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            REVIEWS 2018




TRAINSPOTTING LIVE based on the novel by Irvine Welsh

The Vaults, Waterloo, 27 March -3 June 2018


‘It’s at the audience’s throat, often literally, the moment they enter the performance space …’

It is frightening to think that it’s over twenty years since Irvine Welsh’s classic novel TRAINSPOTTING was first adapted for the stage. I first saw Trainspotting in the late 1990s. For me, seeing the astonishing original touring production in a tiny, long since closed, Southampton venue, was a life changing experience. Read More



Landor Space, SW9 9PH, 7 – 22 April 2018


“a production worth seeing for those who enjoy theatre delivered in a non

The White Plague places its audience in a world where humans are, one by one, losing their sight. These people are quarantined and see nothing but white. During the production, this is represented by the white eye masks each audience member wears for most of the show. Read More


CREAM TEA AND INCEST by Benjamin Alborough

Hope Theatre, 207 Upper Street, Islington    To 28 April


‘the only true test of a comedy is that it makes you laugh out loud, and Cream Tea passes that one easily’  

Cream Tea and Incest is an amiable, inventive gambol through the tropes and clichés of the type of English fiction where dim young lords and their smarter servants outwit dastardly types and win ... Read More


SEX/CRIME by Alexis Gregory

The Glory, LDN E2, 9 – 28 April 2018


'… has touches of brilliance – being taught to ‘feel emotion’ is the worst pleasuring agony of all'  

... we are in a dungeon, a dungeon covered with plastic sheeting, surely signalling that a murder is about to happen.  The cast are just named ‘A’ and ‘B’.  ‘B’ is paying for the pleasure of being murdered by ‘A’ in a business transaction.   Here the script (written by actor Alexis Gregory) has touches of brilliance. Read More 


HAPPY WARRIORS by James Hugh Macdonald

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village 28 March – 22 April 2018


‘robustly witty and sharply cruel … ‘  

Based on a true story, the play features an imagined re-construction of the witty repartee between Winston Churchill’s son Randolph and eminent writer Evelyn Waugh during their time billeted together ... Read More


BRITANNICUS by Jean Racine

Pentameters Theatre 4 – 22 April 2018

‘… a fascinating psychological drama as much as tragedy’

Britannicus by the French dramatist Jean Racine was first performed in 1669.  It is Racine’s first play in which he depicts Roman history.   Translated by Samuel Solomon, it captures Racine’s dramatic use of language, profound psychological insight and tragic vision. Read More



Etcetera Theatre 10 – 21 April 2018

‘… dystopian tale that delivers a nice piece of poetic justice’    

There has been a surge of interest in Artificial Intelligence in the media and the arts.  Most question whether a machine could ever have consciousness, or feel emotion. Read More


VICTIM by Martin Murphy

Kings Head Theatre 31st March – 21st April 2018


‘Beresford’s performance is an absolute wonder’

Martin Murphy’s play Victim looks at the complicated and fragile relationship between a prison guard (Tracey) and an inmate (Siobhan), both played by the superb Louise Beresford ... Read More


PLASTIC by Kenneth Emson

Old Red Lion Theatre 3 - 21st April 2018


‘Some will escape the small town and some are destined to repeat their lives over and over in this intense new play.’

As an adult it’s all too easy to forget the intensity of the teenage years: the yearning, the desperation to fit in and the feeling of constantly being on the edge of a precipice. It’s also easy to forget that almost all of us carry a small remnant of our ... Read More


THE MIKADO, Gilbert and Sullivan

King’s Head Theatre 22nd March – 21 April 2018


“Do not miss this high-octane show”

Charles Court Opera’s website employs the strapline ‘Masters of Gilbert and Sullivan in small spaces’, and it’s 100% right! The company’s current production at the King’s Head Theatre, Islington is absolutely awesome. If you’re used to watching performances in ... Read More


WHITE GUY ON THE BUS by Bruce Graham

Directed by Jelena Budimir

Finborough Theatre 27 March - 21 April 2018


‘a provocative look at race and class [that makes for] a challenging watch’

Bruce Graham’s White Guy on the Bus receives its European Premiere at the Finborough Theatre in a tremendously convincing performance directed by Jelena Budimir. As timely as ever, this provocative look at race and class ...Read More


