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Presented by Canal Café Theatre


Underbelly, Edinburgh 3 - 26 August 2018

‘Popular songs everyone knows adapted with razor sharp lyrics that cut through the political bollocks of 2018’




Newsrevue have been entertaining audiences at Edinburgh Fringe since 1979. This year’s  sketches range from Big Ben not bonging, Dora the Explorer having border issues and the main political agendas being addressed in a humorous way with all the political characters we know so well from the glare of the media.


Occasionally, and it is occasionally, political satire works brilliantly and entertains for the full length of a performance.  The sixty minutes of Newsrevue does not disappoint.  The characters are thrust into a satirical situation using song, live music, great acting and a few silly wigs, that actually really enhance the whole experience.   Donald trump, Teresa May, recyclable coffee cups and of course raining uranium mutant twins are all given a hilarious platform accompanied by some quite ingenious lyrics.   Popular songs everyone knows adapted with razor sharp lyrics that cut through the political bollocks of 2018.  Musical director, Mike Turnbull, should be writing the 9 o’clock news with a full lyrical adaptation.  As it stands in this production he accompanies the action with live piano playing and it simply and effortlessly adds to the piece.  


Dua lipa’s ‘One Kiss’becomes a hilarious sketch where the fish in the ocean are being choked by plastic.  The NHS celebrating seventy years of brilliance gets a new twist and Ivana Trump wears that coat with the most brilliant Russian accent ever heard.  


The performances of Susannah Austin, Philipa Carson, Jacob Jackson and Jack Mosedale are faultless.  How one actor goes from a male version of Teressa May (convincingly) to a stroppy octopus to a dancing raining weather girl is talent at it’s very best.   The impressions of Trump, Merkel, Sturgeon and all the other political figures are dealt with easily, convincingly and hilariously.   These four talents can sing, dance and act with impeccable accuracy.  The casting of this production is brilliant!  


There is nothing not to like about this production and it firmly sits at home at the Edinburgh Fringe.  There is a reason it’s been running since 1979.  Go and get your tickets quickly.    It was sold out on Saturday evening and it will continue to be a popular choice throughout the rest of the festival.


NEWSREVUE  longest running comedy show in the Guinness Book of Records

Directed by Samuel Hopkins

Musical direction by Mike Turnbull

Underbelly, (Udderbelly), George Square, Edinburgh,

3rd August -26th August 5.45pm

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Reviewer Jo Griffiths has lectured in theatre studies for over twenty years.  She is a keen playwright and founder member of Two42 Theatre Company.   She made the top 20 in Bristol Old Vic’s open submissions 2016.  


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