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THE NIGHT ALIVE by Conor McPherson

Jack Studio Theatre until 9th June 2018

‘filled with pathos and humour’




First Knight Theatre have brought to life a blistering version of Conor McPherson’s intense and touching play.


Tommy is a wheeler-dealer moocher who rents a room in his Uncle Maurice’s house and scrapes a living doing odd-jobs with his trusty friend Doc, who is a little slow on the uptake. Estranged from his wife and two teenage kids, Tommy leads a constricted existence until, in a burst of violence, Aimee enters his life with her own set of troubles and shady past. Can the two find hope in a harsh world and forge a future together?



The set is designed masterfully as a gritty, junk-filled hovel, immediately immersing us in Tommy’s world.



The entire cast turn in remarkable performances but the lead actors are standout. Eoin Lynch plays the confused vulnerability of Doc brilliantly in a candid and moving performance. David Cox as Tommy is commanding and enigmatic, while Bethan Boxall portrayed Aimee as guardedly wounded. Though Aimee is often silently resilient, there’s a compelling subtext of emotion bubbling under the surface in Boxall’s subtle performance.



Stark, violent and unflinching, Conor McPherson’s writing is filled with pathos and humour. ‘The Night Alive’ explores the human condition, loneliness, broken relationships, tentative relationships, dependency and how we cope when forced into a situation not of our own making. Though savage in parts it’s a tender drama as we watch the characters drawn to one another through need, loneliness, fear and the urge to connect with another human being.



Photography by Robert Piwko.



THE NIGHT ALIVE by Conor McPherson

Directed by Dan Armour

Presented by First Knight Theatre

Jack Studio Theatre     22nd May – 9th June 2018


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Annie Power is a director, editor and award-winning writer.


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