DEATH OF A HUNTER by Rolf Hochhuth

Finborough Theatre 1 -17 April 2018


‘Dehn … draws you into Hemingway’s world with tremendous ease’  

In the mid ‘90s I did a bit on a film with Peter Ustinov the legendary actor, writer and director. We spent some time in Rome. I remember sitting on the Spanish Steps, with cups of strong Italian coffee and the scent of Bougainvillea ...Read more


THINGS THAT DO NOT C(O)UNT Written and performed by Nastazja Somers

The Kings Head Theatre 8th & 9th April


‘Somers really has a flare for creating atmospheres to immerse us in’  

With a good show you can often understand almost exactly everything about it from the first two minutes of the action. This is certainly true of Nastazja Somers’ ‘Things That Do Not C(o)unt’. Opening with Somers in a floor length red evening gown slowly tearing apart a large juicy orange and eating it ... Read More



Written and performed by Charlotte Fox

The Rosemary Branch Theatre 30th & 31st March 2018


‘a phenomenal show that all actors should go and see’  

Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Often taken to symbolize introspection, the eternal return or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. It also represents the infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life ... Read More



White Bear Theatre, SE11, March 20th – 31st  


‘…a strongly crafted observation of the pressures we encounter with love and marriage in modern Britain’  

Dave [Adam Bone] and Joanna [Bonnie Adair] were a married couple in Sheffield, whose relationship broke down under the pressures of expectation: expectations to have children, pay off the mortgage, pay off ... Read More



Finborough Theatre, 27 February – 24 March 2018


‘a play with a strong emotional punch at its heart, but a production that never quite reaches it.’  

Returning to Haifa tells the story of Said and Safiyya, a Palestinian couple during the 1948 Nakba – a mass dispossession of Palestinians when Jewish forces took control of the state. After twenty years, the borders to their hometown of Haifa are opened up for the first time ... Read More



Finborough Theatre, SW10, 4th to 20th March 2018


'It’s a big subject, and the play isn’t quite big enough to tackle it …nevertheless, a well-directed 70 minutes with a central performance worth the entrance price alone’

Bev is a once-famous poet, her best work long behind her, struggling with loneliness, grief at the impending death of her father, and ... Read More 


BALLISTIC by Alex Packer

King’s Head Theatre until 17 March 2018


‘Food for thought in a timely and urgent play.’

As the recent Florida school shooting continues to be headline news around the world, the debate never really extends to examining the reasons why these young men commit these horrific crimes. Perhaps it’s less confronting to talk about arming teachers rather than looking at how ... Read More


STUFFED by Lucy Joy Russell & Hilly McFarlane

Brockley Jack Theatre until March 17th 2018

‘speaks to the painful reality of going through IVF’

A comedy about IVF might not sound like a barrel of laughs, but the team behind Stuffed manage to find moments of lightness among the challenges that Kim (Faye Maughan) and partner Jack (Ben Scheck) face as they go through several cycles of IVF. Read More



The Hen and Chickens Theatre 6th – 17th March


‘an hour of unbridled anarchy’  

Much to my surprise and shame I had never heard of Dario Fo before watching Abducting Diana. Winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize of Literature, Fo was widely considered to be the most performed contemporary playwright of the theatre world. Brazenly political, his works ... Read More


Top Pick LPT magazine, Read our interview with playwright Robin Hooper here

FOUL PAGES by Robin Hooper

Directed by Matthew Parker

The Hope Theatre, Islington, until 17 March 2018


‘a highly entertaining success for the Hope theatre’

In its sixth in-house production, the Hope Theatre presents the world premiere of Robin Hooper’s ‘Foul Pages,’ a comedic and beguiling look at the backstage squabbles and sexual politics preceding a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’. ... Read More


SUPERMAN & ME AND A FESTIVAL OF OTHER LOVES IN CRISIS presented by Little Pieces of Gold & Canal Café Theatre

Canal Café Theatre 12th – 14th March


‘The evening showcased powerful, female-led stories and writing, covering everything from race, to power, to infidelity and love’

First up was Suzette Coons Superman & Me, a visceral and comedic look at marriage troubles in mid-life. Led by a stellar pairing of ... Read More



Created, devised and presented by Tremolo Theatre

King’s Head Theatre, Islington 11 & 12 March 2018 and on tour


‘thoroughly enjoyable, highly energetic short show’  

