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FLYCATCHER by Greg Masuak

The Hope Theatre, 7 November- 2 December 2017


‘Stunning piece of original theatre’




Flycatcher follows the story of Madelaine played by Emily Arden, with an amazing ability to portray such a complex, disturbing character convincingly. Madelaine is strange, socially awkward and utterly disturbing. Something we don’t see the full extent of, until the very end.


Madelaine lives with Mae, her grandmother played by Fiz Marcus with outstanding comedic timing. Mae just wants to have fun, but all her decisions and moments lead her to all kinds of trouble, which at the end leaves us wondering if Mae is at all what we thought she was.


After she notices Bing (Alex Shenton) who doesn’t notice her, she gets on the subtle mission of trapping both him and his love interest Olive (Amy Newton) in her own world of mystery, despair and devastation. Shenton has excellent stage presence and Newton has an exceptionally wide range of emotions, portraying Olive with much density.



Throughout the play there are various other characters played by Nathan Plant, Susanna Wolff, Bruce Kitchener and Melissa Dalton.  Each of them bring something distinctive and special to the various characters they play; each character has their own importance, and all together bring the play to a complete piece.  


Flycatcher superbly shows how a series of devastating events lead to something so shocking, until all that is left is traces of complete destruction.  Actors transformations from happy, light-hearted to dark and damaged are portrayed with such ease and grace. Something that is so exciting to witness, as an audience member.


From the moment you walk into the theatre, you are instantly captivated by the minimalistic staging. Characters are smartly positioned in all corners of the stage.  The stage is small, something that contributes to the feel of intimacy between characters and the audience.  


Sound effects and music were very effective and added a whole new layer of absorption into the very world that is created by this piece. Costumes and props used were simple but effective.


Written and directed by Gregg Masuak, he has managed to produce a solid piece of uniquely original and captivating theatre. Something fresh and exciting to watch. The whole direction of actors is so well orchestrated and there is nothing but praise that can be given. One of the most impressive elements, were the scene transitions, which were planned carefully, showcasing great direction from Gregg Masuak.


Characterisation of all parts was done in such a detailed way, something that is essential when trying to understand and connect to characters. Each character is so individual and contributed so much to the overall production.


Flycatcher is without a doubt a play I would recommend everyone to see.


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Reviewer Anamaria Rose is a filmmaker, actor and a writer of children`s books. Her favourite thing in the world is spending time with her cat, Tiggy.

Flycatcher 1 stars 5