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Etcetera Theatre

above the Oxford Arms

265 Camden High Street

London NW1 7BU


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she had a ticket in mind

5 - 7 April


A classroom in Ireland. A journey through an alternative history of Irish women's stories.

Secrets are probed. Lies are uncovered.

New writing and physical theatre by Hennessy Award winner, Fiona O'Connor. 'Pussy Riot meets

The Country Girls.' (The Kerryman Newspaper, 2017).

Performances are followed by Q&A's with invited speakers from the Repeal the 8th Amendment

campaign. Includes book launch: Autonomy, from New Binary Press.



Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best

TUE 10 - SAT 14 APR @ 9.00 PM SUN 15 APR @ 8.00 PM £10

‘Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best’ is a reimagining of the turbulent weekend footballing legend George Best spent in the Islington flat of Irish actress and intimate friend, Sinead Cusack, in 1971. George, who was dropped from the Man United for missing training, unbeknownst to anyone journeyed to London regardless and paid a visit to Sinead Cusack. The play looks at the time spent in her flat and their relationship, which was put under great strain after George’s whereabouts were discovered and hordes of press and adoring fans mobbed the flat, entrapping them both there for three days. ‘Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best’ offers us a candid lens depicting what happens when you take two young adults out of Ireland and violently expose them to publicity.


The Future miss smith

10 - 23 April


A new play by Anthony Bull

Directed by Caroline Ross

“Am I being considered for an upgrade?”

“Well done, Janet, right on the button!”

The job interview with a difference! In a world which has emerged from the collapse of the Caucasians, the self-proclaimed Beige inheritors have a subtle and sometimes cruel balancing act to perform. All miss smith wants is an upgrade – if she concentrates fully on her work and personal development that can’t be too hard……can it?

Darkly funny and unsettling. Could this be the future that lies ahead for us?

A Bedlamb Theatre Production



Nowhere Man

MON 16TH APR @ 7PM £8/£5

Three young waitresses dish about everything from getting stiffed to feeding the insatiable male ego. At The Glass Ceiling Diner, justice is served with a side of sarcasm. Its all in good fun, if not in good taste.



MON 16 APR @ 9PM  £8/5  

Lady Killers by Matt Fox is a monologue series of 4 women who have only one thing in common: they have all committed murder. Now ready to admit to their crimes, reveal their motives, and reflect on their actions, these women are not holding back any longer. San Francisco actresses Madison Worthington, Isabel Siragusa, Briana Walsh and Lindsey Mitchell weave these stories together in a dynamic and raw performance.


The Expense of Simplicity

19-20 April


“Have you ever thought of returning to the simple naivety and ignorance you had when you were like, eight?"

After a year at university, adulthood seems to have come too quickly. Charlie ( Lizzie Slater ) longs for the simplicity of childhood whilst Mia ( Elly Roberts ) tries to convince her to live in the now.

This original play, written by Lizzie Slater and directed by Oliver Parnell, reveals the secrets of a 19 year old’s mind, as two estranged best friends share the memories of their youth. The Expense of Simplicity returns to the Etcetera Theatre after further development since its successful run in 2017.


The Unbinding

21 April


Four women accused of witchcraft are locked together awaiting their sentence in the shadows. Scared and hungry they don’t know who they can trust or who will survive…

Wrong Shoes Theatre Company invites you into a dark and spellbinding world, where those who dare to stand out from the crowd are treated with hatred and suspicion. Devised from historical accounts of witches from Wiltshire and further afield, The Unbinding explores mob mentality and our insatiable need to punish those who are different. An intense performance featuring stark realism, horror, physical theatre and original new music.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

“Thought-provoking and sophisticated. A must-see!” The Ocelot

“Takes you by the throat and does not let go until the very end.” Swindon Advertiser


A State of Mind

Monday 23rd April, 7:00pm £10


Spur of the Moment brings you A State of Mind.

A one woman verbatim show performed by Alyce Louise-Potter about the story of a woman who has battled with mental health issues and how medicinal and recreational drug use has played a part in it. Billie wraps you up in her safe warm words about love, lust and life. At least one story will resonate with you and send you in to a state of mind. Billie takes you on a journey and teases you into her trust with her humour and innocence. You will be captivated by her story telling about her checkered life.



