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           How well do you know them?

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SECOND DAY -  Brand New/Old Theatre

Old Joint Stock


    FIRST DAY  - It's in the city that has more canals than Venice

Old Joint Stock (2)


           ANSWERS 1-6



                FIRST DAY:  Old Joint Stock, Birmingham                                                                              

02 (2)


THIRD DAY: Three French Hens?

the swan, dobcorss (3)


FOURTH DAY: The Swan, Dobcross, Greater Manchester


FOURTH DAY: Came from an ugly duckling to a united city


FIFTH DAY:  Spreading the cheer! Eager audiences at this little theatre


SECOND DAY: White Bear Theatre, Kennington, SE11        

The theatre re-opened November 2016 with a brand new theatre space above the pub          


THIRD DAY: Hen and Chickens, Islington

hen and chik n


PUB THEATRES 7-12  Click here

Spread EAgle

SIXTH DAY:  Tickets come in various forms at this pub theatre

Kings head 1 tHE sWAN, MAN


FIFTH DAY:  Spread Eagle, Croydon

spread 2

SIXTH DAY: King's Head Theatre, Islington

Tickets at this theatre come in many forms and have included condoms, origami and candy canes (appropriate to the show).  

It's also the name of the Artistic Director's dog.

King's Head theatre 2