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Presented by Gigglemug Theatre

King’s Head Theatre until  9th March 2019


‘Grab a beer, take some friends and prepare to laugh until you ache.’




Timpson’s is one of those gloriously eccentric quirks of the British high street. Where else can you get a key cut, your shoes re-heeled and a football trophy engraved? So it’s only right that a new theatre company have created a whole musical dedicated to the marvel that is Timpson. I somehow suspect that in the past there weren’t two warring families- the Montashoes and the Keypulets slugging it out at the annual Invention Convention but joyously, the writers found that Timpson’s did actually start in Victorian London and we’re welcomed to the show by the original Mr Timpson in the guise of a talking portrait.

Timpson The Musical was an Edinburgh Fringe hit in 2018 and Gigglemug recreates that festival atmosphere in the King’s Head. Showing at 9.15pm means that the audience are suitably lubricated and happy to join in with the pantomime atmosphere.

The young cast is energetic, funny and very, very talented. On the tiny stage they sing, dance and gurn for their lives and in the case of Alex Prescot and Sam Cochrane, switch characters at breakneck speed. The star-crossed lovers-Madeleine Gray as Montashoe heir Monty and sassy Kepulet Keeleigh played by Sabrina Messer- are particularly good.

The story, despite being bonkers, is well-crafted, the music fresh and smart and the production well-designed. It’s occasionally rough around the edges but this is an hour of sheer fun and entertainment and in these gloomy political days this could be just the medicine we need. Grab a beer, take some friends and prepare to laugh until you ache.


TIMPSON THE MUSICAL written by Sam Cochrane and Chris Baker, lyrics by Tom Slade and Theo Caplan

Directed by Sam Cochrane and Chris Baker

Presented by Gigglemug Theatre


King’s Head Theatre, 18 February - 9th March 2019


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Siân Rowland is a playwright and comedy writer represented by Kitson Press.

timpson 2 stars 4