TUE 24 - SAT 28 APR @ 6.30PM SUN 29 APR @ 5.30PM £ 15 / 13

Two monologues highlighting the Mental Health challenges that confront Women in Contemporary Society ,one a would be Global Superstar, and one a Minister of State ,both fighting with their demons-you will laugh and you will cry-tragicomedy at its very best!



FRI 27TH APR @ 9PM £8

Acoustic Artist of the Year Nominee Benjamin Bassford makes his debut appearance at The Etcetera Theatre, Camden. Doused and nuanced in Blues, Folk & Root’s music, Benjamin brings A night of intimate Solo Acoustic Performance to London in conjunction with his Self-Titled Album Release.

‘Benjamin has certainly put himself up there with the best… ‘ - Blues Matters Magazin


Before It Starts

30 April


Before It Starts is a brutal and unforgiving take on teenage life, sex, social media and friendships. "Growing up is hard and when a new girl starts school and reveals her controversial sexuality her friends have a lot to laugh about. But when the jokes turn sour and the playful banter becomes bullying the group realise they have a lot to be sorry for."

Put simply, if you are squeamish about staring the hard truth of teenage homophobia in the eye and laughing lavishly in its face, then this isn’t the show for you. It’s playful, honest and daring. Oh, and remember…it’s all based on true events. Tennagers can be shockingly funny!

Naked Frank are a physical theatre company who create theatre that makes a positive difference.

“We don’t believe that theatre can change the world, but it can change an opinion. Change enough opinions and you might just change the world.”




TUE 1 – SAT 5 MAY @ 7 PM SUN 6 MAY @ 6 PM TUE 8 – SAT 12 MAY @ 7 PM SUN 13 MAY @ 6 PM TUE 15 – SAT 19 MAY @ 7 PM SUN 20 MAY @ 6 PM £13.50/£11.50


"The phone rings. The vibrations echoing around my flat. I know who it is. I don’t need to look at it. It’s her. I let it ring".

Three people share a common thread: Ophelia. She has met them at different stages of their lives. But this isn’t a story about Ophelia. Not really. It is about them. Everyday they wake up, get out of bed and go to work. They go to class. They meet their deadlines. They have a social life and are able to laugh and show emotions. They live and present as "normal", as put together - but that’s not the whole truth. They are high functioning and the truth is they all suffer from mental illness. They have suffered for a while now. They’ll seem okay, but they’re still sick. Just beneath the surface. All you need to do is look a little closer.

This is their stories.



TUE 8 - SAT 12 MAY @ 9:00 PM SUN 13 MAY @ 8:00 PM £8.50


Explores the theme of mental health illnesses for mental heath awareness month. The show expresses how someone with a mental illness may act and feel.the main character finds herself trapped and alone but is she really alone?


Ryan Ward and Joe Molander: Natural Born Performers

MON 14 MAY @ 7 PM £5.50


Ryan Ward and Joe Molander cordially invite you to a one hour extravaganza, with Joe and Ryan performing half an hour of stand-up (each).

Ryan's is a deadpan attempt to come across as relateable that ends up about as cheery as liver failure, while Joe's is surreal, character-based and an exploration of sexuality. If you laugh, it's a bonus.

"It's the best thing I've ever seen - and I've seen two homeless people wrestle for a Big Mac!"- Janet Street-Porter.


The Wasp by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

TUE 22 MAY – SAT 26 MAY @ 6:30 PM SUN 28 MAY @ 5:30 PM  £11.50


Heather and Carla haven't seen each other since school. Their lives have taken very different paths- Carla lives a hand- to- mouth existence while Heather has a high- flying career, husband and a beautiful home. And yet, here they are in a cafe having tea and making awkward conversation. That is until Heather presents Carla with a bag containing a significant amount of cash and an unexpected proposition...


SAPHIRA "The Deadly Beauty"

THU 31 MAY @ 9 PM £11/£9


The play is about a reputable business man who, due to an accident, gets lost in Africa where he is destined to meet the love of his life, Saphira. However, she is not an ordinary girl. The Author/ Director/ Actor, Stavros Symeonidis and Otto Gumaelius (Taste of Southern Africa) collaborate to create a beautiful story with great music!

Actors: Evridiki Yakubu & Stavros Symeonidis

Musical Director: Otto Gumaelius

Written and Directed by Stavros Symeonidis