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The Devil is in the Timing

by Samantha Priestley, directed by Rachael Bellis

2nd to 6th April 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7.15pm


Danielle and Nik, keep messing up their relationship as mixed signals, fear and confusion come into play. Despite, and sometimes because of, the input from their friends and family along the way, Danielle and Nik seem doomed to forever be each other's ‘one that got away’.



321 Missing

by Third Person Theatre

Sunday 7th April at 7:30pm


Someone or something is Missing. How do those left, live in the world now? That empty park bench, a forgotten rowing boat, the unfinished painting..... all may hold a story of pain, love, revenge.... How do the survivors cope with the loss? Are their lives changed? Third Person explore the theme of |Missing via , a three-hander, a duologue, and  a monologue. See this amazing company invent a whole new play just for you on the night.



Editor's Choice of Top Pick:

Just to Sit at Her Table, Silver Hammer & Mirabilis

A trilogy of one-woman plays by Matthew Lyon

9th to 13th April 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7:00pm


Sadie, Carly and Laura are three women living on the fringes of society. Sadie is an escort, Carly is a serial killer, Laura is undergoing a spiritual awakening.

SADIE: I’m Sexy Sadie on my profile. The name came pretty easily – my dad was a Beatles obsessive. Always had their records on when I was a kid. He thought The White Album was their best piece of work. I’m kinda torn between that and Abbey Road. But I couldn’t have called myself Polythene Pam or I’d have had all the fetishists on the phone to me.

CARLY: Men can kill every day, it’s nothing to them - just business as usual. But for a woman to kill? Heaven forbid! Yet we give life. Surely there’s none more warranted to take life than she who gives it? If I can provide the womb then I can provide the tomb.

LAURA: In the moment of awakening seeing continues but without a seer, doing goes on but without a doer. All the problems that you may have had remain, but you don’t. There are no bright lights or bells or gongs in the moment of awakening, it’s simply seen that there’s no one. You’re no thing appearing as something.



by Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi, directed by Amy Collins

14th and 15th April 2019, at 7.30pm


This one-woman play is a modern retelling of the Greek classic Medea.  Maddy is 21-years-old and has the world at her feet. She is sassy, young, and beautiful. When her fiancée leaves her, however, she finds herself stranded thousands of miles away from home without anywhere to turn. As her desperation increases, she finds herself spiralling out of control.


3 Men in a Barrel

by Laurence Smither, directed by Michael Greenwood

16th to 20th April 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm


Dion, Gene, and Neil each wake up in barrels not knowing how they got there or why they are there. After many heated arguments, Neil is visited by a mysterious figure, but Gene doubts whether it’s real. Is Gene prepared to tear down the fabric of reality (and his barrel) to prove to the others that they are insane? Or will he live happily in ignorant madness?



Accidental Coconut

written & performed by Njambi McGrath

21st & 22nd April at 7:30pm


It takes pivitol moments in our lives which forces us to reexamine who we are, what we know and why. This is a journey of how circumstance, and the wider environments creates who we are and how we engage with others. History is only ever told by the victors never the victims, just as the narrative always glorifies the hunter until the lion learns how to write.



The Weak Ones

by August Strindberg, directed by Rebecca Tenor, Victor Majorin & Alicia Colak

23rd to 27th April 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7.15pm


Misencene Production Presents The Weak Ones

Come and join us on the journey of a daughters and mothers love, lost friendship, betrayal and a fathers nightmare.

Motherly Love – A daughter and her overbearing mother spend their

summerholiday in the archipelago. For the first time the daughter is making

friends, but can she face leaving her mother behind?

The Stronger - Two old friends bump into each other, one wonders what

happened to their friendship?

Facing Death – An hotelowner with three daughters to provide for on the brink of bankruptcy.




by Michael Black, directed by Matt Strachan

30th April to 11th May 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm


Lad & Lass are on the run. They're Northern, working class and in a toxic relationship. Despite having negative effects on each others mental health they're determined to stay together. Squatting in an unused bedsit on one of Hull's roughest estates, living a hand to mouth existence and surviving on a diet of roll ups, vodka and cuppa soups. As the walls start to cave in around them this unhinged couple must make some tough decisions and face up to what they have done. A gritty, fast paced, character driven dark comedy, examining the extremes people are willing to go to when desperate.




written & directed by John Dunne, presented by Irish Theatre

12th - 14th May at 7:30pm


The love affair between Kitty O'Shea and Charles Stewart Parnell - an affair which almost brought down hopes of Irish Home Rule and ultimate freedom in the 1880's.



The Platform

The Bread & Roses Theatre Company - a page to stage scratch night

16th to 18th May at 7:30pm


The Platform has been running regularly since October 2012 and has quickly established itself as an opportunity to discover, develop and explore new short plays and monologues for audiences as well as creatives. Short plays for The Platform are currently selected through our monthly Playwrights Circle. Since starting The Platform the BRTC has also gone on to produce five full scale 5 star reviewed productions. As the original project that triggered the eventual launch of The Bread & Roses Theatre it now takes place twice per year and usually sells out, so make sure to book your tickets asap!



Editor's Choice of Top Pick:

As We Unravel

by Annie Power, directed by Sassy Clyde

21st to 25th May 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7:15pm


In a rundown seaside town, after their mother dies, three sisters are forced to navigate debt, unemployment and questionable Airbnb guests in order to survive.

