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        CAMDEN FRINGE 30 July - 28 August


      at The Oxford Arms, Camden




ETCETERA THEATRE is the place where it all began. The first festival took place in 2006 at Etcetera Theatre and has grown steadily ever since.  Etcetera theatre is bang in the heart of Camden and the theatre space reflects the energy of the town.   Camden is the place to go to experience the bizarre and the quirky.  It’s a happening place, ideal for new ideas, with its offbeat vibes and youth culture.

OUR SELECTION OF SHOWS (all one-hour duration):




YOUR MOLOTOV KISSES Written by Gustavo Ott, winner of the Ricardo López Aranda International Playwriting Prize

Scared about terrorism?  

London, 2018. Daniel and Victoria are two successful professionals in a happy marriage. This well-heeled urban couple want a child; more specifically, a son. However, when a mysterious package arrives from MI5, the lives of this upscale couple are turned upside down. YOUR MOLOTOV KISSES by award winning writer Gustavo Ott, is a provocative and grotesque comedy about religious bigotry, racial profiling, misconceptions and deceptions, that asks why we all seem to be living with terror on our minds.  

This production has been created especially for the Camden Fringe by award winning producer Gianluca Lello following a successful rehearsed reading at Southwark Playhouse. It is the first full production of Your Molotov Kisses in Britain.

8 –  12 August 8.30pm and 14 - 16 August 6.30pm £12.00 (£10.00 concs)  




HOW I BECAME A DOMINATRIX USING DAMNED LIES AND STATISTICS Not suitable for under 16s (might contain brief nudity).

Tonnvane Wiswell’s world premiere is a whip-smart docu-comedy about exploring the BDSM scene. The fourth wall comes tumbling down as audience members walk into a bondage workshop and leave with ‘how-to’ handouts on BDSM.  But will they then want to try it at home? "I sure hope so!" says author TL Wiswell. "This play is supposed to be fun and people should come out feeing cheerful and enthusiastic and empowered. Embrace the power of, ‘Yes please!’" Wiswell explains: "A lot of people try to pep up their sex lives with the old 'silk scarves and fuzzy handcuffs'. I decided to have the couple of my play go to BDSM workshops together, and then invite the audience to come along. That way they're learning as the characters learn, but the audience will figure out much sooner that Scott and Christie are approaching this in very different ways. My hope is the audience will see the 'lies that bind' fairly quickly. I love unreliable narrators, and both Scott and Christie have no idea what they are getting into in terms of their relationship. They both need to learn how to be honest really quickly."

30 July – 3 August 8:30pm £14.00 (£12.00 concessions)



THE FANNYTASTICALS written and performed by The Fannytasticals.

Laugh out loud funny, if you don’t mind seeing women talking about their Fannytasticals.  Five Brighton based female performers in their 20s, 30s and 40s make up The Fannytasticals and have been performing their hilarious and satirical sketches, songs, and monologues to sell-out audiences in Brighton for over two years.  Now they’re coming to Camden with their best bits to give you their most hilarious and raucous show to date. The result is original, bold, and powerful material that takes audiences on a journey into the wilderness of the female psyche, and leaves them gasping for air. Bring an extra Tenner Lady just in case – guys this just means you’re gonna piss your pants!

3 – 6 August –8:30pm £10  



Sycorax Theatre Comany's OBSOLETE TOMFOOLERY 

Exploring spirituality, justice and witchcraft in the UK, Obsolete Tomfoolery is as side-splittingly funny as it is thought-provoking.  It tells the story of Helen Duncan; a famous medium who travelled around Britain in the 1940s performing séances, claiming she was able to physically manifest the spirits of dead people. During the war, she was investigated by MI5 after it appeared she revealed government secrets about sunk British Battleships. In 1944, a few months before D-day, she was sent to prison under a 200-year-old 'Witchcraft Act'.

Featuring everything from physical theatre to music hall songs, OBSOLETE TOMFOOLERY is a bold and complex study of human reactions to war, grief and fear. Inspired by the spectacle of séances, Sycorax Theatre Company create something with all the energetic playfulness of a cabaret, while asking uncomfortable and often unanswerable questions.

13th August 6.30pm, 20th August 12.30pm, 20th August 16.30pm 21st August 12.30pm and 4.30pm £10, £7 (concessions)    




SHE’S A GOOD BOY - by Elise Heaven

Written and performed by Elise Heaven, SHE’S A GOOD BOY is all about non-binary gender using Elise’s real life every day experiences.  They’re often asked the question ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’ The answer?  No.   Elise uses humour, live music and comedy songs to share with the audiences the challenges of a society that only sees people as masculine or feminine. It’s a show full of energy and comic moments which will take you from seahorses to spiderman socks, disgruntled local councillors to wedding day disasters. Prior audience feedback was very positive about the impact of the show:

"Had no idea what to expect- it was SO funny and thought-provoking"

4 – 5 August, 6:30pm £12.00/ £10.00  



HATCH Rose Eye Productions

Hatch is an award winning solo gig-theatre piece written and performed by multi-form artist Sarah Carton. The piece digs under the skin of anti-heroine Jess, imprisoned for selling drugs on her lover's behalf. Blurring the boundaries of acted scene, poetry and live music, Hatch flows through Jess's feelings of abandonment from her partner.  It uses explosive spoken word poetry and sensual moments of magical realism; all intertwined amongst a collection of original songs and electronic music.

