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Thursday to Saturday 9.30pm, Sunday 9pm every week


The world's longest running live comedy show!


A fast-moving mix of sketches and songs, NewsRevue propels you through the world's news and current events at breakneck pace - all-kicking, idol-burning comedy, updated every week by a crack team of writers.






Connie Wookey: Denied Under Section 221(G) of the

Immigration and Nationality Act

4 & 11 February


A compelling autobiographical tale from “naturally hilarious” (A Younger Theatre) Connie Wookey, who covers waitressing, visas, working in the US, and an overarching true story of a fateful trip to a funeral on a doomed plane.





5 February 7.30pm


Ex-Cambridge Footlight frequent collaborators Rufus McAlister and Rhiannon Shaw bring you a 2-for-1 special: a split bill of snippets from their debut hours. One-man sketch extraordinaire Rufus McAlister presents a selection from his smash hit solo-sketch debut (6/5 – The Tab) Reckless Topiary Enthusiast, a bizarre show of props, mime and strange scenes you’ll recognise from your favourite hallucinations. Character comedian Rhiannon Shaw (****- Varsity, ‘a cunning comic mind’ – Chortle) presents a preview of her solo show Empty Nest, full of endearing and deeply deeply unendearing characters that you’ll want to cosy up to/flee from.



3 Years, 1 Week and A Lemon Drizzle

Thu 7th, Fri 8th, Sat 9th, Sun 10th February 7.30pm


3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle pieces together Alexandra and Kate Donnachie's sometimes heartbreaking but often hilarious memories of growing up together and managing their close bond when older sister, Alexandra, developed a severe eating disorder.








Fri 15th, Sat 16th February


A selection of short plays about love, written by award winning playwrights from the UK and the US. Expect to laugh, expect to be entertained and expect to fall in love. More info soon...




Henna Night

Thu 21st, Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th February 7.30pm


A break-up. A message. Two women collide and an unlikely friendship emerges. A story of love, loss and rivalry. A darkly humorous look at how friendship can emerge from even the strangest of circumstances and how, if the rivalry is put to one side.






Three Menopausal Maids

2nd March 7.30pm


Flushed with success the Three Menopausal Maids are hot and guaranteed to tickle your Tena Ladies. Ever wondered what really happened in the 'happily ever after'? What's the big draw at the bingo - is it really the prize money? Getting too old for your job? How far would you go to hang on to it?





John & Beatrice

Wed 27th, Thu 28th, Fri 29th, Sat 30th, Sun 31st March 7.30pm


Beatrice waits for the right man to respond to her ad. When John appears, the games begin. A surreal tragicomedy about the difficulty of connection and the meaning of love. The original play is written by Carole Frechette in Quebecois French and was translated by American-Canadian playwright, John Murrell.








































Ed Patrick: Comedians' Surgery



Following a fantastic run at the Edinburgh Festival, comedian and junior doctor Ed Patrick opens the doors to his Comedians’ Surgery in it’s new home at the Canal Cafe Theatre. In a unique show where comedians talk about health, expect frank tales, experiences, and guests who had to book an appointment six months ago. Previous guests include Joe Lycett, James Acaster, Angela Barnes, Andy Hamilton, Katy Wix, Phil Wang, Tez Ilyas and more. Check online for upcoming guests.



It's Debatable! A Comedy Debate Show

Monthly - tba


Spend an evening with the greatest (and funniest) rhetorical minds in the UK debating all of today's most important topics, such as: Sitting v. Standing The Future v. The Past This is a Trap v. This is Not a Trap and so many more. At It's Debatable! pairs of comedians are given topics at the beginning of the show, they then have two minutes each to present their arguments, one minute each for rebuttal and then you decide who wins!


Bumper Blyton - The Improvised Adventure



The picnic hamper’s packed, so cast yourself back to the 1940s when you could delight in lashings of ginger beer, a mouth full of tongue sandwich or get your lips round a nice spotted dick! In this riotous improvised spoof of the nation's most beloved author, the all-star cast spin an entirely new adventure for grown-ups using audience suggestions and inspiration from the Blyton classics!  ‘A wonderful time...I can’t possibly decide what my favourite part was.’ -World OF Blyton


The Twilight Hour

29 - 31 July


There's a specific Hour which is unknown to man. It's an Hour as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and darkness, between reality and illusion. This is the hour of imagination. It is the time that we call The Twilight Hour. Come and watch a selection of short plays written by some award-winning playwrights from the UK and the US. Expect to laugh, expect to be surprised and expect to be entertained!














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above Bridge House Pub

Delamere Terrace,

Little Venice,

London W2 6ND


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