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New Plays from International Playwrights presented by Canal Cafe Theatre, Little Venice

Sat 17 March, 3pm and monthly £5 (£3)


These full length plays are presented with minimal staging.  The audience members are invited to join in a moderated post-reading discussion. This month the chosen play is:

THE REMAINS by Anne Adams. Directed by Ross Howard: A small American town already on its knees is tested even further after a public suicide. As a close community asks why, an even tighter group of friends are torn apart by the answer.

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White Bear Theatre, Kennington

19 March, 16 April 7.30pm £8/£10 on the door


CUCKOO BANG (In My Head, Choosers, Between Ten and Six) present a fun, relaxed, informal and supportive night of new writing showcasing the best emerging & established writers, directors and actors in the country. BITS is aimed at supporting and developing the best new work from stand alone scenes to excerpts from full new plays across all genres and performance styles. Come and support the early stages of the most exciting new theatre around, then join us in the bar afterwards for a drink and a chat!

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Lion and Unicorn Theatre,

26 and 27 March 7.30pm £13.20 (£12.00)


Imagine someone else's life, just for a minute.

Proforça Theatre Company presents "Feel+ (Feel More), An evening of six new pieces of writing from the universe of a major new play, "Feel" making its debut in Spring 2018. It introduces six new characters living their lives in the modern world we live in. Six new stories about searching for fulfilment, searching for love, searching to get lost and searching to be found again.

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The Tabard Theatre, Chiswick

Sunday 8 April 2018, 7.30pm £12


Having established its popularity, Get Over It Productions return for the third edition of their female-centric scratch night at the Tabard Theatre. 6 directors steer a handful of actors through staging 6 snappy playlets for your entertainment. Get Over It Productions have spent 10 years championing the role of women on London’s Fringe theatre scene. Specialising mainly in producing quirky, sell-out, all-female versions of Shakespeare and developing new writing pieces from page to stage.

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BLOOM – A night of emerging talent

Hen and Chickens Theatre

Saturday 21st April 7pm  £11.50


A Night of Emerging Talent showcases the best in emerging talent with a series of short plays: 6 writers, 20 actors and 2 directors.  A short Q&A will follow the show after which we invite you all to join us in the bar for a drink and a chat with all the cast and crew!

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Brockley Jack Studio Theatre,

22 April 2018 at 6pm and alternate months


Regular scratch nights of five or six quick fire acts showcasing fresh new material.  They contain a variety of performances, including short plays, sketch comedy, film, poetry and spoken word.

April line up coming soon.

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Whether you're a theatre goer eager to see cutting edge new work, a writer keen to support other writers, or a director looking for that next great play, you'll find it all here. Below are some of our top recommendations.



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