Then Again is a thoroughly enjoyable, highly energetic short show from a Bristol-based company currently on tour outside London. Millie (Hanora Kamen) is a geeky science student who, rather than ... Read More



Written and Directed by Christopher Walthorne

The Etcetera Theatre 6th – 11th March 2018


‘full of humour, zinging dialogue, and surprises’

Honest Lies like its title is a paradoxical play. Both a piece of a theatre and a piece of theatre analysis; it’s full of humour, zinging dialogue, and surprises. Read More


THE LADY WITH A DOG Adapted from a story by Anton Chekhov

Written and directed by Mark Giesser

White Bear Pub Theatre, Kennington, 20 February – 10 March 2018


“Care for a Jelly baby?”  

Chekhov’s original story was published in 1899. It describes an illicit affair between Dimitri Gurov and Anna Von Diderits. Their affair begins while both are vacationing –singly- in the Crimean sea resort of Yalta.  Giesser has moved the action to ... Read More



Landor Space, SW9 7-9 March


‘…a funny and thoroughly contemporary production that all millennials will relate to…’

Upon entering the Landor Space we are greeted with a simple yet striking image: a lone woman sat at a drum kit. She carefully prepares both herself and the kit: making little tweaks to the instruments while seemingly running through an intense mental monologue. Read More



Presented by Wolab

The Kings Head Theatre 4 – 5 March 2018


‘Wolab has struck upon a winning formula for a scratch night’

‘Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought’ or so said American Lyricist Yip Harburg. So, Playlist, a night curated by theatre company Wolab, seems to be attempting to find ... Read More



Vault Festival 2018 28th February – 5th March


‘a fiercely modern bildungsroman’  

Glitter Punch has been doing the rounds; it’s been on in multiple venues to 4 and 5 star reviews and had changes of cast too. I was interested to see what it was about this play that has been proving so popular ... Read more


Top Pick LPTmagazne, read our interview with producer Stuart Clarke here

FIND YOUR WAY HOME by John Hopkins

Etcetera Theatre 13 February – 4 March 2018


‘unafraid to tackle the troubled and troubling side of human nature’

Having never heard of him or his work before I have now seen two John Hopkins plays in London in as many months. First, there was ‘This Story of Yours’ at the white bear at the beginning of the year and now, a revival of his 1970 play Find Your Way Home. He seems to be rather in vogue at the moment and it’s not hard to understand why ...Read Here


Words, Words, Words Written and performed by Lowri Amies

Vault Festival 2018 28th February – 4th March


‘brilliantly captures the frustration and injustice of losing your loved ones’  

Lowri Amies manages to talk to her audience for just under an hour, despite stating categorically that she simply has not got the words, she cannot find the words. Like many people, in times when words fail us she turns to Shakespeare for help, ... Read More


Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST

The Brockley Jack Theatre 13 February – 3 March 2018

‘an enchanting and immersive quality’  

The Tempest, believed to be written in 1610-11, is said to be one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragicomedies; a play that examines life, death, the soul, and even the theatrical tradition itself. Controlled Chaos presents a streamlined, all-female production and ...Read More


Top pick LPT magazine, read our interview with Director Dave Spencer here


Omnibus Theatre 6 – 25 February 2018


‘It was a joy to watch a genuine relationship grow on stage’

The Soul of Wittgenstein, based in 1941, explores the relationship between John Smith, an illiterate cockney, and philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein ... Read More



Pentameters Theatre, NW3 16th-25th February


‘… the play raises a fascinating moral dilemma’

When placed in the situation of having to choose between your livelihood and the lives of others, which do you choose? In theory, the choice seems obvious. But in the case of Boat People, the choice between right and ... Read More


HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR by Lizzie Freeborn

London Theatre Workshop, Leadenhall Market, 30 Jan - 24 Feb 2018


‘a thoroughly enjoyable show’  

JFK, Jackie and Marilyn are one of the 20th century’s most famous love triangles, and their variously glamorous and tragic stories among those most often told. Lizzie Freeborn seeks a newish angle though, ... Read More


Top pick LPT magazine, read our interview with Henry Darke here 

BOOBY’S BAY by Henry Darke

Finborough Theatre, 30 January – 24 February 2018


'Lovely on the ear, a play with breadth and depth'  

Booby’s Bay is about the displacement of the Cornish people due to excessive tourism.  Billed as a play about the housing crisis, it quickly turns into a play about language and ... Read More


Top pick LPT magazine, read our interview with Tom Stuchfield here


Presented by Cavalry Theatre

King’s Head Theatre 9 to 24 February 2018


‘The material is great … But the manner of the telling doesn’t do it justice.’  

