twitter: @PiotrImprov




Time: 4.30pm | Dates: Wed 2nd – Sun 6th August | Tickets: £5

Ticket link:

Four comics over fifty meditate and muse on life, death, love and medication. Fred Ferenczi (Finalist, Old Comedian of the Year), Mike Lord ("Had the crowd laughing from start to finish"), Nick Mellors ("Fleet footed and intelligent") and Sally Firth (One To Watch, Funny Women) each ruminate and reflect on middle age.




Time: 8.30pm | Dates: Wed 2nd  – Sun 6th  Aug | Tickets : £15 / £12

Ticket link:


Cleo is young woman in London who has been living with Type 3 Female Genital Mutilation since she was 7. After being raped by her husband, she finds the strength to undergo reversal surgery. Cleo’s family oppose her decision and send her to stay with her Aunty Winnie and friend Eve in an attempt to force her to accept her "gift".                                                        Twitter: @Naiad_Prod                    Web:




Time: 12.30pm | Dates: Thu 3rd – Mon 7th August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


Falling Pennies charges into the Camden Fringe with a hilarious farce that’ll have you rolling in the trenches.

Belgium, 1914. When Major-General Erich Ludendorff discovers his army is missing, he hatches a plot to bluff the enemy into surrender. But Ludendorff finds it’s never a good idea to interrupt your enemy’s bath time.

Twitter: @DoomedResis   Web:




Time: 2.30pm | Dates: Sat 5th – Sun 6th August | Tickets: £7 / £5

Ticket link:


A debut one woman tragicomedy. "A performer to watch" EtymNews.

Sex, lies and antidepressants. You are cordially invited to be a guest at a failed wedding party. Join the frenzied bride on a journey of debauched self discovery.

"Unflinching look at woman in the throes of having an emotional episode.... Immersive theatre to the hilt" FemaleArts.

Twitter: @elinaalminas   Web:




Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Sat 5th – Sun 6th August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


The Journey of a Body is a one-woman show about identity and the ideas that define ourselves as part of a culture, a clan. It is the journey of our genes crossing borders, migrating throughout time, and in doing so, enriching our cultural diversity. It is the story of our bodies that goes beyond languages and economic systems. Twitter: @Ale_ChaconC




Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Mon 7th – Tue 8th August | Tickets: £10 / £9

Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Mon 7th – Tue 8th August | Tickets: £10 / £9

Ticket link:


"Being human is so boring. And everyone has their fantasies..."

Aidan loves animal role-play: pretending to be a pony is her biggest thrill. Her boyfriend Bravo is sceptical but supportive. But Aidan seeks more than his acceptance. She wants to come out publicly - whatever the consequences.


Black Beauty in Irons is a kinky romantic drama that confronts whether it’s possible to truly fulfil your fantasies. The first UK show to put the animal role-play identity centre-stage, our work addresses issues with pride, consent and coming out. Black Beauty in Irons matters because there are people everywhere who can’t be open about their identities: we think that’s unfair, and it’s time for change.

Twitter: @2ndSelfEnsemble





Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Mon 7th – Wed 9th August | Tickets: £9

Ticket link:


Alana frequently passes the enigmatic Martin, a local homeless man. She attempts to peel back the barriers he puts up against a society that ignores him, learning she has more in common with him than she believed possible. What draws her to him? Why is he so evasive? What secrets hide? We are all potentially one life event away from being homeless.

Twitter: @Homelesscomfor1







Time: 12:30pm | Dates: Wed 9th -Sun 13th August | Tickets: £11 / £9.50

Ticket link:


Can you have it all? Do you want it all?

A scientist, on the cusp of a new IVF discovery, is faced with difficult decisions about her own fertility. In this intimate story, award-winning White Slate Theatre explore women’s choices, and the science behind those choices, when weighing up careers, parenthood, and where self-worth is found.

Twitter: @WhiteSlateUK




Time: 2:30pm | Dates: Wed 9th – Sun 13th August | Tickets: £12 / £10

Ticket link:


"If we treated people with diabetes the same way we treat those with depression, there would be an outcry." Simon Wessely RCP.

Gripping documentary theatre about the conditions in NHS mental health care and the obstacles facing those with mental health issues in society. Using exclusively real testimony - from patients, professionals, researchers and journalists - Last Word Theatre present a play designed to make us challenge our assumptions, rethink, reflect and talk about the costs of mental health in our society.

Last Word Theatre are a Community Interest Company of LAMDA graduates focused on work that highlights under-represented stories in our society and fosters discussion and openess.

Twitter: @lastwordcompany


Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Wed 9th – Sun 13th August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


The two Gaulier graduated, award-winning actors Karen Houge and David Tann present a satire based on Karen's journey following Syrian refugees. Travelling with the mafia, taken by police and sentenced in court. The show reveals refreshing stories from the refugee trail of police, volunteers and refugees far from the image often presented in media.

