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THE UNSEEN HOUR by James Carney

The Rosemary Branch Theatre

8pm on the first Wednesday of every month

Presented by the Unattended Company


‘a fun-packed, fast-paced, energy-fuelled show’




Recorded in front of a live audience at The Rosemary Branch Theatre ‘The Unseen Hour’ is a wildly inventive and enjoyable comedy-horror podcast. Performed in the vein of old time radio melodrama, each episode is packed with absurd and eerie situations, a versatile cast, plenty of jokes, a monologue segment and a musical guest spot. It makes for a fun-packed, fast-paced, energy-fuelled show that provides a platform for emerging writers and musical talent.


Two episodes were recorded consecutively, running at half an hour each. The first episode was ‘There’s Something Over The Rainbow’, a parody of The Wizard of Oz which comically raised themes of social injustice and the need to belong. The featured monologue, penned by a guest writer, was a curious tale of a homicidal unicorn outraged by a group of friends for dissing the latest Katy Perry song. There was also an impressive musical interlude by Rookes, a female singer/songwriter. A mixed bag but the eclectic nature of the show adds to its charm.


The second episode was ‘The Dark Hearth’, a parody of the cult classic horror film ‘The Shinning’. A family move into their new, isolated home which is haunted by bloodthirsty ghosts who encourage them to turn on each other with brutal results. In both episodes, the writing was witty and made poignant observations about modern day life.


The live show of ‘The Unseen Hour’ works on two levels - hearing the play the actors are performing and glimpsing their behind-the-scenes antics. Seeing how the sound effects are created (by the actors themselves) – such as the vehement slicing of a cabbage when one of the characters embarks on dismembering his family – is both frenzied and hilarious. Or when things go wrong and the actors have to improvise; showing their adaptability and taking the audience on a highly amusing detour. The actors, Joey Timmins, Brice Stratford and James Carney had a natural chemistry that shone through. The off-the-cuff moments were a delight and demonstrated the genuine joy they have working together.


The podcasts are available on iTunes and YouTube but I highly recommend catching the live show if you can (which is performed on the first Wednesday of every month). ‘The Unseen Hour’ is utterly entertaining, full of wonderfully off-beat characters and leaves you with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.


Box office: or email to reserve tickets & pay on the door.


Annie Power is an award-winning writer, director and FCP Editor.


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