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Our magazine exists to celebrate and unite pub theatres.


At the same time we aim to raise the profile of these theatres and win new audiences.


During this process we are delighted to be witness to rising standards and to continue to be one of the major exponents of their work.





We are delighted to emphasise the differences too.  Each pub theatre is unique, offering its own flavour to the mix.  We endorse this.


Their  importance cannot be over emphasised:


They offer established artists a platform for their work

They give opportunties to those entering the industry.  


It's a place to try out new work including new writing

A place to show re-discovered plays and radical re-inventions of known work as well as new productions of older plays.


They offer specific advantages:


They offer a voice to those who are not always heard

They are able to react immediately to current affairs

They are right at the heart of the community





We are actively looking for patrons able to support our work.  If you would like to get involved please get in touch with the editor Heather Jeffery,