Twitter: @Undercoverrefug Web:



Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Thu 10th – Mon 14th August | Tickets: £10

Ticket link:


Blood, sweat and subs. A darkly comic thriller with guts.

Dark Room is a brand new play from writer Jim Mannering.

In the basement of an ordinary house on an ordinary street, a group of extraordinary people meet weekly to indulge their passion, away from prying eyes. When a newby arrives the membership are diverted from the regular squabbles. Desire is stoked and envy seethes. A project deadline approaches and the new recruit is forced to make a permanent choice between light and shade.

Let your curiosity get the better of you and pull the curtain back on this nasty little club.

Twitter: @DARKROOMtheplay



Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Sat 12th – Sun 13th August | Tickets: £10

Ticket link:


Italian Horror Stories explores the Italian historical facts and legends that inspired gothic classics such as the Mummy, Frankenstein and The Woman in Black.

The show is divided into pieces linked by a sarcastic, devilish host, the Prince of Darkness, who will lead the audience on a cathartic journey through mankind's sins. Web:

















Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Mon 14th August | Tickets: £6.50 / £5

Ticket link:


What I really wanted to say was... is a LOL social-satire where we revisit and stage our most awkward, inappropriate conversations.

Society's reliant on political correctness so where do you stand? How would you react? What would you have said? Thought provoking punchlines and ruthless, rough and ready rhymes-

Will you wince, laugh, cringe or cry?

Twitter: @shtoomprod



Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Mon 14th – Thu 17th August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


A tale of protesting strangers, wondering why they care.

A new play by Ben Randall.


The Monument of Portland Place is set in 1998. It revolves around two characters, Kelly and Trilby, who meet whilst participating in a vigil. As the story unfolds we discover their brave, obtuse and, at times, eccentric ideas for demonstrating. The power of their belief, honesty and friendship result in a most illuminating finale.

Twitter: @DackerandEnt



Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Tue 15th – Thu 17th August | Tickets: £7.50 / £6

Ticket link:


A short theatre piece about the visibility of women.

Flush away your own society and become part of a new order. Close the door, turn the sign to occupied and join a sisterhood like no other. Feel change dripping through and watch the cracks begin to show. Twitter: @OutofOrderCo



Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Tue 15th – Wed 16th August | Tickets: £5

Ticket link:


The very last sketch show in the universe! Earth has been destroyed. Not to worry though, as award winning double act Cook and Davies invite you aboard the Space-Ark for a tribute to Earth’s best bits. Expect frenetic sketches, absurd Sci-Fi and the most peculiar use of a spatula in "A sketch show unlike those you’ve seen before" (Broadway Baby.)

Twitter: @cookanddavies



MIMES (Most Imbecilic Mime Ensemble Show)

Time: 12:30pm | Dates: Wed 16th – Sun 20th August| Tickets: £7.50

Ticket link:


Three unconventional mimes show their ridiculous life, from playing out the miracle of birth to a Hamlet style death. As hard as they try, getting along yields no results. One is finished with the life of mime and even changing a light bulb proves too difficult. In the middle: tennis, Pina Bausch, Star Wars, Mexican standoff and... Simon & Garfunkel

Twitter: @TheThreeDots1




Time: 2:30pm | Dates: Wed 16th – Sun 20th August | Tickets: £6

Ticket link:


The 'Voice' speaks: "Time is running out. Learn who you are. Know what you want. Decisions must be made before it's too late, even if being true to you means lying to others."

It could be a puzzle, it feels like torture, it might be punishment. They don't know, they just want to be free and are willing to risk it all to escape!

Suitable for 10+



Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Thu 17th – Sun 20th August | Tickets: £7 / £5

Ticket link:


Comedian Gary G Knightley (as seen on Channel 4, BBC3 and the West End) brings you his debut solo show.


After hiding behind cult EdFringe show Animal Jokes for years, it is time to get real. Uncomfortably real. Knightley explores what it is to be him: a brash, honest curmudgeon who hates everything but just wants to be adored. What a twat.

Twitter: @garygknightley



Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Fri 18th – Sun 20th  August| Tickets: £10 / £8.50

Ticket link:


Lacey Macbeth, groomed, glossy and ambitious - like 90s Victoria Beckham - has drive enough for herself and her guy Mac - a career criminal from Glamis estate steadily climbing family ranks. When Lacey’s tarot predicts Mac’s accelerated ascension, it’s time to be ambitious, up the status of her guy and settle old scores with gangland boss Duncan.

