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31 July - 4 August


Returning due to popular demand! JamesArts Productions'  show 'F*ckingLifeMate'.

How does the area in which we grow up affect us? If what you see is what you know, does that mark your card from the start. "F*ckingLifeMate" follows Kirsty, a girl growing up in Thamesmead in South East London. Crime rate is high, teenage pregnancy is common and being gay is still not OK.

Kirsty and her friends maneuver their way through this way of life, whilst dealing with their troublesome families and home-lives.

Teenage pregnancy is something that will never cease. Kirsty learns this. What does it mean to be gay in an area like this? She also learns.This dark comedy is outrageous, gritty and thought-provoking, as it makes us ask questions about growing up on the estate, trapped in the welfare system.



5 - 6 August


Now in it's third edition, Time For Something New returns to The Bread and Roses Theatre with an excellent line-up of new writing.

New Dreams Theatre (NDT) take  great pride in showcasing  the very latest talent coming into the profession alongside  established artists.  

So join us on a  roller coaster ride of  laughter tears and amazing new talent.



7 - 9 August


Julie's had a bad day: She got fired because she rejected her boss' advances; she's broke and disillusioned and drinks the pain away. Roommate Alice comes home in even more of a frenzy: Her boyfriend has gone back to his wife and she turns to food to forget. Julie suggests another way to vent their man-caused frustrations: they should pick a guy, any guy ... and take advantage of him. Enter a pizza delivery man who agrees to come in and share a beer with them. This dark, farcical yet emotional play takes the evening into crazier, wilder, angrier, and very, very funny territory - and forces the audience to ask uncomfortable questions about the power struggle between the sexes.



7 - 11 August


Generations battle in a tug of war. Somewhere, a girl chooses between being a name or a number. Avatars strive towards the end of their video game. A boy struggles to get served at an off licence. Stories emerge and overlap in this energetic dark comedy exploring our identities and how we construct them, as part of a flock that feel Fleeced.

Previous audience reactions to Fleeced:

"Like an episode of Black Mirror with the added boost of recreational drugs. Energetic and interesting."

"Original. Very Funny. Loved it."

"Technology is going to eat us all one day."



12 & 13 August


Fluff is a stubborn hedonist crawling through life, living from weekend to weekend. Nothing can stand in her way - if it doesn't sparkle, it doesn't belong in her bubble. But her world is soon to be infected with a darkness beyond her wildest nightmares. An absurdist tale of twisted relationships and fateful addictions.



14 - 18 August


A two man show set in the winter of Belfast 1971 during the infamous troubles. A law has just been passed “internment” allowing the police force to arrest whoever they suspect without trial. An IRA suspect “Thomas Rafferty” has been taken in for interrogation by a young inspector “Shawn Reid” whose first assignment is to uncover the people responsible for the recent bombings in the city. Throughout this piece we see the battle between two sides during this difficult time and the lengths they will go to for justice.


Faith & Heresy

14 - 18 August


"Mum it’s like the sun-

It’s like she is the sun-

And everything is orange."

The Boy has just moved away for uni. His Girlfriend isn't very happy about it

A series of suggestions on love, long distance and happiness.

When you're up all night.

In a city that isn't home.

And everything is orange.

Faith & Heresy is a form-melding piece of theatre and film inspired by a series of poems, and driven by half illuminated faces, masked voices and longing. Part play, part personal experience - it asks why is love so disorientating, why does it affect everything we do, and why is that so familiar?



19 & 20 August

ROUTE originated from verbatim and poetry, it plays with the journey of self-acceptance and the meaning of home. Having parent's that migrated as a product of the Windrush in 1948 from Jamaica, she finds herself embarking in a mirrored experience of isolation during her time at a predominantly white middle-class university.

ROUTE, is a vibrant, uplifting and thought-provoking piece and allows plenty of room for play and interpretation. With a mix of Caribbean themes such as reggae and hard food - it brings it's audience into the world that our protagonist must face up to.



23 - 25 August


Richard sits on the throne of England, yet he is unloved. His vanity and ego threaten to divide England into a civil war.

The first of Shakespeare's Histories.

A story of power and plotting behind the scenes.

Who really rules the country?



28 August - 1 September









Debt. Debt. Debt. Debt. Debt.

Unable to escape this cycle, Emma hides the choice she has made, even when joined by friends on the night of her birthday celebration.

If you're stuck in that cycle; how desperate will your actions become?



Aequitas Theatre Company presents


by Sophocles - directed by Rachael Bellis

4 - 22 September 7.30pm


The leadership make laws to suit their pockets. Ordinary people are worse off. Antigone wishes to bury her brother but Creon, the new leader has made it illegal. What happens when this young woman protests an unjust law? Set in Thatcher's 80's in the middle of the miner's strike, Aequitas's version of Antigone looks at the universal truth that is: power corrupts.



Penny Drops Collective presents

She Arrives 

written and directed by Elliot C. Mason

16 & 17 September 7.30pm


A punchy-one woman comedy that oozes jumpy lemon juice, ‘She Arrives’ is about the millennial generation, about the impossibility of our futures, mounted by debt and thrown into the darkness of the work ideology – we are the subjects of the most extreme religion ever know, Neoliberal Capitalism, and yet we are not allowed close to the divinities – Money, Property and Privacy. This one woman is sick of it. So she decides to get revenge. However, she isn’t the only one looking for a fight…

Performed by Sadia Gordon.


An Indian Abroad

by Hari Ramakrishnan - directed by Eduardo Gama

23 - 25 September 7


Sacred places. Mythical structures with healing powers. Nando's.

Stifled by his life in middle-class India, Krishnan is desperate to see more of the world. He takes a year out from his studies to visit the island of Great Britain.

Keen to seek out the locals, he wants to learn about life through their eyes.

What does Krishnan's journey teach him about the world?

What might he learn about himself?

And what happens when he falls for one of the natives?

Music by Durga Ramakrishnan

Supported by Creative Youth Network and Rising Arts














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68 Clapham Manor Street,

London SW4 6DZ


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