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3 Course Magic presents

The Anomaly

written & directed by Martin T Hart

23 - 27 May


An astounding Telepathy Magic Show with ‘WOW-Factor’. Meet ‘The Anomaly’ – They can communicate with their minds and play around with yours. She can see with her ears and he likes taking death-defying risks. Together they take you on a journey so unforgettable, you’ll even forget to forget it.


Featuring special guest star, Pretty Boy Floyd, a criminal teddy-bear wanted for heinous crimes against humanity. Have you ever wondered who messes-up your hair while you’re asleep – or who doodles on your bank notes?




The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company presents

A Curse of Saints

written & directed by Polis Loizou

30 May - 4 June


Cyprus, the late 19th century. A boy is found dead in an olive grove. As the villagers gossip about how he came to be there in the middle of the night, and what might really have killed him, a shepherd reveals his own suspicions. Since the arrival of the British, these blue-eyed 'saviours' come to colonise his motherland, he has been having visions of crooked saints, nightmares of the evil eye. As the omens escalate, along with sightings of an Anatolian gypsy’s ghost, the shepherd knows that death is nigh.




Mad Wolf Theatre presents

The Investigation

by Peter Weiss

6 - 10 June


Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The Investigation is a dramatic re-construction of the Frankfurt war crime trials which dealt with the atrocities committed at the concentration camps of WWII such as Auschwitz. Based on actual evidence given, No manipulation of the facts and no rearrangement of events. Would you have had the courage to stand up to your oppressors? You might have to.




Stones Theatre Company presents

Radiant Vermin

by Phillip Ridley - directed by Olivia Stone

14 - 17 June


The story follows a couple in their late twenties living on a council estate who are expecting a baby and one day receive a letter. It is from the government's Dream Home scheme and they are offered a brand new perfect home, no financial catch, it's theirs - but they must renovate it themselves. Miss Dee, the estate agent, appears offering the couple guidance but is everything as it seems? What is the catch? A darkly humourous play that asks the question: just how far you would go to get on the property ladder...?


In true Stones Theatre-style, we will create a dynamic, modern piece of theatre with relevant themes and bring it to as many audiences as possible.





SISATA presents

Shakespeare's Othello

Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th June at 7pm & a Saturday matinée at 2.30pm


Dorset born SISATA present Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ in a bold, bright and brilliant explosion of a performance, giving you a feast for all your senses.  In this fast-paced telling of jealousy, love and ambition, four actors play multiple roles in this masterful debate on the human condition.


- Adapted & directed by Charmaine K Parkin





Also at the Bread and Roses:


The Roses Cabaret

The Bread & Roses Theatre's brand new regular comedic burlesque & cabaret night!  Presenting a line-up of some of London's funniest cabaret artists - not to be missed!


In-house new writing scratch night The Platform (11th to 13th June)


Two-handed, multi-rolling farcical extravaganza Going Awol (20th & 21st June), set in 1966, a tale of 2 women who accidentally on purpose murder their boss and go on a wild and wonderful adventure around Europe disposing of his limbs.


Opportunities for theatre-makers this season include our usual Playwrights Circle, and Networking Event (5th June)








68 Clapham Manor Street,

London SW4 6DZ


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Twitter: @BreadandRosesTC

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