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Thursday to Saturday 9.30pm, Sunday 9pm every week



The world's longest running live comedy show!


A fast-moving mix of sketches and songs, NewsRevue propels you through the world's news and current events at breakneck pace - all-kicking, idol-burning comedy, updated every week by a crack team of writers.






Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremeties

Fri 12th, Sat 13th, Fri 19th, Sat 20th January


A one-man puppet theatre spectacle, Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities is a tale of resilience and adaptation that tells the story of a puppet-maker and recent widower, Geppetto, as he attempts to perform the mythical love story of Perseus and Andromeda by himself for the first time, as he scrambles to devise stories, characters, and even limbs. Geppetto was inspired by an NPR story on Hugh Herr, whose feet were amputated after a climbing accident and who now designs advanced artificial limbs.



Jesus & Lucifer: The Greatest Love Story Never Told

2 February 7.30pm


Two confused Angels, one old-school Dictator, and a slime-ball called Gabriel. Will love triumph for Jesus and Lucifer? A toe-tapping, jaw-dropping musical extravaganza - sent from the Heavens Above. Join God and the gang for a brand new take on a very old story. Produced by Snipper Nixon - a professional family company who “never fight” and whose Edinburgh Fringe shows delight the press – “one of the best and most charming new shows”, “genuinely funny”, “four-star performances”.



New Plays from International Playwrights

RESERVOIR by Eric Henry Sanders. Directed by Lydia Parker.

February 3rd

Unsettling visions and events threaten to upend Private Frank Hasek’s career and derail his relationship to Marisa. Although he seeks help from an overworked VA psychiatrist, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, particularly when he discovers that Marisa is having an affair with his Staff Sergeant.




Regular Features Live

5 February


An irreverent comedy podcast with a thrilling and half-thought-out novelty twist, Regular Features makes a solemn guarantee to its listeners never to repeat the same feature twice. Each week is a new race to creative rock bottom as four hosts who should know better regale one another with fresh stories of bathroom mishaps, act out their hastily written Doctor Who scripts, quiz one another on the subtle differences between volcanoes and sex offenders, or simply abuse deserving strangers over the internet.






New Plays from International Playwrights

SHARDS by Catherine O’Shea. Directed by Abbie Lucas.

February 17th

Laura, Katie and Matt are looking for love. We meet them on a terrifying rollercoaster of fruitless internet interactions.Shards is a play where dancers, lovers and particles are thrown at each other again and again to try and find a reaction, an explosion or just any kind of connection.


Space Doctor

22 - 24 February


Time Travel, Space Ships, Evil Aliens, Sexy Assistants, Demented Fans. It can only be SPACE DOCTOR! Britain’s favourite time traveller is BACK and he’s coming to the Canal Cafe Theatre. Be there, or be exterminated!

A riotous and playful homage to Doctor Who, set at a fan convention celebrating the fictional 1970s programme 'Space Doctor'. Think Classic Doctor Who with even wobblier sets, a panel of participants in the original programme and a full cast of fans re-enacting the first episode.



New Plays from International Playwrights

THE REMAINS by Anne Adams. Directed by Ross Howard.

March 17th

A small American town already on its knees is rocked by a massacre. As a close community asks why an even tighter group of friends are torn apart by the answer.





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above Bridge House Pub

Delamere Terrace,

Little Venice,

London W2 6ND


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