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         PUB THEATRE QUIZ 2018





True or False?


1. In 2017, Bread and Roses Theatre won the 50/50 Applause award along with The Royal Court.  The only two British theatres to achieve gender parity with 50% female playwrights throughout the year.


2.Which one is false?

a.The Hen and Chickens producers are Unrestricted View

b.The Rosemary Branch producers are Unattended Items

c.The Gatehouse producers are Orion Theatre


3.Katzpace is the youngest pub theatre having opened October 2017 and is strictly speaking an Austrian Heuriger tavern rather than a pub.


4.The Finborough is celebrating the 100th anniversary year of the theatre building.


5.Which one is true?  The oldest pub theatre is:


a.25 years old

b.35 years old

c.50 years old


6.The pub sign outside Old Red Lion Theatre depicts a boxer.


7.First performed at King’s Head Theatre, Turandot, has been Olivier Award nominated for best new opera.


8. Etcetera theatre recently hosted two new festivals: The Voila Europe Festival showcasing plays from around Europe, and the Lovecraft Festival inspired by the horror fiction writing of H P Lovecraft.


9.The Hens and Chickens Theatre is a trailblazer for indie films.


10. Only three pub theatres have female artistic directors.


11. White Bear Theatre often work with experienced theatre makers in their 60s, 70s + who are finding creativity later in life.


12. Al Murray, Dara O Briain and Russell Howard have all appeared at The Tabard in Chiswick






Bread and Roses theatre have won 50/50 Applause award three years running.


2.C is FALSE

The Gatehouse in-house producers are Ovation. Their last production, the musical Top Hat, won much critical acclaim including the prestigious Off West End Award for best choreographer.



Katzpace is housed in Katzenjammers, the London Bridge (Bavarian) bierkeller. It has a stunning modernist take on a traditional bierkeller



It isn't 100 years, its actually 150 years!

It is 150 years since the snuggeries (drinking rooms) were built in 1868 architect designed by the Godwins.  The rooms were carefully designed with three doors intended to keep the classes separate.  Times are not what they used to be, these days there are no such divisions.  London Pub Theatres reviewers sit cheek to cheek with Michael Billington of the Guardian.


5.C is TRUE

Fifty years ago In 1968 Léonie Scott-Matthews founded Pentameters in Hampstead.  The Freemasons Arms had a function room which they thought would be suitable for her needs but Léonie preferred the old Skittle Alley in the basement. In time, the Freemasons Arms became unsuitable and so Pentameters was temporarily moved to the Haverstock Arms in Belsize Park, before moving to its permanent home above the Horseshoe in Hampstead in 1971.  



A boxer dog!  It’s a portrait of the pub’s much-loved dog, Rolo, who passed away in 2011 aged nearly 10 (x7).  She spent her last night at a fabulous pet hospital in Cambridgeshire where she was looked after incredibly well. The nurses nicknamed her “Elvis” because of her famous curled lip and toothy smile! She was such a loyal and loving dog to everyone and the Old Red Lion was her home until she retired to her family home in the Essex countryside where she saw more rabbits than people.



It is the opera La bohème that has been Olivier Award nominated for best new opera, the UK's most prestigous stage honours. Following its debut at King's Head Theatre (2016) La bohème transferred to Trafalgar Studios in the West End (Dec 2017-January 2018).



Look out for the Voila Festival in November and the Lovecraft Festival in February.  They also host Camden Fringe Festival shows in July and August.  



The Unrestricted View Film Festival is back for its 3rd year, 23rd – 29th April.  The festival is run by filmmakers and aims to celebrate the very best in indie and encourage all aspects of independent film making.  It also hosts a Horror Film Festival in October/November.



We are very fortunate to have excellent Artistic Directors including 12 women (listed below).

Katy Danbury - Old Red Lion Theatre

Felicity Wren (Joint AD) - Hen & Chickens Theatre

Audrey Thayer – Drayton Arms

Maud Madlyn – Etcetera

Valenzia Spearpoint – Bread and Roses

Lisa Spirling - Theatre 503

Emma Taylor – Canal Café Theatre

Kate Bannister – Brockley Jack Theatre

Bebe Barry – Katzpace Studio Theatre

Léonie Scott-Matthews – Pentameters

Genevieve Taricco and Scarlett Plouviez Comnas – The Rosemary Branch


11. TRUE

A part of their programming is always set aside for experienced theatre makers; people in their 50s, 60s, 70s + who are finding creativity later in life - writers becoming actors, actors becoming directors.   They say, it happens organically because they’re already in the business.


12. TRUE

They all try out new material at The Tabard, sometimes with surprising results.  Al Murray once had to calm down a heated argument that was going on in the front row between punters. Russell Howard video phoned someone on a customer’s phone and selfied the Tabard live on stage. Dara O Briain doing a late-night gig (10pm start time) was having such a great time it didn't finish till midnight and someone dozed off it was so late.



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