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Funny Brains presents


by Penelope Skinner - directed by Jonty Weston

5 - 8 June, 7.15


Eigengrau / noun / Intrinsic light ; the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness.

London is a city of 8 million people swarming around one another. People connecting, deceiving, loving and cheating. A mess of different voices, beliefs and doctrines all clawing to be heard. Through the clamour we meet 4. Cassie who wants to bring an end to the patriarchy, Mark who believes in the power of marketing, Rose who believes in fairies, gnomes, elves, cyclopses, leprechauns, unicorns, pixies, witches and wizards and Tim who's lost all faith in himself. In a city where Gumtree can feel like your closest friend, looking for the right person sometimes lead you all the wrong places.



Street Urchin Theatre presents

A Play About Theresa May

by Amie M Marie & Conér Swords - directed by Conér Sword

10-11 June 7.30


Theresa May, thrust into the prime ministerial deep end, stooges and fool surround  her as she ploughs onwards to Conservative Glory. Whether Theresa May triumphs (or May Not?) she will certainly keep calm and carry on (in the most British way possible)! This is A Play About Theresa May, a political clown show heavily inspired by Dario-Fo’s  Accidental Death of an Anarchist. With a focus on Theresa May, her Cabinet, and other politicians of note – their gaffs, misconducts, and views on Brexit – this is a fast-paced two-person, satirical piece. The show is fully devised, with an impressive number  of costume changes and minimal set.


No Pictures Please presents

Sweet Fanny Adams

by Matthew Lyon

11-16 June


Jack and Emily are both drunks. He is a writer, she is an actress.

No, start again. Be creative with the language – this isn’t a witness statement for the police, you’re trying to promote a show.

Jack is a writer. Who doesn’t write.

Okay, good – punchy. Keep going.

The whiskey flowed, but the ink would not.

Oh god. Now you sound like a sixth-former's poetry recital. Can’t you manage more than one good line in a row, Jack?

Jack and Emily have communication problems.

No, no, no, no, NO.


It isn’t happening, Emily! I can’t write this blurb. The show will have to go without a blurb. It’ll have to be a blurbless show.


Emily, have you been drinking my whiskey again........?

With Matthew Lyon, Meg Bennett


Skint Productions present

Once a Year on Blackpool Sands

written & directed by Karlton Parris

17 June 5pm


Skint Productions Presents a new LGBTQ comedy Drama by karlton parris  Featuring a host of the finest UK acting talent.

Set in Blackpool 1953 Not long After the Coronation, This Real-Life True Story is packed with Gritty Northern Comedy coupled with a Heart Breaking Emotional Punch. As Yorkshire Miners and secret lovers Eddy and Tommy Head to Blackpool with most of their Town for the annual Pit Close wakes holiday. However, Eddy had almost missed the bus and turned up with no suitcase covered in cuts and bruises. Now the lads have checked into the surprisingly empty Withering Heights on Sea guest House Run by the Caustic and Alarmingly Odd Gladys her rebellious and very flirty daughter Maureen and the infamous Red Ethel ex-communist stripper show girl. Up Stairs the only other guest Mr. Elbridge is trying to muster the courage to unleash any of his three female alter egos and walk the fabled Transvestite walk from north to south pier as a Woman. As Events unfold both heartbreaking and hysterically funny Six Lives will be changed forever and as Eddy reveals a shocking truth it will lead to a lifetime of activism in the fight for equality and freedom For the LGBTQ community.


SISATA presents


by John Foster - directed by Charmaine K Parkin

21 - 23 June 7.00pm (Matinee 23 June at 3pm)


A free modern re-imagining

Angel rising…

Slowly, painfully, out of the fusion of rabid light and impenetrable darkness, Angel emerges, alien and alienated, into the world.

Angel is the revolutionary procreation of pioneering female scientist Doctor Frankenstein – but in this take on the famous gothic tale ‘Frankie’ creates not the monster of convention, but a young woman, soon to be the subject of sociopolitical controversy and conspiracy.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is radically reimagined in a freeform modern interpretation to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the novel’s publication.  The new play embraces the themes of the human ideal of perfection, psychosexual identity and the politics of gender and transgenderism.

Witness the civilian response to the untamed violence of Angel, the disaffected outlander, whose elemental presence is like a force of nature.