Among the many maxims of screenwriting guru William Goldman is that a bad story well told will usually be better than a good story badly told. Somewhere a Gunner Fires isn’t badly told, just not told ... Read More


SHAKESPEARE’S MARGARET THATCHER Written/Directed by Ciaran Barata-Hynes

The Drayton Arms Theatre 20th – 24th February 2018


‘brimming over with wit, ego, and intellect’  

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t excited to see a dinner party hosted by William Shakespeare, with a guest list boasting the likes of Dorothy Parker, Aphra Behn, Socrates, Charlie Chaplain and others. It’s the most fashionable bi-monthly salon of the afterlife, and Will is presenting ... Read More


CLOSE by Kit Brookman

Landor Space, SW9, 7-22 February 2018


‘a thrilling story told by a highly engaging cast.’  

There’s something about contemporary Australian playwrights. They seem to have this innate ability to capture modern mannerisms and ways of speaking which we’re all aware of, but don’t necessary acknowledge. ... Read More



Finborough Theatre 4 - 20 February


‘A fluffy, jolly romp’  

The Finborough pub is 150 years old and this play is part of the celebrations.  The Finborough and Marooned Theatre have unearthed a little-known Victorian romp from prolific playwright H. J. Byron. As the programme notes explain, Byron was rather a fascinating character ... Read More



Old Red Lion Theatre 18-19 February 2018

‘[He told me] I had a problem… or I was one’

Transporting the audience back to the mid-1980s with a nostalgic soundtrack ranging from the likes of Prefab Sprout and Boy George, Ben SantaMaria’s monologue tells the story of a teenage boy growing up in Devon, and struggling to both accept himself, and be accepted, as his sexuality ... Read More


THE UNGRATEFUL BIPED written and performed by Philip Goodhew

Directed by Rupert Graves

White Bear Theatre, SE11, 30th January - 17th February 2018


‘Brave and uncompromising’

Ladies and gentle-germs, may I present the underground man also known as the Ungrateful Biped, perhaps the most cheerfully misanthropic character to cross your path in a long time (and that’s saying something). Created by Dostoyevsky in the 1860s and brought bang up to date ... Read More



The Hope Theatre, N1, 30 January to 17 February 2018


‘funny, moving exploration of the way that the people who love each other most can drive each other up the wall’  

Writer-actor-producer Julia Cranney brings a double bill of plays to the Hope this month for a slow-burning evening with a finish worth waiting for.  Read More


THE JUNGLE BOOK based on Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories

Tabard Theatre 14 -17 February 2018


‘…an engaging piece of theatre that captivates the young audience and has plenty to amuse the adults’  

It is a tale that has been adapted many times, perhaps most famously by Disney, and Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories continue to fascinate children. Jellyfish Theatre Company have gone back to the original texts and constructed this charming hour long version ... Read More 



Written and Performed by Sam Clayton

Kings Head Theatre 14-15 Jan/ Bread and Roses Theatre 13-17 Feb 2018


‘intensely rich and well researched’

Statement (verb); officially assess (a child) as having special educational needs. Sam Clayton’s one man show explores the process of educating a statemented child from a variety of angles: teachers, parents, doctors, SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator), and the children themselves ... Read More


GOLD COAST by Louise Gooding

Theatre 503, SW11, 13 - 17 February 2018


‘Ambitious play about PTSD that lacks a touch of finesse’  

Even in 2018 the discussion round the impact of mental health issues is tentative and it’s easy to forget that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) wasn’t really part of this conversation, especially when ... Read More



The Hen and Chickens Theatre, N1, 11-14 February


‘…a dynamic, engaging collection of stories that make the audience question their feelings about Valentine’s Day’  

In this collection of monologues, Monorogue take an interesting spin on the perpetual annoyance/delight that is Valentine’s Day. We enter the office of a ‘love doctor’ the day after Valentine’s, where a number of ... Read More


