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Curtain’s Up Pub  

28a Comeragh Road, London W14 9HR

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Twitter: @CurtainsUpW14

FOCUS ON: Actor's Awareness New Writing Festival

6 nights and 8 Companies 17-22nd July

Each show ends with a Q & A with the writer


BOX OFFICE: 0208 832 4747

EMAIL BOOKINGS: Specify performance and number of tickets then pay in cash, when you come to the performance


Speci-man by Jayne Woodhouse, directed by Calum Robshaw

Monday 17th, 7.30pm


The setting is 1000 years in the future when most of the male species have died out. Adam, one of the few remaining males, is housed in a research institute, supervised by Morgan. She has called in the help of Gwen, a psychologist, to help diagnose Adam's strange behaviour. He appears to be regressing to male stereotypes from 2017. The play is a humorous take on gender stereotypes and is played for laughs, whilst stressing serious contemporary issues.



‘C’est La Vie’ by Stephanie Silver, Directed by Emelia Marshall Lovsey

Tuesday 18th, 7.30pm  


Premiered in Australia March 2017 to 4 Star reviews.. . 4-Stars ‘Silver’s written is clever and keany observed’ Samara Dunston ‘C’est La Vie applies a blow torch to human bonding’ The Blurb. The play deals with 3 couples struggling under a privitised healthcare to keep their relationships going. Set post Tory re-election 6 people struggle to keep their heads above water. In a damaged fast paced society, how does modern love survive?



‘Worsooz’ by Catherine Kay, Directed by Kevin Russell  

Wednesday 19th, 7.30pm    


Worsooz meets her estranged father Nick, her mother Alberta is immersed in a secret relationship with girlfriend Anne and building their plan to rid the world of domestic violence. Isolated and disgusted by her mother’s relationship, Worsooz is lured into criminality by her father Nick and immerses herself into a secret world where only men can belong. Set in the late 1980’s Worsooz is a semi-autobiographical story of how far one girl will go for the love of her father. Shortlisted PapoTango Playwrights 2016



‘Come Die with Me’ by Vicki Connerty, Directed by Shian Denovan

Thursday 20th, 7.30pm


‘I had tighter cheekbones after I laughed my way through Vicki Connerty’s black comedy’ British Theatre. Upstairs, a man is dying. Downstairs, his family attempt to navigate their way through the entirely unfamiliar and oft-absurd waters of grief with varied levels of success. A darkly comic tale of love, loss and laughter.



‘Walk of Shame’ by Stephanie Silver and Emelia Marshall Lovsey and Directed by Emelia Marshall Lovsey

Friday 21st 7.30pm


Meet Liam for him it’s a night of glory

Meet Alice for her it’s a Walk of Shame

Meet two people whose lives intertwine in a night of Double Vodka shots that changes their lives forever. ‘Hard hitting’ ‘‘The dialogue is courageous and does not shy away from cold detail’  British Theatre



‘Submission’ by Shafeeq Shajahan, Produced by Liver and Lung Productions

Friday 21st 9pm


Sameer, a young British Pakistani, struggles to reconcile his sexual desires with his Islamic roots and values. On the day of his 23rd birthday, Sameer hosts an unprecedented after-party with four friends. A series of unwelcome events unfold, triggering an unhinged response in Sameer. Not only does he begin to question his faith, he also begins to acknowledge the cruel realities that queer people of colour face. Torn between his allegiance to Mecca and his desire for temporal modernity, Sameer recites spoken word come Quranic compositions, forcing us to contemplate the importance of integrating age-old philosophy with new-wave ideology.



‘2022’ Written and Directed by Colleen Pendergast

Saturday 22nd, 730pm  


Christmas Eve. An immigration detention centre. Five years in the future. Post Brexit Britain has lurched sharply to the right. In the wake of the break with Europe, Scotland has seceded from the Union. A hard border now exists between England and Scotland, and after global instability and a huge economic crash, it has been made illegal to be Muslim in Britain.



‘The Staffroom’ Written and Directed by Michelle Payne

Saturday 22nd, 9pm


5- Stars London Theatre Pubs ‘Could easily be a TV sitcom’


They’re teaching our children, but are they teaching the right things?


Three young teachers navigate their way through adulthood and educating. A peek inside a state school staff room. With fad diets, Instagram abs and the government imposing a sugar tax, do the educators even know what is good for us? A Geography, History and PE teacher form an unlikely friendship within the dynamics and the solace of the staff room, bonding over all that matters; biscuits and banter.




Actor Awareness is a campaign dedicated to helping creatives who don't have the opportunity to reach platforms that people from financially secure backgrounds do. We aim to help the untrained or struggling artist who keeps hitting the class ceiling. One of our biggest and most successful initiatives is the new writing nights we hold sponsored by casting giants Spotlight. Through these nights we have met and sourced some amazing talent. Last year we gave 4 scratch shows a opportunity and deadline to turn their 15 minute play into a 1 hour show. We then gave them the chance to showcase it at a London theatre. Out of those shows we had three professionally produced plays. ‘A Staffroom’ one of the most successful heads to Queens Hornchurch and Edinburgh Fringe this year and ‘C’est La Vie’ which premiered in Australia! and had a short 3 night run at TheatreN16.


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