Something Underground presents

Happy Hour

by Jonathan Brown - directed by Denise Evans

26 - 29 June 7pm


It’s more than an hour, and it’s not always happy. A dark comedy…

One man’s odyssey, to save his son and his own sanity,

from the sinister forces he’s exposed them both to.

(formerly “Licence”)“A spellbinding event” Maurice Hindle (Writer, Educator, Editor)

Bernie wants his pub to be “child friendly”, a party atmosphere, a sort of… Santa’s Grotto, with himself as Father Christmas. But he’s so busy making his dream come true, that his own ten year-old son, Teddy, doesn’t get a look in. Blind to his son’s need for love, his wife’s need for moderation and his best friend’s need for honesty, Bernie sails his prized ship, The Toby, directly and decisively, onto the rocks. Funny, full of laughter, moving, disturbing, poignant, and emotionally satisfying.

One man’s odyssey, to save his son and his own sanity, from the sinister forces he’s exposed them both to.


Ghostlight Theatre present


by Gerard Levoyer - directed by Magali Muxart

1 and 2 July, 7.30pm


Une journée au coeur d`Avignon, en juillet, pendant le Festival de théâtre. Sur cette place de l`Horloge ensoleilée, se croisent les festivaliers, les touristes, les comédiens, toute une humanité grouillante et vivante dont vous serez les spectacteurs.

Another sunny day is starting "place de l`horloge". The festival d` Avignon is in full swing and tourists, actors and spectactors are all here. During the whole day we will be the witnesses of this lively and funny festival`s roundabout.


Skitzoid Productions presents

Game Over

written & directed by Dave Bain

3 - 7 July 7pm


Game Over is black-comedy about two men who both commit suicide on the same night and have to compete via a series of game-show rounds for the right to stay dead.

It’s judgement day, but only losers will be admitted.

Steve and Max are at opposite ends of the social spectrum.  But both felt they had good reason to end their lives.


Mullaney Productions presents

Martin Lingus

by Lorraine Mullaney - directed by Su Gilroy

Sunday 8th July at 4pm and 7pm

Sunday 15th July at 4pm and 7pm

Sunday 22nd July at 4pm and 7pm


Time is running out for Martin Lingus. He needs to find a lady. A lady with a house. But his boyish charm isn’t working like it used to.

This one-man show is a dark comedy about love, inner demons and period features. Performed by Clive Marlowe


Thematic Theatre presents

Blue Tights, Red Knickers and an ’S’ on Her Vest

by Laura Shoebottom - directed by Liam Ashmead

10 - 14 July 7.30pm


Jenna is being bullied at work, and struggling to cope with her anxiety. The one person who can make her feel better is on the other side of the world and not speaking to her. One day an incident at work leads to Jenna having a breakdown in the office, and one of her colleagues is attacked.


The Roses Theatre Company presents

No Exit

by Jean-Paul Sartre - directed by James Sheppard

19 - 21 July 7.30pm


Three deceased souls. One room. One locked door. This unforgettable portrayal of hell created in 1944 by Jean-Paul Sartre is being brought back to life by The Roses Theatre Company. The theme of this play is summed up in the famous monologue: “Hell is other people”. A claustrophobic piece of theatre examining how self-loathing and other people’s perceptions have the power to destroy. Will you dare to enter the torture chamber?  


Edinburgh Fringe Preview - Talking Toolbox presents

Jeremy Nicholas: After Dinner Stories

From My Disastrous Broadcasting Career

Directed by Maddy Anholt

26 July 7pm


Sony Award-winning broadcaster, Jeremy Nicholas brings you his hilarious debut hour. Based on true-life stories from 27 years of trying not to get fired on TV and radio with the BBC. There was the time he reported on the face of Elvis in the blue veins of a cheese, or his catastrophic mistake to a global TV audience during London 2012. You’ll also get the inside track on the dreadful celebrities he’s interviewed. Jeremy has been described as ‘...a complete anchor’, but he may have misheard. Not to be missed.


Loquitur Theatre Company in Association with TALQ presents


by Serena Haywood - directed by Lou-Lou Mason

16 - 18 July 7.30pm


The end of the world needn’t be the end of the world! As the last survivors of the nuclear fallout between the USA and North Korea, join domestic expert, Lotta Quizeen, in her boutique bunker. From recipe tips for tinned goods, to dating for the audience who have a duty to repopulate the planet, no pressure, Lotta is in control. Or is she? She’s been under a lot of strain lately and perhaps being in a locked underground stronghold may not be the sanest idea...






























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