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Etcetera Theatre

above the Oxford Arms

265 Camden High Street

London NW1 7BU


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MARTIN: Work in Progress

31 Jan - 1 Feb


**Extra session added due to popular demand**

From the creator and performer of ‘Replay’ and ’501 Things I Do In My Bedroom’ comes a brand spanking new comedy-storytelling show. At this work in progress showing, Nicola Wren aka Nicki Martin will be taking her honest and entertaining autobiographical material for it’s first official outing.    

Praise for ‘Replay’, Soho Theatre, 59E59 Theaters, Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh.    

"Wren is a talent to watch"  

The Guardian, listed on The Shows We Recommend    




2 Feb 7pm


ScaredyKat is a grotesque and darkly comic one woman show for young adults growing up in a post-truth world. It explores our cultural ideas around ‘truth’ and its relativity. Follow a week in the life of Kat as she attempts to navigate her personal issues by lying. About everything. As the audience see her story unravel, this bold new writing poses the question ‘How much of our lives and stories are performative, and how far are we willing to go to protect them?.’



Asockalypse Now

2 February 9pm


Join five intrepid kids as they stumble across a treasure trove of old videotapes, containing the answers to the life, the universe, and everything. Or at least, bits of them. Though it may not answer the biggest questions, ‘Asockalypse Now’ provides you with answers to questions you hadn’t even thought about, like: what makes yoga instructors eerily calm? What did professional Roman magicians think about Jesus? And do ALL girls really want to have fun ALL the time, Cyndi? So come and watch ‘Asockalypse Now’, the only show that’ll have you leaving the theatre with such exclamations as ‘oh yeah there was that one bit’ and ‘it was alright’

Cast: Imogen Townshend, Ben Pollard, Tom Rolfe, Sabrina Cass, Fraser Brown. Directed by Dan Allum-Gruselle.



Too young to stay in, too old to go out!

3 February 6pm


Nigel Osner looks at life’s challenges - and occasional opportunities - as we grow older! In original songs and stories, male and female characters touch on love, holidays, work – and the gym. Amusing, quirky, entertaining, sometimes a little rueful. Previously at the Brighton and Camden Fringes. 'Osner's characterisations are well drawn and excellently performed. The writing is clever with plenty of wit and humour even in the darker elements of his stories.' Musical Theatre Review ****   'Nigel is an excellent writer and, in each of the short scenes, he manages to bring real life to the character and the situation they find themselves in.' London Theatre 1 ****



Raphael Wakefield: Wengerball (WIP)

7 February 9pm


Wengerball. Bane of the Busby Way. Scourge of the Seven Sisters Road. A tactic. An art. A godly panacea.

In this frankly unfinished debut show, a cclaimed character comedian Raphael Wakefield charts the rise and fall of a football icon. As heard on BBC Radio 4xtra.



Revan and Fennell: The Do (Work in Progress)

12 February 7pm


Award-winning comedy double-act, Revan and Fennell, return to the Etcetera Theatre with some brand spanking new material. Set at a wedding in the 1980's, this show is in the very early stages of development... But Frankie says relax.

2013 Funny Women Variety Award Winners and 2016 New Act of the Year Finalists.

As seen on London Live. As heard on BBC Radio.

'A double act that have the potential to succeed the comedy throne of French & Saunders' BROADWAY BABY



WRONG COMEDY - Valentine's Cupid Stunt

14 - 15 February


It'd be rude not to give Valentines the WRONG Comedy treatment. It's Stand Up Comedy and music from the most outrageous acts around. Not for the easily offended this is a smash bang wallop of an hour with non stop lairy in yer face swearyness darkness and filth from Bob 'Walshy' Walsh and his WRONG crew.

This show stars Harry U Eldrich, Gary Graham Knightley, Martin Bearne The Plastic Copper and making her WRONG debut is Bas Rahman.

This show is an hour long belly laugh if you are not easily offended.

Strap in, Let go and laugh.




20 Feb 7pm


Sweeties from David King’s Pop-Up Theatre Company is back at the Etcetera Theatre for the sixth time bringing you twelve shorts , monologues and scenes, new and familiar, from a group of talented actors. Profits from ticket sales and donations go to The Neurosciences Research Foundation at St Georges Hospital London. Run time 60 Minutes.




21 - 24 Feb


Two dark, dirty and dazzling descents into depression. A diptych of insights into sadness from two differently disordered minds. Pain, trauma, dogs, slugs, spuds, dragons and muck merge to make the Schwarzenjammer.


A man in existential crisis. A failing relationship. A tin of corned beef.



A body-horror-comedy, about a man in bed with thousands of monsters.



"Osric Omand and The Story of Hope"

21 - 25 Feb


Osric Omand and the Story of Hope is a horror-action-comedy that follows Osric Omand and his ex-Nazi caretaker Hans as their institute of monsters suffers an outbreak. With a blood-filled cocktail of stage combat, live music and impractical effects, Osric and Hans will encounter Annie the Vampire Bounty Hunter, dance with Nazis and battle the forces of the Vampirical Order in the stage blockbuster of the year.



Maupassant in Love

25 Feb - 1 Mar


A selection of Maupassant short stories especially adapted for the stage. The play explores Maupassant's obsession with love - and lust - and all points in between.



Outright Terror . . . Bold and Brilliant

by Peter Neathey

26 February - 3 March


The London bombings of 7/7 2005 re-examined.There was no trial to ascertain the posthumous guilt of the four alleged bombers.

In the light of much new evidence this wrong is put to rights in a powerful court room drama.

Due to popular demand this is "Random Order's" second run.

"Interesting and challenging" Annie Machon [ex MI5 officer]

"This play certainly holds" Billie Manning [Camden New Journal]

"Yehtaen has done an incredible forensic job" Celine La Freniere [Camden Novelist]

"Not to be missed" Warren Puckett [ex US Special forces officer]



Disturbing the Dust

2 Mar 7pm


Three old toys trapped in an attic, for longer than they can remember. Everyday the same routine until ‘someone new’ arrives. As their little community is disrupted, their attempts to escape their confinement, each other and their own fears reach a crescendo. Along the way they deal with loss, find joy and just might learn something. A play for everyone who's ever been a child, who has ever grown up, or wonders if they'll every really know how to be a grownup at all.




12 - 16 March


Saga is the daughter of the Gods; ethereal, beautiful, pure and honest. One day she asks her Father why humanity is so discontent? God despairs for he gave mankind everything beautiful and all he hears are cries of sorrow and anguish. Saga decides to see for herself. As she falls down from Heaven, she gets caught in a dream-scape, where time and place do not exist, where anything is possible and probable and Saga comes to face to face with the plight of humanity.

SAGA is an original adaptation of August Strindberg's surrealist, expressionist piece of theatre, 'A Dream Play', which was written in 1901. SAGA is a 60 minute, bi-lingual (English and Swedish) revival of this classic play at a time when Brexit draws near (or does it), the property ladder is near impossible to climb, vloggers are worshiped and millennials are buckling under debt racked up from years of education.