Triptych of Comic Operas

King’s Head Theatre 11 and 12 February 2018


“Modern operas with an irrational twist”  

Irrational Theatre's Triptych of Comic Operas is just that - a trio of satirical and certainly irrational pieces linked by the relationships of three characters in each opera, and the same three singers who portrayed them. ...Read More


DROLL: THE MUMMERS Devised and Presented by The Owle Schreame

The Pit (Vaults Festival) 8 – 11 February 2018


‘it’s impossible not to be swept up by the lusty immersive experience’  

Mummers Plays (no, I hadn’t heard of them either): folk tales performed by amateur actors, dating back to the 13th Century, passed down in a purely oral tradition for hundreds of years. The foundation of each comic tale involves two people who fight, one dies, ... Read More 


ASSMONKEY: In Conversation

Written and Performed by Sophia Del Pizzo

Network Theatre (Vaults Festival) 7th – 11th February


‘ unique and daring approach to discussing mental health on stage’

Assmonkey: the eponymous personification of performer Sophia Del Pizzo’s anxiety; this show introduces us to Assmonkey and also the various (ill-advised, but common) tactics for self-medication of said Assmonkey. Del Pizzo’s brave,charming, and ... Read More



The Etcetera Theatre 10 February 2018


“…Lovecraft's velvety prose provides a firm foundation for this fantastically surreal and ludicrous stage adaptation.”  

It may seem strange to talk of high production values when the set of the show in question consists of literally nothing more than a couple of airing rails, ragged clothing hastily ... Read More


LITTLE DID I KNOW by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Bread and Roses Theatre, Clapham, 6-10 Feb 2018


‘A strong and touching play that tells us more about the refugee crisis than any news item’

This play is in the top three of the Bread & Roses playwriting award. It’s not hard to see why. It tells the story of Aneesha, (the wonderful Natali Servat) a refugee escaping the civil war in Syria and making it ... Read More 



The Drayton Arms Theatre 6 - 10 February 2018


“…despite some saggy moments this tangled tale is a barrel of laughs.”  

There is a classic charm to this debut production from new company Allez Hop, with its roots in French farce, which manages to also feel quintessentially British.

Perhaps this is because it conjures up comfortable memories of... Read More



Etcetera Theatre 31 – 4 February


‘a clearly committed ensemble who have done well to develop their physical language.’

On Monday Last Week is not an unfamiliar tale. An immigrant comes to a new land, bright-eyed and full of hope for what their adopted home will offer them. Inevitably though, they learn that ... Read More 



Jack Studio Theatre, SE4, 16 January-3 February 2018


‘An important and apt revival for these troubling times.’  

How theatre continues to react to the momentous events of 2016 is intriguing. There have been a number of new works exploring Trump and Brexit, including at the National Theatre. But which plays from the past can provide an insight into the current situation? Read More


EAST by Steven Berkoff

King’s Head Theatre 9 January to 3 February 2018


‘This excellent revival, directed by Jessica Lazar, captures East’s articulate anarchy… Not to be missed.’

Sit down and prepare for a verbal assault that will leave the audience reeling. Novel, hilarious, bawdy, relentless – Steven Berkoff’s classic play East is back in town, returning to the King’s Head Theatre where it was performed forty years ago. Read More



The King’s Head Theatre (25 Nov – 9 Dec 2017)& 11th Jan - 3 Feb 2018


‘Comedy without crassness, heart without histrionics’  

‘Nakedness is uncomely...Therefore set it down: That a habit of secrecy is both politic and moral.’ So said British statesman and philosopher Francis Bacon. And it is not untrue that the British are somewhat known as prudish ... Read More


SACHA GUITRY, MA FILLE ET MOI by Marianne Badrichani and Edith Vernes

Drayton Arms Theatre, SW5, 16 January to 3 February 2018


‘a playful exploration of Sacha Guitry’s oeuvre’  

Sacha Guitry was a hugely prolific and popular French playwright, also film and theatre actor, of the first half of the 20th century.  Read More



Lion and Unicorn Theatre, NW5, 1-2 February 2018

‘a play that needs to re-examine its form and pin down exactly why it belongs in a theatre.’

