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Book & lyrics by Lorna Wells, music by Eudora Yutong Qiao

Directed by Roman Berry

16 - 27 October


“When I was young, AM was Dumplings, PM was Fish and Chips. When I was Older, AM was plantain. PM walnut whip.”

It Tastes Like Home is a romantic comedy musical set in London exploring a love story between 1st generation Jamaican, Camilla and Yi of Chinese descent. As their tentative relationship evolves, can they balance their two worlds of family, culture and values?

Backed by a soundtrack fused with Reggae and Chinese influences, this unique and feel-good multicultural musical explores what ‘home’ looks like when you come from another place and whether two cultures can ever really be in harmony when it comes to beliefs, identity and most importantly food.


Sex Magick

by Natasha Zierhofer - directed by Sheila Mccabe

21 - 22 October 7.30pm


"Sex magick is the new black magick!"

Amelia has terrible luck with all love matters while her best friend and flatmate Jo has all men falling for her instantly. Obsessed with her childhood crush Julian, she decides to visit Luna, an unconventional spiritual healer, who helps turn her life around - with the help of some "harmless" Sex Magick.

The play has strong visual comedy, grotesque and clowning elements, as well as black magic, sexual healing, satanic and indigenous rituals and cross-dressing, as Amelia goes all out in the pursuit of love. 


Third Person presents

Nothing Happens! Twice II

Theatre of the Moment

28 October 8pm


When Waiting for Godot was first produced, a critics review of the play was “Nothing happens, twice”. Yet the play was revolutionary and has since become a classic. So a play without a strong narrative can still hold an audience, can still explore the human condition.

Third Person will make up such a play in front of the audience. Twice? We hope to move you emotionally and make you think. Yet nothing may happen at all!


The Monkey's Paw

by Adapted from the short story by W.W. Jacobs - directed by Laura Clifford

29 - 31 October


The White Family think they have lucked out when an old friend turns up with the power to grant wishes. However getting what they want has darkly sinister consequences as they come to discover the price of messing with fate. Based on the supernatural short story by W.W. Jacobs.  

Directed by Laura Clifford (The Bread and Roses Emerging Director 2017)


The Platform

A Page to Stage Scratch Night for New Writing

4th Anniversary Celebration of The Bread & Roses Theatre

1-3 November 7.30pm


The Platform has been running regularly since October 2012 and has quickly established itself as an opportunity to discover, develop and explore new short plays and monologues for audiences as well as creatives. Short plays for The Platform are currently selected through our monthly Playwrights Circle. Since starting The Platform the BRTC has also gone on to produce five full scale 5 star reviewed productions. As the original project that triggered the eventual launch of The Bread & Roses Theatre it now takes place twice per year and usually sells out, so make sure to book your tickets asap!



by Tim Dawkins & Edwin Wright with additional material from Tod Higginson

4-5 November 7.30pm


Decide A Quest takes you on a high energy comedy reworking of classic game books such as ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Find Your Fate’.

Embark upon a Quest to find the Yeti and use your deciding powers to guide your avatar, ‘You’! But decisions have unpredictable consequences! Where will 'You' find himself? The jungle, outer space, Vegas, or a portaloo round the back of a charming mountainside restaurant called ‘Yakkedy-Yak’? Who knows?

Join us on a fantastical voyage through a vast character-filled comedy cosmos; featuring Terry Gilliam-esque animated sequences and a stuffed prop box.


Purple Ostrich Productions presents

Romea and Julian

adapted from William Shakespeare - directed by Laura Kressly

6-10 November 7.30pm


Purple Ostrich Productions reimagines Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo and Juliet as a gender-swapped music-laden love-fest.

Set on an estate in South-East London, where the young people are left to their own devices and where carrying a knife is second nature we follow the tragic journey of these two lovers over the course of 90 blood pumping minutes.

Meet Romea, a love-obsessed poet who will do anything to have sex and Julian, a young man who prizes his virginity above everything else.


Memoirs of a Dater

written & directed by Samantha Sinyakena

11/12 November 7.30pm


A modern day set of memoirs about the trials and tribulations of a young woman and her dating disasters. Inspired loosely by the Vagina Monologues and Bridget Jones Diary this funny but truthful rendition of dating in the modern age is sure to have every woman reflecting on their dating history.



written and directed by Collette Wighton

13-17 November 7.00pm


In a time of worldwide turmoil, heroic stories emerged from every corner. The Air Transport Auxiliary, were courier pilots, delivering planes to wherever the were needed in order to keep the Allies winning in the air.

'Attagirls!' follows six members of the Air Transport Auxiliary as they battle not only enemy forces, but their own personal demons.

Follow Isobel, Daphne, Helena, Rosalie, Avril-May and Bunty as they discover their true instincts... Fight? Or Flight?


Corner Boys

by John MacKenna - directed by Marian Brophy

18-20 November 7.30pm


The time is 1963. The place is a small village in Ireland. For the two young women working in the local drapery shop, the visit of American President John F Kennedy to the country is all important. But for the corner boys, who spend their days on the village Square, the concerns are different – women, money, devilment and darker doings fill their empty lives. This powerful play exposes the light and dark sides of rural Irish life in the sixties – the carnivals; the sodalities; the shenanigans, the humour and the desperation. This is a play filled with laughter and tragedy – a story of life and love in another time and yet a time that’s still alive in Irish memory.


The Rose Clippings

written & directed by Ophelia Vert

22-24 November 7.30pm


When Paul learns about his brain tumour, it puts his family into chaos. Not only is it time for them to re-examine how they feel about him, but also truths that have been ignored for decades come to light. From Paul’s racism and preferring one of his daughters, to using his allotment as a form of escapism, The Rose Clippings explores grieving before and after death, poor communication and family dynamics.


Truly, Madly, Julie

by Dot Lubienska & Carol Tagg - directed by The Company

27 November - 1 December 7pm


Some people want to be bus drivers when they grow up, some people want to be astronauts; a friend of mine wanted to be a cat!  My sister wanted to be Julie Andrews, that is, Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music”. This is still her dream - she’s 58. She’s trapped in a loop between reality and fantasy.  I worry about her.

This is “The Sound of Music” deconstructed and exposed.  Love it, hate it, never seen it? Whatever, there’s something in this show for everyone.




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