Carton, a Resident Artist at The Roundhouse, is a singer, songwriter, music producer and theatre maker.  She's already gained a raft of excellent reviews.

"Funny & devastating in equal part" - The Sunday Times

“intelligent music" - Noises Off

8 – 12 August 6:30pm £7.00 (£5.00 concs)  



TUBMAN Written and performed by Lacresha Berry.

American actress Lacresha Berry re-imagines the Life of Harriet Tubman in this One Woman Show. Tubman was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently rescued enslaved people, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad.

Performer Lacresha Berry’s work as a middle school teacher inspired her to pen a play about a modern-day Harriet Tubman facing possible expulsion. The play re-imagines the Underground Railroad hero as a high school student growing up in Harlem in the 21st century.   Berry has been travelling all over The United States with this show bringing Tubman to life with poetry, monologue, and music.  

11 and 12 August 2.30pm £11.00 (£8.00 concessions)



BLUE Sycorax Collective

BLUE is an abstract fairy tale for adults about a woman who lives on the Moon. Using poetry, clowning, cardboard and a lobster called Spock, BLUE is a one woman show that explores experiences with mental health and the importance of reaching out when you're not O.K. Written and performed by Kim Scopes and directed by Holli Dillon, it features the vocal talents of Andrew James Spooner and Aiysha Nugent-Robinson.

Kim Scopes is an actress, puppeteer and writer whose previous credits include ‘A Christmas Carol’ starring Jim Broadbent, ITV’s ‘NEWZOIDS’ and ‘Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure’ with Flabbergast Theatre. The production is funded by Arts Council England.

15th - 19th August, 8:30pm £8/7



This is a one woman play written and performed by actress Rachel Salisbury based on real life experiences.  Salisbury gives the backstory: "I was sick of using dating apps and really wanted to find a partner, so I put a status on Facebook asking if any of my friends could recommend anyone who might wanna go on a date. What I got, however, was completely unprecedented! Not only did the status get hundreds of likes, shares and comments, it also went viral and was featured in The Metro, The Sun, The Daily Mail and News Australia. This play is about what happened afterwards; the various dates I went on, the modern world of dating and Facebook privacy settings. But crucially it is also a deeply personal show about my relationship with love throughout my life, and as such it weaves many different stories together."

Did the Facebook status work? Was she brave or foolish? You'll have to go along and find out!

18 Aug 2.30pm, 19 Aug 2018 2.30pm, 20 Aug 6.30pm, 21 Aug 6:30pm, 22 Aug  2.30pm £10.00 (£8.00 concs)






Sometimes you need to step into the past to find a future…

45 year old Polly adopts a child from 1945. Join award winning storyteller Cathianne Hall to find out why. A story of numbers, neurons and naivety. And cake…  A bitter sweet spoken word show from storyteller Cathianne Hall, exploring how imagination can bring resilience and hope into a fractured relationship.  Cathianne worked as an auxiliary in nursing homes to make ends meet as a student.  She recalls: "Many of the residents' dementia/Alzheimer’s made a lasting impression on me. I saw repressed memories and hidden fears rise to the surface. The Famous 45 explores a fractured mother/daughter relationship and how it can be hard to care for someone who found it hard to care for you.”

The SECOND HALF to the show will be based on memories which Cathianne is writing and collecting on twitter. These will be used to make a new story. If you have anything to share, please share! A way you remember, someone you want to remember... Everything will be anonymous (unless you want to be mentioned). @CathianneX

'Cathianne Hall is a magician with words and images' The Scotsman

20 - 22 Aug 8.30pm 10.00 (£8.00 concessions)





TRAIN JOURNEY by Julius Wills, presented by Broken Word Productions

Take a Journey, unlike any other, to where the rules were made, and where they were broken. A Passenger boards a train to work, and finds himself continually harassed by a Train Conductor. Reality falls apart, other Passengers aboard this train come into contact with its Conductor. Why are they there? Why are they going to work? Why are they doing anything? The Passengers and Conductor battle through space and time, revealing a true war of Order vs Chaos.

Train Journey is an abstract deconstruction of the time we live in, conflict on all sides, no one able to bring everyone together. The Conductor shows a way of order, strength and solidarity, but also control and fear. The Passenger, or Passengers, live a life of freedom, fire and an unrelenting desire to escape the Train, but underlying this is an anarchy which could end it all.  

22 - 26 August, 6.30pm £8    



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