Jemma wants out, Callie wants everything to stay the same and Luce is trying to hold it all together.

As they face austerity, drug dealers and unexpected romance, can they shape their own future or is it out of their hands?



Tomas McCabe: The Mind Reading Experiments

Sunday 26th May at 3pm


The Mind Reading Experiments takes a look at some of the true studies that were done into the true powers of our minds years ago with astounding results, however these were never disclosed to the public. Now Tomas will recreate the experiments live on stage.



She Speaks

by Bryony Moores O’Suillivan, directed by Bryony Moores O’Sullivan and co-director/collaborator Maddison Cannon

Monday 27th May at 7:30p


‘the mothers of her life swirled up in her

The pain of generations welling ripe and red

she sees them now, with new eyes’

‘She Speaks’ is the magical realist testimonial of a young woman who has rebuilt herself.

Poetry and physical theatre meets puppetry and film in a new age form of storytelling.



Taking Liberties

written & performed by Caroline Gray, directed by Stephanie Silver

28th May to 1st June 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7:30pm


A comedy charting the life of down on her luck Amy as she tries to reconnect with her brother after years in care.

Join her as she takes us on a hilarious, vivid and sometimes brutal journey through her life.

From losing her Morrison's job for chucking sausages at a customer; to filming Baked-bean fetish videos in a paddling pool; to switching on the old “Oliver twist” to get away with a bit of childhood shop lifting.

She does her own thing and she certainly doesn’t need to rely on anyone else for help. There's never a dull moment with Amy but can she move away from past mistakes and forge a lasting relationship with her brother? Or will she fall back into old habits?



Rabbit Hole

by Lewis Wood - directed by Michael Greenwood

2nd June at 3pm & 7:30pm | 3rd June at 7:30pm


‘Rabbit Hole’ is an original play that mixes naturalistic performances with surreal production elements. In it, a teenager, Jamie, ends up lonely, his present life slipping away after taking a drug that allows people to find out their own future. The spiral that this causes, and the doubt Jamie's friends have about the legitimacy of the 'trip' poses questions about fate, autonomy and responsibility as we see a young persons’ life slip away before it's even happened.



Me and My

by Lucy Alwin and Sarah Tattersall

10th & 11th June at 7:30pm


Tired of being ignored, attention-seeking Grief takes it upon herself to be seen. A silly exploration of the annoyance of emotions.

'One of the Fringe's greatest discoveries' **** ( 'Think David Brent but female and fabulous' **** (

Funny Bird Productions is made up of actor/writers Lucy Alwin and Sarah Tattersall. We tell funny, real, female stories in a more extreme, silly way, using a free improvisation approach to ensure that the show is a little different every time you see it.



Looking Over the Fence

written by Aaron Gill & Diany Samba-Bandza, directed by Jonell Rowe

12th - 15th June at 7.30pm


Two young men, Tom and Cyrus are feeling the economic and psychological strain of living in London. Desperately needing help, Tom stumbles upon a mysterious bag which promises to assist them with their current financial woes. However, the new item causes the men to question their ethics and desires, quickly becoming a battle of principles. Seemingly heading towards some sort of conclusion, an uninvited and unwanted visitor comes knocking…



The Party

by Sam J. Stewart, directed by Michael Park

18th to 22nd June 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm


Did he do it?

What’s in it for her?

Is she being used?

YOU decide

We live in febrile times… When a senior judge is accused by a university professor of sexual assault many years before, he charges her with defamation and takes her to court, polarising society and their professions.



The Incursion: A Double Bill

by Sisu Theatre

2nd to 6th July 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7:15pm


Sisu presents The Incursion, a double bill of two new one-act plays.

In Gnawings, we meet a strange family sitting at the dinner table. How important are the things we do not say? What if we leave them unsaid, untouched, unexpressed? But remember, it’s quality family time. Just keep moving!

Bottleneck takes us to a desolate landscape where we find four people on a beach made of trash. What makes them believe that this beach is the most beautiful place they have ever been?

Power meets pride, memories become dreams and the ugly is made beautiful.



Conversations with Ed

by Meg Pickup, directed by Evangeline Osbon

16th to 20th July 2019, Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm


Ellie and Ed are inseparable, everywhere Ellie goes Ed’s always there. Ellie needs Ed, or does she? Ellie then meets Zara, and jealousy is an ugly emotion. Dependancy can be dangerous if those you depend on are not quite who they appear to be.

'Conversations with Ed’ is a play that explores the relationship with have with ourselves, obsession, dependancy, and control. Presented to you by an entirely female collective.



Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Number, Please

written & directed by Becca Chadder

Tue 23rd & Wed 24th July at 7pm



















When switchboard operator Sheila Chadwick answers a mysterious call from a dying woman, she is entrusted with a top-secret message to be delivered to the ominous Charles Briand.


Fast-forward half an hour, Sheila is chasing friends, foes, and old flames on the 14:52 to Exeter, as members of the Nuclear Justice Association attempt to arm the entire world with enough weapons to destroy it.


Can Sheila, the not-so-innocent bystander help diffuse the situation? Or will her utter lack of experience and necessary skills drag the mismatched team down?



















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