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               Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow

               proves that a pantomime Dame

               isn’t only for Christmas

               by Deborah Jeffries


Mama G Reading



Once upon a time there was a little boy called Robert. One day his parents took him to see Sleeping Beauty at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. That day would change his life. Today his is one of the UK’s most respected pantomime dames, founder and producer of his own panto company, Petite Pantos and creator of Mama G  - a gender-fluid sassy but sentimental, sensational sparkly frock-wearing story-teller with a big heart. And Mama G, she be taking her show on the road as Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow in order to spread the word to children of all ages and their families that it’s okay to love anyone you wish, including yourself and that your body is yours to own, however you identify in terms of gender.


Robert Pearce, aka Mama G, explained that “pantomime isn’t just for Christmas. The idea for Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow came from meeting children at pantomimes in which I’ve appeared as the Dame. After every performance given by Petite Pantos I join the rest of the cast out front to meet the audience. It’s amazing how accepting children are of me as a funny, over-the-top, man in a crazy dress. There’s no female illusion going on, as there would be if Mama G was a drag queen. It’s obvious that I’m a man, as is the pantomime Dame tradition, and it’s a great platform for little ones to quiz me about my character and gender, the man or woman I fall in love with and possibly marry in the show, and a myriad of other questions they might not feel comfortable to ask anyone else.


“A pantomime Dame is such a unique, non-threatening role that somehow crosses the boundaries of fantasy and reality. Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow comprises tales I’ve written about confused unicorns, feuding fairies, misunderstood popstars and their friends and will be presented through a mix of stories, songs and dancing. With lots of audience participation, the audience can even add their own characters and become part of Mama G’s stories. It’s vital that everyone realises that the world is a wonderful place, full of endless possibilities and they truly can be who and what they want to be if they dream hard enough. Everyone needs a Mama G to show them how be brave, loving, considerate and open-minded human beings”, he concluded.

Robert Pearce has been a professional actor for thirteen years and has appeared in twenty-five professional pantomimes. He also writes and directs pantomimes and his scripts have been seen all over the globe. As well as panto, Robert has toured the UK alongside showbiz legend Tommy Steele, and worked with internationally renowned musical theatre writers Stiles and Drew. His theatre company, Petite Pantos, produces pantomime with a social conscience. It champions LGBTQ+ issues, feminism and positive representation of race and gender with the aim of opening dialogues on these subjects that every generation can engage with.


Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow is on tour, opening at Lion and Unicorn Theatre 21 - 26 May Info and tickets 


Twitter @petitepantos




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"Everyone needs a Mama G to show them how be brave, loving, considerate and open-minded human beings”