Twitter: @weflybynightmac




Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Fri 18th – Sun 20th August | Tickets: £9

Ticket link:


From the writer of Trainspotting comes Irvine Welsh's irreverent, one-man stage play Filth, adapted by Harry Gibson. New theatre company Skin&Bone are producing this anarchic, tour-de-force production with actor Jake Francis playing over thirty characters in a story of sleaze, power and the abuse of just about everything.

Twitter: @skinbonetheatre




Time: 12:30pm | Dates: Mon 21st – Fri 25th August | Tickets: £8 / £6

Ticket link:



Does getting cast mean casting others out? Can a strong friendship between actors remain in a competitive industry?

Carys is Welsh. Maire is Irish. Living away from home

and sharing a flat in London to pursue their dreams in acting should be fun, right? Can their friendship remain strong in a place so far from their Celtic roots? Should their friendship or career prospects come first?

This play is about friends, career choices and our basic need to survive in a world that is constantly changing, adapting and challenging our prior beliefs and conceptions.

Twitter: @1822PLAY



Time: 6.30pm | Dates: Mon 21st – Tue 22nd August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


Darkly comic improvised theatre of the absurd. A show about shaming and being crushed by social labels.


We're building a machine for these fools on stage. Taking their boring, humdrum lives and adding games for your delight. Make them speak in rhyme. Direct their limbs. Whatever you want. Until it all falls apart.


It will be hilarious or else.

Twitter: @MachineForFools









Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Mon 21st – Tue 22nd August | Tickets: £8.50 / £7

Ticket link:


The sketch comedy duo, Barber & Benson, are back with a marvellous array of characters; old and new. They come together in this seamless show with weird and wonderful, larger than life creatures from this ludicrous planet, film parodies, TV dramas and political buffoons... "We've come on stage by mistake"

Twitter & Facebook @BarberAndBenson

Twitter: @BarberAndBenson



Time: 6:30pm | Dates: Wed 23rd – Sun 27th August | Tickets: £12.50 / £10

Ticket link:


A raw & honest portrayal about motherhood. Whether it's being a mum, not wanting to become a mum or dealing with a mum, this strong female collective collaborate to present a series of monologues sourced and written by the women who perform them. This show is a wonderful array of funny, heart-warming, sad, but above all, honest stories for all!

Twitter: @ForkedTheatre




Time: 8:30pm | Dates: Wed 23rd – Sun 27th August | Tickets: £15 / £10

Ticket link:


It's Friday evening and a young couple - John and Jenny - are making preparations for a dinner party. John intends to make an exciting proposal to guests Jake and Jo, a proposition Jenny has reluctantly gone along with. But as wine spills, personalities clash and passive aggression takes hold, the night turns out to be one of disastrous conclusions

Twitter: @Lotus_Theatre Web:




Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Thu 24th – Fri 25th August | Tickets: £5

Ticket link:


Ave Moira introduces you to the many musings of Moira - Mary Mother of Christ as a single mother from Dublin. Blunt, dry, and downright sick of everything, Moira's here to give her brutally honest thoughts on the human condition. With her personal passages eradicated from the bible, she wants to get a few things clear about organised Christianity.

Twitter: @unnatural_ginge



Time: 2:30pm | Dates: Fri 25th – Sun 27th August | Tickets: £8 / £6

Ticket link:


Written & performed by Carmina Bernhardt, Greenery is a one-woman comic play about getting the bus to work.

Through the perspectives of four characters, we question the limits of our empathy, make use of the Hopper fare, and discover whether one can make it through a day in London while wearing two different shoes.

Directed by Annemieke van Elst.

Twitter: @carminaberns / Web:



Time: 12:30pm | Dates: Sat 26th – Sun 27th August | Tickets: £10 / £8

Ticket link:


Blurred Justice, winner of Amnesty International's Marsh award, is a thrilling play where the fate of one man lies in the hands of the audience. Sharif is a Yemeni Houthi soldier and is being tried in an extraordinary court. As he is being questioned, the play explores the meaning of the word terrorist and the complications of the Yemeni civil war.

Twitter: @PerformingC





Time: 4:30pm | Dates: Sat 26th – Sun 27th August | Tickets: £5

Ticket link:


Sam Went got dumped and did the entirely normal thing of transferring his feelings onto the 17th worst film of all time - Bicentennial Man. In his debut solo stand-up performance, up-and-coming comedian Sam Went explains how the romantic odyssey of a creepy yet endearing robot butler healed his broken heart. Directed by Amy Larham

Twitter: @samjwent













Etcetera Theatre

above the Oxford Arms

265 Camden High Street

London NW1 7BU


Box Office:  Click here, or on image for direct link


Twitter: @EtceteraTheatre

Profile of Etcetera Theatre here Tiresia nude the beasts surveilance man cub dino