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Naked Frank Theatre presents

Before It Starts by Carleigh-Ann Portelli

24 - 28 April 7.30pm


Growing up is hard and when a new girl starts school and reveals her controversial sexuality her friends have a lot to laugh about. But when the jokes turn sour and the playful banter becomes bullying the group realise they have a lot to be sorry for. Based on true events and real life stories; Naked Frank Theatre combine written accounts and verbatim text to tell a cold story about homophobia in schools in an outlandish, controversial and hilarious manner.

Before It Starts is a brutal and unforgiving take on teenage life, sex, social media and friendships.

After successful runs at the Camden Fringe and the Winter Theatre Festival, the show earned it’s five star reviews and was commended for it’s full frontal approach to controversial topics. Now the show is back on tour with a new lease of life. It’s highly physical, relentlessly challenging and there’ll be even more laughter.  



29 April 8.30pm


A fabulous night of Sketch comedy from the wonderful BIRDS, Just These Please, Pojj & Best Boys. These groups have performed in the likes of Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe & London’s Sketch Off 2018 and are the freshest comedy sketch groups on the circuit. Don’t miss a laugh at some weird and wonderful characters


Disturbing the Dust

1 - 5 May 7.30pm


Three toys, trapped in an attic, for longer than they can remember. Every day the same routine, until 'someone new' arrives. As their little community is disrupted, their attempts to escape their confinement, each other and their own fears reach a crescendo. Along the way they deal with loss, find joy, and just might learn something.

A play for everyone who's ever been a child, who has ever grown up, or wonders if they'll ever really know how to be a grown up at all.


TOP PICK Read our interview with the playwright here

The Buzz by Lydia Rynne - directed by Velenzia Spearpoint

Top 3 of The Bread & Roses Playwriting Award 2016/2017

Success turns smart people crazy. Like smack, it’ll never be enough, only leave you gurning for more.”

Kyla was once a TV personality. Now she's the dress hanging on the arm of her celebrity popstar boyfriend. When her anti-establishment squatter brother pays her a surprise visit on the night of the biggest music award ceremony of the year, she is forced to confront the life, and lie, she's been living.

The Buzz is a dark comedy exploring the seduction of fame, overnight celebrity culture and the injustices we disregard in favour of our own success. The Bread & Roses Theatre is proud to present The Buzz as the final instalment of the 2016/17 Playwriting Award.


Pass the Bucket presents

Ratchet written & directed by Mark Kavanagh

22 - 26 May 7.30pm


Jarrett and Sharkey are ready to work.  The job is imminent.  The job is on!  What the job will be is not quite clear.  

Will it be totally legal?...this is uncertain.  

Will they be on their own?...this will become clear.  

Are they the men for the job?...Well, are they?

As they wait things get progressively stranger and they begin to doubt if they are capable of work at all.  And in this business doubt can be the end you.

Pass the Buck are very happy to be back at the Bread and Roses Theatre for their fifth show 'Ratchet' a dark comedy about neurosis when it comes to work.  



















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