Perhaps the most fundamental question of theatre-making is: Why? Why does this story need to be told in a theatre? In what way is this story better served by the possibilities of a live stage, ... Read More


Top Pick read here


The White Bear 9th – 27rd January 2018

'Although 50 years old, This Story of Yours is shocking to watch even by today’s standards'

In a dimly lit, 60s era sitting room, Detective Johnson drinks, and broods, and then drinks some more. For six weeks, he’s been chasing a child molester who kidnaps young girls, leaving them in the woods to be found by Johnson. It is very likely he killed this man tonight. Read More



Finborough Theatre 7 - 23 Jan 2018


“...everyone knows those classical Greeks were benders”

For various reasons I know Great Yarmouth quite well. It’s a town not far from the Norfolk Broads and where Sue Healy has set her play ‘Imaginationship’. Great Yarmouth is a ‘complicated’ place. Read More


MY GAY BEST FRIEND written by Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs

The Hope Theatre 9-27 January 2018


‘This short two-hander, little over an hour, never ceases to engage and amuse.’  

There can seemingly be something very special about a friendship between a gay man and a straight woman – in print there was Michael and Mary Ann in Tales of The City, on television ... Read More


INTO THE NUMBERS by Christopher Chen

Finborough Theatre 2 - 27 January 2018


‘a play of ideas, particularly the nature of history and how we construct meaning from the range of disparate facts’  

In 2004, a young American historian, Iris Chang, killed herself, seven years after her book The Rape of Nanking was a worldwide bestseller that highlighted the mass execution of tens of thousands of Chinese ... Read More



Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, until 28 January 2018


'rich with romance, dazzle and wit’  

Irving Berlin’s musical is brought to us through the lens of RKO’s motion picture starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Based on this film and its book by Matthew White & Howard Jacques, it has lost none of its dazzle and wit.  

Read More  



Canal Café Theatre, W2, 12, 13, 19 & 20 January 2018

“Charming and thought provoking in equal measures”

Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities is the tale of how one man overcomes his grief by creating a unique puppet show. Through Geppetto, solo performer Carlo Adinolfi communicates the show’s core theme of triumph out of adversity by intertwining tales from Greek mythology with ... Read More


BLUE MOON by Maud Dromgoole

Bread and Roses Until 13th January 7.30

The Crown Inn, Old Oxted 15th – 18th Jan 8pm


‘sparky acting, tight directing and a well-drawn relationship’ 1/2

An older woman meets a nervous younger man in a pub and money exchanges hands but all is not what it seems. In order to impress the girl of his dreams twenty-year old Matthew needs to learn to play poker ... Read more


DELPHINE Written and Performed by Clare Rebekah Pointing

Etcetera Theatre 18th January Black Box Festival


‘an endearing show about quiet triumph’

Delphine; 30 years old, has never had boyfriend, lives with her mum, sleeps in the bed she was born in. The stasis is practically tangible ... Read More



Drayton Arms Theatre 9-13th January


‘Two Petite Pantos with hearts and souls of GIANTS’  

Like all theatre, pantomime can be a David and Goliath affair. Big theatres, big stars, big budgets and big ticket prices versus shows like Petite Pantos at the Drayton Arms pub theatre. Had I been ... Read More



Written and performed by Oh Standfast

Etcetera Theatre 10th January

Black Box Festival (Work in Progress)


‘I have no idea what I watched but I loved it’

‘If you think this is funny, it’s comedy. If you think this is clever, it’s poetry. If you don’t understand it, it’s art’. An astute statement and fair warning at the beginning of his show, ... Read More



Written and performed by Rosie Revan and Alice Fennell

Etcetera Theatre 10th January

Black Box Festival – (Work in Progress)


‘a pair of eminently capable comedians’

My hopes were high for double act Revan and Fenell; being touted as the next French and Saunders is no light burden of expectation. I also realized as I sat down in the theatre, this was the first female double act I’d ever reviewed, so was especially interested to see how they fared against ... Read More


Harley and Me by Lucy Walters,

The White Bear Theatre, Kennington 2 - 8 January 2018

“An interesting look at domestic violence, criminality and psychosis.”

In the US, a woman is being interrogated in a room by a psychiatrist. The woman, Harley Quinn, (Danielle Williams) has been arrested after a bank raid goes badly wrong and the psychiatrist (Niamh Watson) is trying to get to the bottom of her psyche. The 55-minute play looks at criminality, abuse and love and ... Read More